Spinderella Reportedly Suing Salt-N-Pepa For Owed Royalties, Fraud


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Spinderella Reportedly Suing Salt-N-Pepa For Owed Royalties, Fraud

Salt-N-Pepa’s longtime DJ Spinderella is reportedly suing her group mates of over 35 years for trademark infringement, fraud, and breach of contract.

Per TMZ, Spin (real name Deidra Roper) claims that it all started when she was promised one-third of the royalties earned with the legendary hip-hop group’s 1999 “Best Of” album, but never received it.

“Spin says she also got cheated when Salt-N-Pepa excluded her from a VH1 TV show based on the group's rise to stardom,” the site continues. “In the suit, she says she was promised one third of the group's fee for the show -- and even though she got an occasional guest spot, she got way less than one-third.” She also claims she was not compensated at all for their show-stopping performance at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards.

According to the suit, the DJ states that she was informed that her group mates made more that $600,000 in royalties in the last 10 years, and that she hasn’t seen an ounce of the same pay.

Back in May, Spinderella said that she was kicked off of Salt-N-Pepa’s run on New Kids on the Block’s Mixtape Tour. “…in January 2019 I received a ‘termination’ email from #SaltnPepa excluding me from performances with the group,” she wrote in an Instagram statement.




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Salt-N-Pepa embroiled in new lawsuit filed by DJ Spinderella

JUL 11, 2019 | 1:08 PM

Musical Group Salt-N-Pepa arrive at the premiere of I LOVE THE '90s The Vegas Show At Paris Las Vegas on Oct. 25, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Denise Truscello/WireImage)

Queens hip-hop trio Salt-N-Pepa is pulling apart in a bitter legal battle.

The Grammy-winning group behind the massive hit “Push It” is now embroiled in a breach of contract lawsuit filed by DJ Spinderella in federal court in Texas.

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Spinderella, whose real name is Deidra Roper, is suing former bandmates Sandra “Pepa” Denton and Cheryl “Salt” James with claims they stiffed her out of payments and then fired her ahead of a national reunion tour with New Kids On The Block this year.

In a 42-page complaint filed Wednesday, Roper said she’s been an integral part of the group since her New York audition in the Spring of 1987, at the age of 16, when she was still in high school.

Roper, 48, said she performed on the group’s major recordings and was “routinely featured and spotlighted” at live shows, where “she generated significant on-stage excitement and delighted audiences with her captivating musical grooves and remarkable deejay tricks.”

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She said the band went into hiatus in the late 1990s after the release of its “Brand New” album, and she was surprised to learn that a “Best of Salt N Pepa” album was released in Europe with her photographic image featured on the front cover.

Roper claims she did not receive any notification of the record’s existence and received an “unexpected” telephone call from Denton in early 2001 saying Denton and James would pay her $125,000 – money she claims she never received.

She claims Denton and James later “duped” her into thinking she would share equally in a VH-1 show about the group’s rise to fame, but Roper says she was left out of the contract negotiation and only received “minimal compensation” for a guest role.

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According to the complaint, Roper says Denton and James later asked to reduce her “agreed-upon” pay for a Las Vegas Residency Show that began last October, and she ultimately accepted a deal under which she would defer 50% of her pay for the Vegas shows in return for a higher per-show fee for the group’s national reunion tour with New Kids On The Block, called the Mix Tape Tour.

Roper claims that on Jan. 4, just days after she accepted the deferred compensation agreement, she was fired from the group.

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Reached by email on Thursday, the manager for Denton and James declined to weigh in on the lawsuit.

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“There is no comment at this time," James Maynes told the Daily News.

Meanwhile, Cheryl “Salt” James posted a photo on Instagram last week showing a backstage view of the Mix Tape Tour.


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Damn, back in the day I wouldn't have thought that Salt and Pep would have held up physically better than Spin, but they both have.

Fright Night

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She has always had issues being counted as a member.

They get 100k they wanna split it 2 ways not 3.

Shulda replaced her back in the day.
Wonder why they didnt??


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Spin wasn't rapping on all the songs like that. She might have had 3 verses tops?
She crazy if she asking for "Push It" money. She aint on that song!
That is like 2pac asking for "Humpty Dance" money.

Bad Andy

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Isn’t this the same reason Whodini perform as Jalil & Extasy? I believe they had a fall out with Grand Master Dee and he trademarked the name Whodini because they were performing without him.


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For years, never knew she was just a hired DJ.
She was never a group member "legally".
She can get royalties off the song she voiced with them, but other than that, she was a hired DJ and was featured with the group when going on tour.

But to go after $600k over 10 yrs, doing the math, that's 200k, being a third and over 10 yrs is 20k a year?

They should of left the dead horses to lie.

Now a lawsuit is going to air out what they really made, publicly. And what did that really make all these years when their careers per se was dormant as fuck.

Kind of feel Salt n Pepa was kinda wrong to diss her like that, but I get that bizness is bizness. But yall going on tour with a person who's been there thru many years, should of took care of her and never had to come to this. But they straight dissed her IMO.

She's not some person who did your lighting backstage. The whole public thought she was the third member of the group, now you're just gonna look like two girls ganging up on Spin and no loyalty to your friends.

Also saw reviews of the shows they were doing in Vegas. Some said it was ok, others said it was horrible. Came out for one song, then 15 mins wait and came out did another. Very unorganized and what not.


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Well then salute to my Haitian brother Herbie.

But that just don't sound right

@ViCiouS you buying this?
Push It
by Salt-n-Pepa
from the album Hot, Cool & Vicious
March 8, 1987
Genre Hip hop
Length 3:28 (UK radio edit)
4:30 (album version)

Producer(s) Hurby Azor

Song writers and composers get almost all of the royalties
for most of S&P's catalog that means almost all royalties go to Herby, and only some will go to Kwame, Kid, & Play -

Salt Pepa are getting performer's (not performance) royalties - that I'm guessing Spin is entitled to little or none of

look closely



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Y'all also have Kango Kid from UTFO.
Uncle Chuck you will never fully understand how IMPORTANT that stuff was too me and many in the haitian community growing up.

The average hip hop fan in the states cannot comprehend the global significance of the fugees and why we were ready to elect Wyclef PRESIDENT.

It was the pride

American or not.

That Haitian thing that Jamaican thing that island thing run DEEP

especially in NY and FL.

Where you were treated and felt like an immigrant even a generation removed.

So pastor troy being haitian, pras, tony Yayo, harve pierre at bad boy, whoo kid, sha money xl (50 and Diddy run with mad haitians) kodak black, max b, Capone , Saigon, Dawn Richards, Jackie o...

I think thats everybody

Maybe Future? Maybe Beyonce? Maybe Jay? Maybe Rick Ross?

My thing is with all due respect

if you ARE and you don't CLAIM US?

f*ck you

What's up Blake Griffin? im talking about you too.

This aint the 80s and 90s we aint clamoring no more.

You should be PROUD to rep that flag

Shout out Weezy.


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You gotta split three ways. She’s just as popular if not more then the other 2. They are a brand. Bun B would do a show with UGK and would cut his estate some bread. Young Miami been holding City’s Girls down by herself and still giving JT her cut when she do features and shows. That’s how it suppose to be.


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You gotta split three ways. She’s just as popular if not more then the other 2. They are a brand. Bun B would do a show with UGK and would cut his estate some bread. Young Miami been holding City’s Girls down by herself and still giving JT her cut when she do features and shows. That’s how it suppose to be.
different type of type deal here

its very unlikely she was ever signed to the same recording contract as SnP
she wasn't hired until after the first album which has their biggest hit

I'll give you 2 guesses who still holds the trade mark / rights to Salt n Pepa name