some shit went down in Memphis, cops shot a dude in handcuffs 24times, onlookers aint like that shit

Discussion in 'Blackgirl Online' started by Mask, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Mask

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  2. SamSneed Disciple of Zod BGOL Investor

    The black isis would be a thing of beauty
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  3. the_male_feminist

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    This is childish . That wont bring him back. Only a coward would attack a news reporter. You wait for your day in court and sue they ass.
  4. crazyace718

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  5. Simply_Black

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    Fuck off with that bullshit..... How often does the courts give justice to black people?
  6. Mask

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    news reporter get got everyday B, not agreeing with the actions
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  7. DarkMatter-X

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    clap....................clap.......................clap.................change is on the way.
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  8. Jumbodicc

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    Don't feed it fam
  9. mcguyver

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    The revolution will be televised
  10. yaBoi

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    niggas wilding out over the wrong shit... the dude they shot killed a man a few weeks ago.. the man had a car to sell so he asked to test drive they car and then shot him in cold blood... So when the U.S. Marshals caught up with him he was still driving the car.. led them on a chase ramed his car into thiers... so he go what he got..
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  11. BigDaddyBuk

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    Fuck that. You do not pull that Florida shit in Memphis. They did not coordinate with local authorities, didnt know the city culture and turned a neighborhood into a warzone.

    And they had to get backup to save their dumb asses.

    You dont fight Memphis niggas in Memphis, even if you're the cops.
  12. Mask

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    yea but they cats probably tired of bullshit..... just assuming, because I'm sure they know what type of dude he was(the one that got shot)
  13. MemphisNigga

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    Clearly we at war...
  14. Genesiswiz

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    I read 2 stories about this and there was no mention of the handcuffs.

    Anyone have any good information about whether the dead man was handcuffed while being shot?
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  15. yaBoi

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  16. Aww Skeet Skeet!

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    Judge, jury, and executioner...:smh:. Fuck em.
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  17. yaBoi

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    So you cool with memphis niggas attacking EMS and Fire workers.. beating up reporters all in defense of a murderer

    this had nothing to do with memphis or Florida shit.. this was U.S. marshals serving a warrant.
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  18. DJCandle

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    Damn I literally just stepped off a plane from Memphis and saw this on the news. :smh:

    Memphis niggas showed me love too. Wild.
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  19. BigDaddyBuk

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    They violated procedure. If they had done things by the book this wouldn't have happened.

    Put the blame on the people who started the house fire, not the folks who live in the house.
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  20. Mask

    Mask "OneOfTheBest" Platinum Member

    Maybe not, I’m see what I can find
  21. Mello Mello

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    Yeah I heard 36 officers injured.
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  22. crazyace718

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    Wait they're rioting for a motherfucker that's guilty? :roflmao:

    The irony is the dude he carjacked then murdered was innocent and the community ain't say shit.
  23. bham_brotha

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    Fucked up aint it? I saw this earlier and actually thought "people getting tired of the bullshit." Then I read what really happened and just face palmed.
  24. ShortyCumStain

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  25. DjMorpheus

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    Conflicting reports. On Instagram people from Memphis are saying they shot an innocent guy. The guilty dude is still at large.
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  26. fonzerrillii

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    A lot more often then Kats think... it’s just not in the news.

    The true issue is the grossly disproportionate number of black people that are arrested. That’s my main problem. When you have a large number of us arrested.. it’s hard to talk about the 40% to 45% that get shit resolved without issue.
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  27. fonzerrillii

    fonzerrillii BGOL Elite Poster Platinum Member

    As for this case.. if the facts are true.. the brother was into some hardcore shit and the car was viewed as a weapon..

    I’ll need more facts.. since MPS has a history of corruption
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  28. ShortyCumStain

    ShortyCumStain Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Off topic but were there anymore facts on da Lester St. murders that weren't released to da public and only known to da locals???
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  29. LennyNero1972

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    Damn, chaos in control.
  30. jack walsh13

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  31. Mrfreddygoodbud

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    Sounds nice but ain't nothing happens to no cops

    Until I see video of the fried pork rinds

    It's just shit cops made up to get some sympathy since they KNOW they fucked up
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  32. Da Don

    Da Don jus lookin... Platinum Member

    i've seen so many versions of this story i don't know what to believe....

    one version is dude was at home marshals showed up, he ducked up jumped in the car he stole rammed through cop cars n shit jumped out the car gun cocked and he was taken down..

    other story he was in the middle of his yard no gun shot down 24 times and left there to die no ambulance.

    third story he was handcuffed, then his neck was broke then he was shot a bunch of times....

    somebody get the story right already.....
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  33. kogalee_muhammad

    kogalee_muhammad Student of Elijah Registered

    I heard from my cousin, in Frayser in Memphis that they shot him in the car... Unloaded on him 16 times. I gotta ride up outta L.A. and get back to Memphis.
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  34. kogalee_muhammad

    kogalee_muhammad Student of Elijah Registered

    Yeah... They fucked them pork rind badge wearin muthafuckas the fuck up! :yes:
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  35. Quek9

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    A more appropriate response would be sending 20 pigs to the morgue. It's a good state though.
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