Roxy Reynolds going in hard on her ex lol


Wait for it.....
What ever, people who aire out their relationships in public miss the fact that they are the common denominator of their problems and telling the world the person YOU chose to be with ain't shit says a lot about YOUR problems too.

..but what do I know it's 2019 and Porn, Stars and strippers got something to say.:(:hmm:o_O


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Naw she talking bout his ass.My sources said that jealous nigga was trying to put hands on Roxy.
People were telling her he was showing signs of a abuser when she posted that screenshot of the text message her sent her calling her all kinds of names for missing his phone call, she was agreeing with them but then still went back to him talking about it was some “MISCOMMUNICATION”..lmaoo...smh


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all these xxx hoes wishing to follow the Kim K. model, get the bag, create your own bag, legitimize your self in the spin-cycle media, go to the white house, get some over incarcerated people out of jail, study to be a lawyer sponsored by Van Jones firm, taking the California bar exam in 2024.