Rashon Khan On Ex-Wife Saying Cosby & Tarantino Violated Her, Talks Hollywood Will Smith

Discussion in 'Blackgirl Online' started by playahaitian, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. playahaitian

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  2. Mello Mello Ballz of Adamantium BGOL Investor

    Awwwschit here we go again.
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  3. dugington

    dugington Well-Known Member Registered

    Somebody educate me.
    Is this dude new or has he always been around talking about past incidents in Hollywood?
  4. dugington

    dugington Well-Known Member Registered

    WOW! The story with his wife and Tarantino is deep as fuck about the desperation and willingness in Hollyweird. :smh:

    She wasn't shit.
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  5. Ghost'Em

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    Pryor’s Bodyguard
  6. slam

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    who`s his wife
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  7. dugington

    dugington Well-Known Member Registered

    I know that.
    It just seems like he recently popped out with stories.
    I wanted to know if he has always been around talking or is he newly doing it.
  8. Ghost'Em

    Ghost'Em Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Oh ok. I think he has a book coming out soon. So it may be press for that.
  9. Mr. Met

    Mr. Met So Amazin BGOL Investor

    You’re going to hear more older brothers come out dropping the real on Cosby. Only dummies think he didn’t violate nobody.

    Having said that, he married a hoe.
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  10. jack walsh13

    jack walsh13 Jack Walsh 13 BGOL Investor

    Man dat bitch he married ain't shit for real. :smh:

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  11. Darrkman

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    That's the thing.....Cosby was known for a long time....it wasn't new.
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  12. Flawless

    Flawless Flawless One BGOL Investor

    I'm surprised Tarantino hasn't been metooed' yet. Dude is weird as fuck, he was also buddies with Weinstein.
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  13. neoafrican

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    Who is his wife?
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  14. Hotlantan

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    If Rashon Khan wanted money, then the "upcoming book" would already be available for sale or he could have easily sold an exclusive to a paying tabloid like TMZ or DailyMail. If he wanted fame, then he'd also be trying to get more shine on other platforms while still in the spotlight.

    No, this is just a guy who has been adjacent to some very interesting life experiences telling old war stories. But instead of him telling them on a street corner or in a barber shop or at a family BBQ, someone else recorded him and posted them to the Internet and now the stories have gone viral through social media.

    Rashon seemingly has nothing to gain or lose and gives zero fucks about repercussions, which make his stories 100% believable.
  15. neptunes007

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    Dude is name dropping a whole bunch of ppl, but not dropping his ex’s name.... seems like an attention attempt
  16. KingFoo

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  17. neptunes007

    neptunes007 Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Mooney’s sons respond to Rashon’s interview... Take from it what you will

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  18. BDR

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  19. gene cisco

    gene cisco Thulsa-master of noids. Super Moderator

    His wife probably got kicked in the ass AFTER giving up some head or something. Imagine how many times she didn't call him. :eek:
  20. OutlawR.O.C.

    OutlawR.O.C. R.I.P. shanebp1978 BGOL Investor

    He also worked with Jamie Foxx for a minute.

    I remember Jamie talking about him once or twice when the Foxxhole was on (one time specifically is when he told a story about being sick, taking way too much medicine, and having an incident on the plane which Rashan helped him through.)

    I wouldn't be surprised if one of these videos discusses Jamie and his dirt.

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