Rare Picture of an early Egyptian Sphinx before their noses were blown off.

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    Rare Picture of an early Egyptian Sphinx before their noses were blown off.

    *Now I know why their noises were blown off

    *we don’t need to see the nose to know who those faces belonged to. Look at those lips. Look at the bone structures of the faces

    *white people have been petty forever

    *I know there are gonna be people who’re like “source?” so lemme let y'all know a lil somethin called reverse image search:

    These are matched to images from the Abu Simbel temple, in southern Egypt. Accordng to wiki:

    “The twin temples were originally carved out of the mountainside during the reign of Pharaoh Ramesses II in the 13th century BC, as a lasting monument to himself and his queen Nefertari, to commemorate his victory at the Battle of Kadesh.”

    *Either way, we know what they- all the other statues- looked like. We been knew. But let the whites know.
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    Why so much hate...?
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    This is not the Sphinx we all know, this is a different one. This is the Abu Simbel in Nubia:


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    What it looks like today, & it still has its nose:


    more info:

    Abu Simbel refers to two massive rock temples in Abu Simbel in Nubia, southern Egypt on the western bank of Lake Nasser about 230 km southwest of Aswan (about 300 km by road). The complex is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the Nubian Monuments, which run from Abu Simbel downriver to Philae (near Aswan).
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    Dam OP. Loud and wrong is a bad combo:lol::lol:
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    I could stare at this for days.
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    Black man is God
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    I have to make that trip.

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    These are the pyramids that have not been destroyed or hid from the public. Over 20 years ago they found an under ground city where the dwellings were more modern than the apartments and houses we have today. We have some highly protected places in the world and the Vatican is one of them helping to hid blacks true identity of themselves and the world. Air force one is a very secretive plane the same as space stations. Whites are the Aliens that real blacks got to take the earth back from.
    When Reagan was in office and during the so called star wars they started building a space station. Then all of a sudden a few years ago the news started talking about space trips you can take if you are a millionaire because the vacation cost millions. Then certain rich people stepped forward and took vacations there. The news told who they were but they did not interview them when they came back leaving us in the dark about a lot of it.
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    That's that ninja Pookie
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    I can't even keep up, who is Pookie?
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    World in here schoolin em
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    There is material in the white house that college and university professors are not allowed to view. They are trained and brainwashed to see things certain ways but not to pass on what is really happening. Every president that is put in office they have to reveal secrets to him about black people. Why you think the pope is so popular and powerful but the truth of the 'GARDEN OF EDEN' is not. It is to keep the land and resources out of the hands and control of God (blacks). Blacks all over the world only know what whites tell them or allow them to know.
    Only a black messiah can save us right now. Someone that is not controlled rise to power and uncover these things and prove things hidden. Area 51 should not be so highly guarded from tax payers. There are tour buses to show you what they want you to see. And there have been cases of things found all over the world that magically disappeared.
    Even the pyramids they allow you to see. The only evidence of food was seeds from raw fruits and vegetables. But our mouth is in the white man's kitchen for control. Also we have casinos all over the world. But why was dice and cards found in pyramids? Just like 911 when white minds are allowed to investigate evidence will disappear. And they will also do like they did in the case of Jesus Christ and Mike Brown tell you what you saw, you do not tell them what you saw because they will be in control no matter what.
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    100% Unadulterated bullshit
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    More unadulterated bullshit. Stfu and go join a community organization instead spreading this bullshit that won't amount to nothing productive.
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    Pookie is Original Nation

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    You can kiss my ass with visiting the Louvre, the Leaning Tower of Pisa or Big Ben. I don't give a shit about those European landmarks. The only place I want to visit out of this country is the pyramids in Egypt.
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    Who's on first, & what's on second....lol
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    Diomedes3000 is a cracka or nigga who wish he was cracka
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    ORIGINAL NATION Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    How the fuck you think whites have been constantly taking over for generations. You are one of the ones that worship a white God (white reality, white ideas, etc.) It is just like the mind control experiment in Jonestown. Get rid of your former life and mind and replace it with one they created. You calling that bullshit and damn near everything blacks live by is bullshit passed on from white devils.
    What part was you trying to say is bullshit. There is a lot of proof of what I am talking about. We cannot keep worshipping everything they created and have no real knowledge of self and think our kids are free.
  27. Mask

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    Thanks for the clarification...

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    I've been to this one. Even posted pics on BGOL several years ago
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    Looks like Kevin Durant
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    I have to!

    Having a shorty put a speed bump on it
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    just saw this pic of Hova and thought about this thread...


    this tweet was right about this pic

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    not to self stop copying and pasting historical unless u look it up

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    Holds comment...

    Please elaborate
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    nothing crazy, my one side of my family have noses like that... soooooo i wasn't cracking a joke or anything
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    ORIGINAL NATION Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Kids are being raised up totally depending on the system. Some of us have been stealing since elementary. It is about being able to be productive without a system created by devils that know you are the original and know that the black man is God. If two black parents are raising their baby up the way whites have put in their minds to raise them they will be slaves like the past generation and the present generation. The world's best kept secret is that our health is our only real wealth. Anything else is borrowed including our lives.
    You may feel like success but trust me America raised you up to be a successful devil. I guarantee you that when I come up everybody will start coming up because I will break the spells and curses of poverty, death and everything else. With my rise the third world will rise. South Africa is struggling to push their white devils out so Africa can finally help Africa instead of the robbing and raping by white devils.
    I might not have the fine and luxurious things in life right now, but I am struggling to get it without selling my soul to a white reality.

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