R. Kelly appearance at V75 in Chicago last night SOLD OUT and had women screaming "TAKE ME HOSTAGE!"

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    R.Kelly appearance last night sold out had women screaming "take me hostage"
    When Chicago learned that R Kelly was going to be making an appearance at V75 - the club quickly sold out


    R Kelly's career is NOT taking a hit from the release of the Lifetime documentary last week - he sold out a Chicago appearance last night.

    R Kelly made a scheduled appearance at the popular nightclub V75 - and less than an hour after it opened, the club was so packed, they had to turn people away.

    The club was filled to capacity with R Kelly's fans - hoping to show support to him after the devastating allegations in the Lifetime documentary. And the singer played it up for his fans. While he didn't perform outright, he lip synched along with many of his songs.

    The club was filled with 80% women - who were all there to support the controversial R&B artist.

    Here's R Kelly at the club:

    And here are some comments from his fans:

    And here's more video:

    Eventually, the club had to shut down early. People on social media called the police to the venue, after seeing how successful the event was.

    The trolls claimed that R Kelly had a "warrant" against him, and authorities ended up shutting down the party early.
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    Hoe logic: he outside doing shows, so he can't be as bad as they say he is.
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    Well what year did that videotape get leaked with R Kelly?

    He was still selling out shows then.

    This is no surprise.
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    Or maybe like has been posted by someone....maybe we just don’t respect the victims.

    Cause they were sistas.....cause they were willing participants although underage....

    We don’t think statutory rape is like real rape....or maybe we’re just phucked up as a society.

    R. Kelly booking sold out shows w a hat that says cookies, when he should be singing to a

    bunch of dudes after chow right before lockdown wearing orange jumpsuits w D.O.C. on the back

    no fukts.....

    Carry on......
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    Been supporting him this long and they knew. What the fuck a special gonna do?
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    i bet them ho`s supporting...

    they fly halfway around the world 2 get shit n pissed ...of course they dont c shit wrong with it....:rolleyes2:
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    *two cents*
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    *two cents*
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    :D:lol::roflmao: whole world trying to save these hoes and none want to he saved, they just want to get paid, teen minors and their parents included. :smh: what a fucking world litterally.
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    If they don’t care, then neither should I.
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    This is part of the reason, why he was able to get away with it when the tape was leaked...
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    First, if you can separate the art from the person you are limited

    And why you made over some 20-30 year old rehashed allegations just because some crakka network is using it to make money.

    Funny how crakkas only seem to be able to sow outrage when its black men and black folks gobble it up.

    Mofokrs was on the radio talking about should Michael Jackson's music be boycotted.

    DAHITMAN Well-Known Member

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    The other reason is the girl and her mother both said it wasn't her...but I guess the auntie who was no longer being paid should be the one believed.

    That and the court couldn't even positively identify him in the video
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    all this r.kelly backlash is just backfiring.
    his album sales and streams are spiking like a mufucka.
    nigga just pissin on bitches all the way to the bank.
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    I see what you did here....
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    People were going in on Maliah Michel for that Instagram post she made saying she was 13 when she was fucking, but I said in there that alot of these women who continue to support him who did the same stuff these girls were doing with older guys so they don’t see themselves as having been victims and they don’t see those other girls as having been victims. The girl in the video probably doesn’t see herself as being a victim either
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    Oh yeah, sure try to take out the top selling artist of all-time. No agenda there at all. Only In America you beat cases, accusers come out and admit to lying after death, and 10 years later after death people will allow a documentary of two persons come out with new claims.

    In the meantime let the new King Of Pop reign!


    According to R.ape Kelly he signed away rights to his own music because he didn't understand what he was signing when he was young and tours because he is broke.

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    Damn Dynacorp got caught trafficking women and little girls and they still get government contracts. I saw clips of the hidden cameras where they were caught in other countries doing this.
    The captures and controllers does this in our face.
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    feminists, like the ones that got that movie made, aren't as influential as they think.
    it's kinda like how they waged war against the song, 'baby it's cold outside' only for it to break records in sales over christmas.
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    Bumped into this because of Cosby post lol.

    Good Times vs Cosby Show

    Interesting point about the age of people having different views of these iconic stars.
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    That documentary was nothing but promotion for this nigga. :lol:
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    Always remember Ted bundy was a rapist/murder of hundreds of females and yet got thousands of fan mail each week from females telling him they wanted to fuck and be with him... Logic and some females don't co-exist
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    Pornhub most search thing right now is that pedo tape smh
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    They don't know what battle to chose or how to fight it.
    DAmn I thought that shit was wiped away on the net.

    ORIGINAL NATION Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    I remember seeing a documentary about that. Also Charles Manson and others. But white women fuck dogs and do other bestiality stuff.
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    That vid always pop up here and there on the net...it never dies...you know some people still got copies somewhere... Now I don't know if it pop up when you type the kelz tape...but I do know when I was on there it said top searches kel tape...it had like 5 or more ways people search the name smh... I was gonna make a thread about it but i was like fuck it... Shit is crazy when you think how big that tubesite is...and it makes you wonder what's the percentage of women looking it up
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    That is a good point. I heard Ike Turner during an interview talking about how a girl 13 took his virginity at nine. The interviewer brought up how that could be seen as being molested but he didn't see it that way. Which brings to mine a lot of the sex most of us during our teens. A lot of girls 16 and up are under the impression that they are mature enough to deal with older men. They sneak into bars and parties, backstage etc... They mix in with the older groupies and get fucked right along with them. R. Kelly seems to be an Ephebophile. Not a pedo. That's why he is not in jail. Even with the tape which should not have been leaked BTW, I am surprised by the reactions some women have to it. It far from the outrage you would expect. I do think that girl was over 16 but who knows. Ultimately as a society, we have to do better when it comes to our young people and human sexuality.
    We throw Jesus at them and think they gonna be just fine. Meanwhile, they out here fucking up a storm. Ignorant as can be but they out here.
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