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Pro Wrestling. Back When We Loved It.


Torah All Day!
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As a kid I Jake the Snake DDT'd an elementary peer of mines. He was in pain, was crying, then started running after me to lay hands on me. It was at that moment, I KNEW i fucked up. I hauled ass. In my mind, I was having fun but NEVER thought as a kid, wrestling could really hurt someone.

Now, brodie is like 6'7 in height, an easy 280-300 solid. Thank GOD we cool asf now lol


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A simple angle with Flair and an interview segment drew huge heat and money for someone as green at that time of Brad Armstrong,today unless you’re the Bloodline,MJF,CM Punk,Charlotte and Gunther no one can draw legit hate them heat anymore


FBA Lineage
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Question for the OGs...

Who remembers in the local circuit days they would match up a popular wrestler against a scrub and of course the main guy would win.

But sometimes after loss and everyone exited the ring, the scrub would still be on the canvas "unconscious" or "unresponsive".

What would the referee do?



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Man I remember being the AF back in 96 and having this one crazy ass white dude in our bay that was big into wrestling. Every monday he would have the day room v tuned to the wrestling shows.

We were sitting around one Monday watching the shows as usual and another dude came in talking about it was fake and asking why were watching that dumb shit. This dude just sat there for awhile but you could tell he was getting pissed. Ol boy kept running off at the mouth and this cat jumps up, throws the dude down and put him in figure 4. Ol boy was begging him to stop and we all were laughing our asses off. Wild times.
Over 100,000 Movies ❤ 420,00 Scenes with Previews ❤ Try it for $2.99