{~}Official 2022-2023 NBA Thread - Congratulations Denver Nuggets your NBA Champs !!! Summer league in Vegas {~}


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and the Wizards have to have the worst front office and draft picks :smh:

  • 2014: Traded for Marcin Gortat.
  • 2015: Kelly Oubre Jr., traded for Trevor Ariza.
  • 2016: Traded for Markieff Morris.
  • 2017: Traded for Bojan Bogdanovic.
  • 2018: Troy Brown Jr., traded for Daniel Gafford.
  • 2019: Hachimura, traded for Nunn and second-round picks.
  • 2020: Deni Avdija, averaging 8 points per game.
  • 2021: Corey Kispert, averaging 9.4 points per game.
  • 2022: Johnny Davis, averaging 1.1 points per game.
The last player they kept for a second contract with Otto Porter :smh:


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the pistons scored 130 points!!! and STILL lost by 20!! :scream::scream::scream::scream:


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These kids actually watch the game and want to be like their favorite players. I'm not seeing a single problem.

He definitely is playing great. Got to improve his free throw percentage to rise to the next level.

Excellent paint defender.
He could be good, but his FT% is so bad that he's a 4th quarter liability. You can't have two of those in prominent positions on the same team.


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I doubt I'll roster any more Spurs players this season. Pop is strategically tanking IMO. Players are averaging less than 30mins. If the team gets too much of a lead or a player is hot, he pulls them. Occasionally, he'll let them play and win a game to appease the fans. Jakob may get traded, so his minutes are capped too.


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Baller from my old high school made the roster. Chick is COLD......Dawn Staley was able to keep her in state

Rooting for Baye Fall. He’s not a native but he still got some Colorado roots. And he’s playing for my pops home state Arkansas.