New leak claims Trump scrapped Iran nuclear deal 'to spite Obama'

Discussion in 'Blackgirl Online' started by WorldEX, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. WorldEX

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    Donald Trump abandoned the Iran nuclear deal to spite Barack Obama, according to a leaked memo written by the UK's former ambassador to the US.

    Sir Kim Darroch described the move as an act of "diplomatic vandalism", according to the Mail on Sunday.

    It says the memo was written after the then Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson appealed to the US in 2018 to stick with the nuclear deal.

    Under that agreement Iran agreed to limit its sensitive nuclear activities.

    It would also allow in international inspectors in return for the lifting of crippling economic sanctions.

    However, President Trump did not think that the deal went far enough.

    The newspaper reports that after Mr Johnson returned to the UK from the US, Sir Kim wrote that President Trump appeared to be abandoning the nuclear deal for "personality reasons" because the pact had been agreed by his predecessor, Barack Obama.
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  2. TEN Tensei - Admin Staff Member

    sounds about white
  3. Watcher

    Watcher Well-Known Member BGOL Gold Member

    We didn’t need a leak to know that.

    It has always been his objective to erase the first Black President from history.

    Still can’t believe some of you supposed Black people support him. Blatantly in our faces.
  4. Simply Sickenin'

    Simply Sickenin' Valar Morghulis .... BGOL Investor

    A new study from top scientists and engineers at both NASA and Harvard have found evidence that water might be .... and I hope everyone is sitting .... wet.
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  5. Flawless

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    You dont say. I wonder why he hates the Affordable Are Act?
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  6. Black A. Camus

    Black A. Camus Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Why do you think he exited the Paris Climate Accord?
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  7. xfactor

    xfactor Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    If Trump approves reparations for the copper colored aboriginals of this land then it would wipe out the legacy for good and the only thing Obama will be remembered for is what he was, and that was the first gay president.

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  8. Watcher

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    You all like to blame every but yourself for the lack of Black progress in the last 50 years.

    Your post exemplifies the saying crabs in a barrel.

    How are you different from white people?

    If you joined a round table discussion with trump supporters, the klan, and neo nazis about President Obama they would hoist you up on their shoulders and parade you around.
  9. forcesteeler

    forcesteeler Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Does anyone know why trump hate Obama so much?

    Is it because he make a joke about him during the media gathering ball? Ever since Obama jokes about trump he has been on a vendetta
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  10. Watcher

    Watcher Well-Known Member BGOL Gold Member

    His Black skin.

    On Memorial Day 1927, as Churchwell recounts, the white supremacist, anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic Ku Klux Klan organised a march in New York City’s borough of Queens, home to the German-American Trump family, whose patriarch, Friedrich Trump, had emigrated to the United States in 1885. About 1,000 demonstrators, many dressed in the KKK’s signature hooded white robes and ‘accompanied by 400 women from the so-called “Klavana”’, had gathered to promote their version of ‘America First’, a slogan that Churchwell strives to rescue from oversimplification. Not everyone watching along the parade route was enthusiastic about the Klan’s exercise of its First Amendment rights, and a riot ensued. In the melee, seven people were arrested, including five Klansmen, an innocent bystander, and the father of the as-yet-unborn Donald.
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  11. Mt. Yukon

    Mt. Yukon Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Most racists cacs have no real reason for hating Obama... Trump is a racist cac last time I checked. So... Being black is all the reason they really needed.
  12. NightMare Paint

    NightMare Paint Not A Horse BGOL Investor

    You could use some therapy.
  13. Amajorfucup

    Amajorfucup Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    I also read sugar may cause diabetes. And get this... cigarette smoke is linked to cancer.
  14. roots69

    roots69 Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    The MIC(military industrial complex) is pulling the strings on this issue!! The corporation is hell bent on getting into a battle with IRAN!!
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  15. roots69

    roots69 Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    X, they aint ready for that!!!
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  16. Loan Me 20

    Loan Me 20 Well-Known Member Registered

    Any Black person who would willingly vote for Trump isn't worth a damn and should turn in their Black Card.
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  17. xfactor

    xfactor Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Why would I join a table with them?

    That’s the problem with you Democrats. You continue to want to talk and protest but that has proven to be a waste of time.

    You also hate to hear the facts about your politicians and two party system.

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  18. xfactor

    xfactor Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Black card :lol:

    Trump is no different than Obama who is no different from Mitch McConnell but keep thinking that and keep being lost :smh:

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  19. xfactor

    xfactor Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    How much therapy does the so-called black community need before we snap out of the trance?

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  20. Loan Me 20

    Loan Me 20 Well-Known Member Registered

    So you're saying if Trump "promised" reparations you'd vote for him?
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  21. 4 Dimensional

    4 Dimensional Resident Meteorologist BGOL Investor

    His whole presidency is to spite Obama.
  22. durham

    durham Well-Known Member Platinum Member

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  23. Drayonis

    Drayonis BGOL Investor

    Don't you have some weed to smoke?
  24. Drayonis

    Drayonis BGOL Investor

    Pathetic and delusional
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  25. Drayonis

    Drayonis BGOL Investor

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  26. Quek9

    Quek9 K9 BGOL Investor

    This is only news to same news agencies and people that feigned surprise every time trump does something fuckedup.
  27. NightMare Paint

    NightMare Paint Not A Horse BGOL Investor

    Trump's literal breath is a racist dog-whistle but you're happily indulging in MAGADaddy reparations fantasies. You have no ground to speak on delusions.
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  28. T_Holmes

    T_Holmes Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    I'm not saying that that's all there is to it, but if you go back and look at how absolutely stone-faced unamused Trump was when Obama was roasting him at that event, you know that had to be a big part of it.

    He hated Obama because he was black. He's trying to wreck Obama's legacy because he's a petty, thin-skinned lunatic.
  29. carsun1000

    carsun1000 Well-Known Member

    This is the same man who took a page out of a newspaper to recommend the death penalty for five black men...and some are here praising him and defending his action against Obama's presidency....right....

    I would like to know what he's done for the black community so far. If anyone here is talking about prison reforms, Obama did some of that too and there is a mix of people in prison (granted there are more blacks than any other race)
  30. footloose

    footloose Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Sounds about right. He’s predictable
  31. Mo-Better

    Mo-Better Rod & Reel Time is Coming BGOL Investor

    I seriously didn't think this was a secret. I am surprised they're calling this a leak. If you aren't white and rich Trump doesn't give a fuck about you.

    Trump's intent was without question when he started in as president. One of his first decisions was to force through a pipeline that ran through land preserved for the true native Americans. In my lifetime he is without a doubt the lowest form of a human being that's ever existed. An yes that includes Hitler and every terrorist that's ever cost an innocent life.
  32. roots69

    roots69 Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Bruh, I agree with ya!! This 2 party paradigm has fucked this whole colony/corporation!! And the damage done to copper color people is unbelievable!! If the people snap outta this trance, Ill be surprised.. The majority of the population truly believes these politicians are looking out for their best interest and cant even entertain the fact that they are getting fucked over!! Watching the political theater is like watching WWE.. You have the good politician and you have the bad politician, when the camera or mic is put in their face, they get into character!! When the media is not around and their alone, they are the best of friends serving their masters.. The only fighting those politicians do, is fight to see who's going to get the golden dick or the queens rotten pussy first!!
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  33. lightbright

    lightbright Well-Known Member BGOL Investor


    "Everything he does in office is to spite Obama ….
    he brings shame to all of us that are orange !!!"


  34. Heist

    Heist Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Whether some like it or don’t, America was right to pull out. Iran was still operating a secret facilty and had not repurposed an enrichment facilty, both in high violation of the agreement.

    The IAEA finally confirmed as much:

    Iran enriching uranium at 4.5 pct purity, above nuclear deal limit: UN watchdog

    International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirmed that Iran’s uranium enrichment level passed 4.5 percent on Monday, exceeding the 2015 nuclear deal cap.

    Director General Yukiya Amano has informed the IAEA Board of Governors that Agency inspectors verified that Iran is enriching uranium above 3.67% U-235," an IAEA spokesman said, referring to the fissile uranium-235 isotope.

    Following the IAEA’s confirmation, several members of congress called for an immediate end to the waivers.

    “The Fordow uranium enrichment facility has never been repurposed, as promised in the JCPOA (nuclear deal),” the ISIS reported.

    “Fordow is potentially part of Iran’s current threats to progressively go to higher enrichment levels and increase its stocks of enriched uranium, and if conducted there, Fordow’s underground tunnel complex is fortified to withstand aerial bombardment,” the report stated.The report also concluded that the production of highly enriched uranium would allow Iran to build one to two nuclear weapons a year.
  35. xfactor

    xfactor Well-Known Member BGOL Investor


    I’m saying I’ll vote for the politician that is putting policy in place that benefits me and my family. I don’t care if they are red or blue.

    The difference is most on BGOL will blindly vote democrat even if they are voting all of their rights away. the so-called black community is at the bottom and continues to let the immigrants and LGBT use us as a floor mat and we keep allowing it as long we don’t vote for the “boogey man republicans”


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