Naturi Naughton vs. Lori Harvey

Based On Looks

  • Naturi

  • Lori

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Circle the wagons.
I am so into her topless scene in Notorious. Only good thing about the movie if you ask me. The kid that played Biggie sounded like he had a bad cold the whole movie.


not the little wizard
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It should be a tie, both bodies are not perfect. Lori seems to have an edge but I don't want to be colorstruck.

imma just vote and see what yall think


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Aye listen, Lori is a nice lookin lil girl... But Naturi is a grown ass woman. 2 different leagues there.....

Just from looks, Naturi checks more boxes.... And from (perceived or rumored) personality, she definitely checks a lot more....


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I came in here team Naturi all day and not knowing who Lori was... sorry Naturi is beautiful but this goes to Lori... she bad...


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Y'all know this thread is really light skin vs dark skin. We all know most of BGOL wants a white women so they will go light skinned instead.