Nathaniel ‘Rollo’ Taylor (‘Sanford & Son’) Dies at 80


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There was an episode where Fred decided that instead of waiting until he died, he would give away his possessions before he died. He invited all his friends and family to the house to give his stuff away, then he got to Rollo.

Fred: To my son's friend Rollo, I leave all the loose change, silverware and assorted bric a brac I've accumulated over the years.

Rollo: Wow, thanks a lot, Mr. Sandford.

Fred: Yeah, and you'll find them all in one place.

Rollo: Where's that pops?

Fred: In your house thief!


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RIP to the coolest dude I've ever seen on television. I love the fact that he just went back to teaching and helping young people after the show ended.

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Rollo had to be the first "brotha homie" in TV history.....RIP. I felt like I knew Rollo personally, that's how well he played the character. RIP.

Oh and another "brotha homie" was Cockroach on the Cosby Show & DJ Jazzy Jeff on The Fresh Prince .....
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