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    Damn that shit looks like it hurt his back
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    Look, I don't think anybody here is expecting the first black wrestler they sign to get the title, but they all come from places where black talent have been given the oppurtunity to be headliners and wear the companies main strap . I am just TIRED of black/brown people being either sterotypes of their ethnicities or these ultra-grateful characters that are support for their white counterparts i.e. Ember Moon to Ronda and Apollo Crews to every white wrestler.

    Also Brandi marrying Cody means NOTHING. Until she starts talking shyt about black men and or women as far as I am concerned she just happened to marry a white dude.
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    She is so gorgeous
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    Another wrestling bedwench who only gives it up for white zaddy.
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    I think the thought for WWE all these years is that their core audience is white so that is who they should cater to. They'll sprinkle in other groups and give them stereotypical characters to appease their core white audience. They feel they'll be fine with or without Blacks, Latinos and other groups.

    Hopefully, AEW will make a more concerted effort to appease to other racial groups. Only time will tell.
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    Does anyone think having a women's match as the main event of Mania evolution of the business / sport or just more #MeToo taking over with Steph at the helm? Or is it truly warranted compared to what the men are delivering now?

    Animal of Road Warriors is catching heat online for an interview where he praised Becky, but also said that there is something wrong if the females are overshadowing men for the main event. Beck caught wind of it and blasted him on twitter for this comment below.

    "There is a problem in the wrestling business. Yes, the women’s movement is growing, but when the women are the main event and they have the best matches on your card, there’s an issue."
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    It's the evolution of the sport. These aren't the Nitro Girls....

    Simply put, the women have been having better quality matches and feuds than the men.

    Animal is an idiot. Nothing wrong with the woman overshadowing the men. If the men don't like it, put on better matches.

    Charlotte vs Asuka was the best match at WrestleMania last year (not saying much because WM sucked).

    Becky vs Ronda (and possibly Charlotte) should Main Event this year because there isn't a match the men can put on that generates as much buzz.

    The men just honestly have not been as entertaining as the women lately. Same could be said for UFC, where Ronda Rousey was their biggest start for a minute. Honestly, Nunes vs Cyborg could have been the Main Event a few weeks ago.
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    I think its a little of both. The women can kill it if given the chance but it is also Vince pretending to be progressive. He caters to his blonde with big tits fantasy all the time.
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    It would be typical WWE. Being late to the party and acting as if they blazing the trail.

    Don't forget Nakamura and Asuka winning their respect Royal Rumbles right after the hype of what was going on in Japan with their big shows going into Wrestle Kingdom with Kenny Omega, Jericho, and how the audience who really shell out the big bucks were taking there money overseas. Especially going into Mania season. Then they did nothing with Nakamura. And Auska won the Rumble which was really for Rhonda's debut.

    Even knowing they wanted it be Charlotte vs Rhonda to be the mania match and Becky took off the way she did is really series of speed bumps for their agenda. They are gonna find a way make it about Charlotte. Not to mention the mess with Lesner, Braun, and Roman having to take time off. I bet they don't know where the want to land because they only want what the want.
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    The men's roster needs a shakeup. There are only so many times Brock, Braun, Rollins, Ambrose, Bryan, Styles, Joe can fight one another.
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    This too. The men can wrestle but the writing is terrible.
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    I actually think Animal was calling out the men for getting upstaged if you look at it the other way. Ronda was always the plan to main event anyways and Becky threw them off. Not to take anything away from Becky because she at least knows how to get fans into her stuff which I can't say for most of this lackluster roster. She should actually main event, but the problems will start when the WWE put their fingerprints on it. I saw online Stephanie Mcmahon already saying she wants a women's match to main event Mania.

    This company no longer knows how to let things simmer and grow organically. They never learned why Reigns got turned on yet it seems. Once people start thinking the Mcmahon's fingerprints are on stuff that is when the rebellion starts.

    The women's division hasn't been micro managed the way the men's division has been since Vince wanted to force Reigns down everyone's throat. Now Reigns is gone after decimating the roster to get him over everyone looks mediocre to the audience besides Lesnar and Braun and that other guy who was with Ziggler can't remember his name right now.

    Charlotte is the women's division version of Roman Reigns in that they are decimating women to make her seem like the female Flair. The difference is the woman are not in the face like the men's. We started to see her get a little backlash which started to help Becky to begin with.

    They should have Becky main event Mania and make history with Rhonda, but somehow Charlotte will be put into it which is WWE going to be overboard again and turn fans on this idea if they are not careful. The ratings are also in the toilet, so really and truly is this happening because they have hit rock bottom or is it really an evolution?

    I will say this. They saw Ronda's fame in UFC years ago and plotted for her to be apart of this revolution.

    Can Stephanie Mcmahon stay away from the WM fame this year and not somehow include herself to get credit for this "historic" main event? We shall see. I don't have my hopes up. She is already doing interviews about women main eventing Mania. She will take credit for this and prove her dad's company is with the times and this "MeToo" movement.

    No with this women's thing I think they were planting seeds with Ronda years ago knowing how big a fan of wrestling she was. They timed it for her, but if she didn't come on board then I think Asuka would have been her replacement. Notice her streak came to screaming halt the same night Ronda debuted at Mania last year? The Nakamura thing I got no clue. They had something there and blew it as usual because they don't know how to make wrestlers who's first language isn't English their top champion. As if they forgot a thing called a manager or something.

    Charlotte thing you're on the money. They want their female Flair to be the female Flair lol. I'm pretty disappointed on how they killed momentum by Sasha, but the excuse is she is reckless at times.

    HHH needs to pick a better variety of wrestlers as well to enter the company. Everyone seems bland.
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    I knew that they wanted Rhonda. I was more so saying that when they have big things for someone, they just don't squander the build for someone like Asuka unless they were never serious about her in the first place beyond having her be a big thing in NXT and riding a wave out. The only thing she's been was the "Empress of Tomorrow." But i'm not disagreeing with you at all. I know it doesn't take long for them to show their hands with what they really want to accomplish.

    And as far as the male talent goes, its damn near be the same group of guys who've wrestled each other a bazillion times on the same show with no variations to the set. And then they throw Baron fucking Corbin all on the screen. Even when they have good matches it feels like nothing of importance has happened.

    And Animal made a career off of gimmick armor. When he got Larry Holmes status, game was over.
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    Well she's not even black so.......
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    Dean's heel turn has been laughable. He should have been booked as a true lunatic after he picked up muscle and changed his style. They screwed up with Lashley too making him show his ass to the crowd like he's Ace Ventura.
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    I just KNEW Dean was gonna be Pillman crazy but nope!
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    Kenny hits maybe 2 or 3 a match. Read the comments and its crazy only two people caught a injury from it. People trust him enough to not even block it at the last second.

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    WWE should do a mini doc on the couples in the company.

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    I think you've already mentioned this, but I don't think he was coming off as an asshole. I would like to think he was saying that the women are on the come up and the men really need to get their shyt together otherwise their gonna be the "bathroom break" of the show.
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    Do people really like women wrestling ?

    I only like them for valets ...

    Must be old school
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    If they can work and have good character/mic work I can deal with them...

    But if they are fumbling on the mic and botching up a storm and are only there because they are blonde with big titties (or fat or gay) I'd rather not watch.
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    Smh....did you see Braun this past Monday. Lolz.
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    Naw, I was watching the Pelicans.
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    The worst....
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    I think they had big plans for Asuka because they had that crazy undefeated streak for her and she also won the 1st ever Rumble. It's just that they got the brand name of Ronda which they are right to push especially I'm sure for a pretty penny.

    The men on the show seem robotic and boring for the most part to me. It's partly due to them not allowing the wrestlers to have their creative input or it could be these guys lack charisma which is why they are micromanaging them. We'll never know if they don't let them sink or swim. Imagine Rocky Maivia was forced to stay the way he was upon debut because they are so strict on their way or the highway. The same with Ringmaster Steve Austin.

    On the flipside, I really don't see these guys standing out either. Then the guys who can go like AJ, Daniel, and so on get put into the mid card of shows as WWE Champion who is now secondary champion to a no show Universal Champion(a title that sounds so bush league to me).

    The Road Warriors were massively over to the point that Vince copied them and then even brought in their imitators in Powers of Pain. Even when they won the WWF tag titles at MSG I never saw a tag team get that kind of crowd response chanting LOD at the time for SummerSlam 92. The truth is no one on the roster has been anywhere close to the level of being over as Animal barring Lesnar and Cena and Undertaker. Definitely not anyone coming in the last 5 years for sure. I think this is why he is saying there is a problem.

    Yeah, the WWE needs Patterson back or at least bring in someone like Bret Hart or Jake The Snake who get it. Too much hacks from Hollywood trying to get pro wrestling angles over. Then again this is the same company who wouldn't utilize brains like Heyman and Bischoff(yes Bischoff because in truth they stole the whole RAW format from him which is now dated as hell).

    I think that is exactly what he meant. The women may say all they want how they revolutionizing, but the bulk of the show is still the men. The men suck and the majority of the show sucks, so Animal saying it's a problem is really him saying the show sucks.
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    This is her dad, a former MLB player from the Dominican Republic (which last I checked were still black).
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    Just because we know what they are doesn't mean they're going to accept that.
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    Yeah I know Dominicans fall into multi ethnic groups. She probably don't classify her self as "black". Racially ambiguous
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