Marc aka GRAY SWEATS aka Navahcia Edwards is FREE!!! help her with her GO FUND ME, tricks lol

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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read my story.
I just recently came home from doing almost six years Federal time. I was given a ninety month sentence, but by the grace of God I only did six. While incarcerated I lost everything and I’m not just talking about materialistic things. I’m talking about; friends, family, and for a second I had even lost myself.

I had to take responsibility for my actions and realize that God makes no mistakes. Everything He does has a bigger purpose behind it then we may ever know. With that being said, I wasted no time and began to write books so i could share my story with the world.

That’s why I am on go Fund me today. I am an aspiring author of three books that I am trying to get self – published. However, being that I just came home, I do not have the access to the help or resources needed to get my books edited, illustrated, or put in proper book format to be published.

These books are for; first time offenders that don’t know what to expect or that may feel forgotten, the families who are physically free but mentally locked up, and anyone who’s curious to know what happens in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Please donate for a good cause.

On my gofundme you can read; the dedication, a poem, the synopsis and prologue of my first book called; LAST THREE 424
~three I’ll never forget~
By; Navahcia L. Edwards

Author’s note: Everyone in federal prison receives an identification number. The last three of your ID states what district your from, hence, the reason my book is called, “Last Three 424”

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her past:

Revealed: Woman 'who robbed bank at gunpoint with ex-boyfriend wearing NUN costumes' was aspiring porn star and honor student with near perfect GPA
By Snejana Farberov

Published: 15:48 EDT, 6 February 2013 | Updated: 17:30 EDT, 6 February 2013

A former Chicago bank employee who moonlighted as an X-rated model is now on trial for allegedly robbing another bank with her former boyfriend while being disguised as old nuns.

Navahcia Edwards' former paramour and alleged partner in crime, Lyndon Germel Wesley, testified in court Monday that the two held up a bank in May 2011 wearing masks and Halloween costumes.

According to Wesley, who got a plea deal after agreeing to cooperate against Edwards, she came up with the idea for the robbery after being inspired by the 2010 heist movie The Town, which the two had watched just weeks earlier.

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Nuns on the run: A boyfriend and girlfriend were arrested last October after police say they robbed a Chicago bank at gunpoint of $120,000 while being disguised as old nuns

Side job: When she was not working in a bank, Edwards appeared in X-rated videos under the name Marc on the site Myiami Blue, left, and posed for explicit photos as Nicci Nikole, right

According to the prosecution, Edwards embezzled more than $22,000 from a Chase Bank in Country Club Hills while working there in early 2011, Chicago Tribune reported.

After being caught stealing, Edwards promised to compensate the bank, but was struggling to come up with the money by May.

In an effort to get out of her bind, Edwards, an X-rated model, and her boyfriend allegedly came up with the plot to rob a TCF Bank in Palos Heights, where she had previously worked.

According to court testimony, Edwards chose to stage the heist on Sunday when only two workers were present in the bank.

Wesley said he entered the bank armed with a BB gun and wearing a mask and a nun’s robe, which the couple bought online. He jumped over the counter and ordered the tellers to approach the vault.

Meanwhile, Edwards, who Wesley said was carrying a real gun, told the bank staff in a deep voice to open the vault. According to the testimony of a teller, the female suspect put a gun to her head and threatened her supervisor;

Chameleon: Edwards, seen in her mugshot, left, is on trial for taking part in the heist to pay back the money she had embezzled from a bank where she worked, and she was also an aspiring pornography star

Wesley said he cut up the wrinkled masks and burned the black-and-white outfits in a grill.

The lovers then split up the loot and spent it away. Edwards allegedly bought a laptop computer, new clothes and paid $500 for a photo shoot.

Prosecutors said the woman also put down a $250 deposit on an engagement ring for her fiance.

But the pairs' plan for a rosy future together as husband and wife were dashed when Edwards was arrested in September 2012, followed by Wesley a month later, according to CBS Chicago.

Authorities said Edwards' decision to empty three vaults but leave a fourth containing only coins closed tipped off police that it was an inside job.

Reporting by MailOnline has reveled that besides a fledgling career in mainstream modeling, Edwards had starred in pornographic and striptease videos using several different aliases, among them Nicci Nikole and Yasmine Waters.

Life imitating art: Lyndon Wesley testified that his ex-girlfriend, Navahcia Edwards, got the idea for the robbery after being inspired by the 2010 heist film The Town where the bandits dressed up as scary nuns

Violent: A teller testified in court that Edwards put a gun to her head during the robbery

Posters showing the half-naked Edwards under the pseudonym Nicci Nikole are still available online for $10. She also posed for scores of pictures depicting her in different states of undress.

Prior to her arrest, Edwards was employed by an X-rated site called Miyami Blue featuring lewd photos and videos under the name Marc.

Edwards had drawn a following on the internet thanks to a homemade video showing the young woman dancing on a balcony in a grey track suit, which concludes with her flashing her breasts to the camera.

But besides her impressive physiqe, Edwards also apparently has a keen mind. The woman attended Moraine Valley Community College in Palos Heights, where she made it onto the Presdent's List in 2010 for earning a grade point average approaching a perfect 4.0.

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She's thickened up nicely and still looking good. She got right back in the swing of things as far as technology goes. She's always on Snapchat.

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before booty injection era, now people would say: what's the big deal? Shame, 'cause she has a nice natural booty.

My how times have changed. I clicked on this shit and man! This wouldn't even get a 2nd look in 2017. Injections, waist trainers and new technology is light yrs beyond this.

Shid, looking at this makes me wonder how the hell she became a BGOL all star in the first place.

World B Free

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My how times have changed. I clicked on this shit and man! This wouldn't even get a 2nd look in 2017. Injections, waist trainers and new technology is light yrs beyond this.

Shid, looking at this makes me wonder how the hell she became a BGOL all star in the first place.
yeah, that's what I'm sayin', homie...... geeez. Time ain't no joke.