Lionel Richie (Age 71) With Girlfriend Lisa Parigi (Age 30).....


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botox and hair dye.
I think there is a lot more going on than just that

He has had more than a little bit of surgery, probably had the first lot 15-20 yeas back. Now having repeated surgery to maintain.

Trying to remain marketable to a broad age range, plus he still out there hunting pussy. I don't blame him.


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I can understand his choice but Lionel is older than me. I'm not looking for any chick that still has swelling capabilities. :itsawrap:

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As a South African Boer famously said "why should I not continue to eat fresh meat?".
Money makes man younger and handsomer... Ask the late Larry King.

Having said this, Brenda is more beautiful than this kid...

Come on I know you know that's not his real child. That's Pete Escovedo's child, Sheila E's brother. Some kinda way he they adopted her.