Lionel Richie (Age 71) With Girlfriend Lisa Parigi (Age 30).....


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Lionel Richie and girlfriend Lisa Parigi kicked off the week by throwing Twitter into a tizzy over their age gap.

On Monday, a photo of the couple popped back up on social media, with Richie, 71, cuddling up to lifestyle blogger Parigi, who is reportedly in her 30s.

“Lionel Richie with his new Bae, he’s 71 and she’s 30, love wins,” a fan posted with the pic, which Richie initially shared for Valentine’s Day.

Although Richie and Parigi have reportedly been dating since 2014, Twitter unsurprisingly had plenty to say about the pair’s apparent age difference.

“To his credit, he don’t look 71,” one fan responded.

“40 years age gap…as in she was 0 and he was 40 looooooool,” another replied.

“i mean yeah, but he’s old enough to be her grandfather,” another person wrote.

“Yoo! this man hardly ages,” another posted.

Richie, who currently serves as a judge on “American Idol,” has three children. He adopted daughter Nicole, 39, with his first wife, Brenda Harvey, and he has daughter Sofia, 22, and son Miles, 26, with his second wife, Diane Alexander.


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As a South African Boer famously said "why should I not continue to eat fresh meat?".
Money makes man younger and handsomer... Ask the late Larry King.

Having said this, Brenda is more beautiful than this kid...

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I could remember us back in the 80s jamming to dancing on the ceiling. But he don’t look like he’s 71 and it goes to show a man can Mac at any age. This is what exercise, eating right, no smoking and drinking does for you!


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How does he look the same since the 80s?
What them older bgoler's be saying about them 12 almonds or something like...

She's young but is she black?Lionel should have learned his lesson fucking with them devils,even his Momma don't approve and still loves his first wife and his mixed dope fiend love child forever.

Lionel ain't been black since the Commadores