Latest from Ashanti World she performs in teeny tiny bikini

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    The R&B singer performed yesterday at GO Pool and Dayclub inside the Flamingo Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas - and she wore just a teeny bikini at 38 year old R&B legend's body was perfect, and her singing was great too.
    Enjoying images from her mini-concert I did
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  2. Helico-pterFunk

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    RUDY RAYYY MO Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Shawty thighs rocking the celli... still fucking and eating the pussy from the bike
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  4. 2 ONE 3

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  5. Helico-pterFunk

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  6. JustChillin

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    She’s damn near 40 and looking all the way sexy.

    Nelly had a strong pullout game cause she would’ve had at least 2 of my kids
  7. LordSinister

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    She looks good, but really put some clothes on. Don't compete with these new whores.
  8. jack walsh13

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  9. mcguyver

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  10. Fright Night

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    Ive seen lingerie with much more material. She gonna start lookin thirsty.

    Still grade A!!

    Hope she can continue to fight off the cheeseburger.
  11. Helico-pterFunk

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    THREAD_CRITIC Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    She's performing at a pool....
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  13. geechiedan

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    38 and gettin thicker...she's creeping into that cougar range... all she needs to do is start dating some 25-year-old skinny dude with a lot of tattoos and she'll complete the thirsty package. :giggle:
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  14. zuluking

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    i wonder if she gonna drop an album , she talented singer and writer
  15. lightbright

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    I can take care of that ….. all the acrobatic shit I'd have her doing on my dick will tighten that skin right up …. :yes:

  16. VWchrisATL

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  17. Helico-pterFunk

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  18. TheBigOne

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    Happy to give her a ride home if all of y'all gonna be passing. I'd be happy to eat that cooch for bout 3-4 hours

  19. Gazoo

    Gazoo The Big Brain BGOL Investor

    Didn't Mariah Carey start this stuff.

    I'm not complaining, well maybe a little.
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  20. the artist

    the artist Same shit, different day BGOL Investor

    Tickets aren't selling huh?
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  21. Helico-pterFunk

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  22. Mastermind2002

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    All those pics and not one ass shot!
  23. Dr. Truth

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    You know what? I’m eating her ass
  24. DarkMatter-X

    DarkMatter-X BGOL Supporter Registered

    Hahaha! Is she selling music or pussy?!?
    She needs to make some new music and drop an album.
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  25. Helico-pterFunk

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  26. DWBass

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    Thighs! Ugh! Feet! Ugh! Sorry, I've moved on! Dueces!
  27. Shaka54

    Shaka54 FKA Shaka38 BGOL Gold Member

    Thank you. My sentiments exactly.
  28. RAY V.

    RAY V. Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Ashanti's probably had so many mutherfuccas fuck the good hell out of her over the years, she's out here not
    caring any mutherfuckin' mo! :giggle:
  29. badboyyawdie

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    That ain’t even for the pool!:lol:
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  30. keith6

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    I will tongue kiss her asshole after she tried on swimsuits at the local Goodwill.
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  31. 8/11Streetz

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    Yeah her naturalness makes her hella appealing

    I hope she don’t ever start fucking with her body
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  32. ballscout1

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    She is performing at a swimming pool....damn yall really reaching to hate...

    Fuck do yall wear at the pool ?
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    GAMBINO Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    I just want the pussy
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  34. World B Free

    World B Free Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Reminds me of Farrah Fawcett, she did Playboy about about 50 years old. By 50, it's cool but I'd rather see her nude in her 20s. & I feel the same about Ashanti, I wish she had done this much sooner. I'd take it but yah know, we missed the really peak years.
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  35. Mastermind2002

    Mastermind2002 Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    No she don't. Her 15 minutes been up. Nobody checkin for Ashanti's music anymore. She need to keep bustin out these bikinis to stay relevant.

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