Kodi is dead, allow me to introduce you to some new shit!!!

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    FUCKYOU Vampiro de loco***** BGOL Investor

    Kodi has been wack and painful to use for a while now.. I found terrarium tv and its the truth.. Simple and its a stand alone app.. Works with fire sticks, android phones and android devices.. Heres a video showing u how to get the ad free version.. Only thing is the ad version gets automatic version updates and the ad free doesn't so u will have to download newer versions yourself.. I will post instructions on the ad versions and ad free versions.. Happy streaming!

    Ad free

    With ads and automatic version updates
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  2. Soul Power7

    Soul Power7 Active Member BGOL Investor

    Thanks for info
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  3. roots69

    roots69 Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Thanks... Im going to add it to my firetv, along with stremio!!
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  4. DJ

    DJ BGOL Legend Certified Pussy Poster

    Kodi is dead LMAO !

    You just dumbfuck and computer illiterate.
  5. TimRock

    TimRock Still Standing BGOL Investor


    Need that Cord Cutters sub forum. Got a feeling we are gonna see a lot more threads about other options.

    IT IS WHAT IT IS Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

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  7. shaddyvillethug

    shaddyvillethug Youngest in charge BGOL Investor

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  8. theart0f69

    theart0f69 Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Me too!
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  9. mcguyver

    mcguyver Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Fuck kodi that shit been dead from the beginning........ Piece of shit.

    Thanks scammer
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    FUCKYOU Vampiro de loco***** BGOL Investor

    OK cool.. Try this and I bet u won't go back to kodi.. Enjoy!
  11. Database Error

    Database Error Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Wait til you discover mobdro or kokotime.
  12. sammyjax

    sammyjax Grand Puba of Science BGOL Gold Member

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  13. SKATTA

    SKATTA Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    had this before,deleted it...

    nothing special.
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    FUCKYOU Vampiro de loco***** BGOL Investor

    what version? Try the new version.. It has everything Kodi has plus faster and one click
  15. mcguyver

    mcguyver Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Tell us more
  16. Pworld297

    Pworld297 Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    I will check it out. Kodi is up and down at this point. Some days it's good, then other days not so much. I'm going back to downloading.
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  17. Ceenote

    Ceenote Thinkn with My 3rd Eye! BGOL Investor

    cool drop
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  18. Lexx Diamond

    Lexx Diamond Art Lover ❤️ Sex Addict®™ Staff Member

    I have Terrarium, Showbox and Kodi running sweet on a Zen Box. I have versions without ads. Stopped posting it when folks didn't seem interested.
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  19. roots69

    roots69 Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Spill da beans,,, dont leave us hanging like that!!
  20. KoolJay

    KoolJay Vidi Veni Vici BGOL Investor

    Imma check this out. Thanks Cat.
  21. Race Harley

    Race Harley Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

  22. Database Error

    Database Error Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

  23. DJ

    DJ BGOL Legend Certified Pussy Poster

    Mobdro is A +

  24. blkking1123

    blkking1123 Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

  25. robfmnola

    robfmnola Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Kodi is not dead. MY shit is still going strong. You just have to stay on those Kodi forums to see what to use. Covenant (Exodus) and Death Streams (SALTS) are running fine for me. UK Turks have all kind of good shit as well. Staying on the latest version of Kodi also is a big help. I'm not a big fan of Kodi like I used to be but I see a lot of peeps saying its down when all you have to do is stay on the latest shit. Lastly, I will say that Kodi and other streaming apps are coming to an end IMO. Something new will always pop up but them white folks losing a shit load of money and they fighting everything that they discover out there.
  26. stizz3000

    stizz3000 Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Damn yall google...LOL

    Mobdro is dumb old.
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  27. PDQ21

    PDQ21 Well-Known Member BGOL Gold Member

    Kodi been acting up alil something lately
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  28. Darth Furious

    Darth Furious Master BGOL Investor

    Just heard about this at work. There was a gay actor, running around hooking up folks firesticks with this instead of Kodi. He was charging 20 bucks. He said the same thing - Kodi is dead. Like blockbuster dead, I said oh shit. I didn't even know.

    Its not literal. They mean the time has passed. Time to move on. I remember when niggas said Kazaa was dead and folks rested the same way.

    Um... what? Please elaborate son! Wifey just updated the Kodi and so many streams are down all the time. Its time to step it up.

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  29. Duece

    Duece Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

  30. KunningLinguist

    KunningLinguist Well-Known Member Registered

    kodi isnt dead....

    exodus is...and those shytty laggy builds are dead.....

    use covenant.....

    and year terrarium tv is a great alternative....use mobdro for live tv.....

    you're welcome
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  31. HotNixon36

    HotNixon36 Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    TeaTV is cool too :beer:

  32. Mylansky

    Mylansky Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Kodi ain't dead it just shit just shuffling around and new addons are replacing old or outdated addons and people don't know these things or what to install currently cause they don't keep up with what's going on. People install some shit once and expect it to work forever.
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  33. Database Error

    Database Error Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    That's what happens when people just buy those sticks preloaded and dont know how to update their joints.
  34. theoriginalgreatone

    theoriginalgreatone Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

  35. Man_Of_STeeL

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