Keke Palmer or Yovanna Ventura?

Based On Looks

  • Keke

  • Yovanna

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Bad Andy

No time for a 304
BGOL Investor
I cant get the image of Keke as a kid outta my head. She will always look like a kid to me.


Cookie Monster Cookie Jar
BGOL Investor
The second chick Yovanna is sexy but she aint got the appeal of the first chick Keke


The Big Cat
BGOL Investor
Second chick's body is ferocious and overall, objectively she looks better. But Keke cannot be separated from her reputation. Girl has her own chapter in the Book of Freaks.


Flawless One
BGOL Investor
Come on now Yovana is a instagram hoe she has one job and that is to go to the gym, get plastic surgery and look good.