Karl Malone: Kobe Has A 'Standing Offer' To 'Knuckle Up' With Me

Discussion in 'Blackgirl Online' started by g0nbad real bad, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. g0nbad real bad

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  2. 3rd__Optic

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    Karl Malone should check his logic. A MoFo who's mad at another man about his own wife makes no sense. If he did it. But we also know how Kobe shitted on Shaq about chics too.
  3. DaddyDiesel

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    Damn Malone still like f dat dude, he really wanted Vanessa to ride shotgun with him across the country in his 18 wheeler.
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  4. Quek9

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    Fuck Malone. He sounds like a cooning ass idiot.
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  5. thundercat

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    Date: 1981-Present
    When Karl Malone was 17 years old he had twins, Daryl and Cheryl Ford. He didn't claim them until 1998 when the tabloid The Globe ran a story about a couple paternity lawsuits involving Malone back in his hometown of Summerfield, Louisiana. The other paternity suit involved Demetress Bell. Malone fathered Bell when he was a 20-year old college sophomore. Nothing wrong with that, right? Except for Bell's mother being 13 at the time. In both cases Malone fought tooth and nail to not have to pay child support—it didn't work.

    He has since maintained a relationship with the Ford twins and made it out to Cheryl's games once in awhile when she played in the WNBA. But he told Bell, who plays in the NFL for the Eagles, after he graduated high school that it was "too late" for him to be his father. Jackass swag on infinity.
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  6. Ill Paragraph

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    Something is definitely wrong with a negro who could play that many years in Utah.
  7. mozartte

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    Karl Malone will forever be a scumbag for having a baby with a 13 year old. This David Clarke wanna be should have been in prison.
  8. fame3000

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    Wtf, she was 13 and he was in college ?
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  9. Helico-pterFunk

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  10. Jeanyus

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    Smh... this nigga is taking much garbage
  11. 34real

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    One of the greatest pf,sf ever to play the game of basketball...no one ever said he was the great person,best father or some other shit and he'll admit he's no role model.

    Him and charles are cousins
  12. pollux

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  13. Slowhands

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  14. yeahman727

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  15. KingTaharqa

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    Greatest power forward of all time would whoop Kobe's ass like Shaq used to.
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  16. World B Free

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    Malone said this in 2015, maybe he's changed now...
  17. Non-StopJFK2TAB

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    Roy Moore said Karl was too young.
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  18. KA$H

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    He don' want no problems hollering at another man's wife?

    He's lucky it wasn't Stephen Jackson, Charles Oakley, Z-bo, or ome of them type of niggas. I wonder if Matt Barnes would've drove all that way to throw hands with Malone?
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  19. thismybgolname

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    Malone comes off as a bitch ass but I don't think dude a punk.

    Kobe don't want to see Karl.
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  20. doug777

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    So where was all this tough talk when Byrant confronted him? Malone apologized, said he didn't mean to offend anyone and later denied the incident with Bryant's wife even happened.
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    Z MONSTER Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    dude should of been a registered sex offender.
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  22. Last Dayz

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    You can tell that coon hunt with and hang around nothing but rednecks.
  23. Onpoint

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  24. Mt. Yukon

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    Because real shit... Nothing will make even the biggest wimp rise up and get ready to throw down like the level of disrespect that going after his wife brings. Karl, saw Kobe as a young punk and thought he could knock his wife... That's how people get fucked up, Even killed.
  25. Complex

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    Fuck that redneck
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  26. kain

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    Talk about some simple minded shit.
    Malone should kill himself.
  27. Maxxam

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    deadbeat, pedo ass coontry nigga
  28. Amajorfucup

    Amajorfucup Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    A deadbeat dad vs. a deadbeat son...

    Fuck em both.
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  29. Ming Fei Hong

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    This deadbeat child molesting coon should knuckle up with the trigger of a loaded .38 snub nose in his mouth... fuck outta here.
  30. Coldchi

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    muthafuckin pedophile
  31. Chitownheadbusa

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    Malone obviously taking care of himself. Almost mid 50s, but doesnt look too much different than he did when he was in his 30s. Whats shocking about that is the fact that your average NBA player ages rapidly now ah days.
  32. moblack

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    How you be 20 in college and be like I’m about to go smash this 13 year old? Dude is a sick fuck!
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  33. DEETZ181

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    And being a star athlete dude could have fucked any chick his age he wanted but chose a 13 year old girl and got her pregnant.:smh:

    If that's not bad enough he doesn't even acknowledge his son. Fuckin' pedo deadbeat.

    THE DRIZZY Ally of The Great Ancestors BGOL Investor

    I remember when Gary Payton spit roasted him during a Supersonics and Jazz game. Malone's feelings was genuinely hurt. :lol::lol::lol:
  35. playahaitian

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    ummm...yeah I did NOT know this.

    Explains when back in the day many many NBA journalists I happen to meet spoke very "oddly" about him

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