Joe Biden is now President Elect.


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I turned to OAN for a minute. :smh: :smh: :smh:

Anyone that watches that shit is gone. I mean straight propaganda with no facts or counterpoints.
Fam, apparently you never watched FOX on their clown shyt before Trump I guess went beyond outrageous for their level of propaganda machine with the election. Bruh, there would be a whole panel of so-called white smart muthafkers all on queue with any topic Trump make news with his bs like coronavirus ain't as deadly as the common flu and shyt like that... bottom line, white folks with power and money ain't shyt b and those white muthafkers without power and money, is dumb as rocks and can be manipulated like a rat to cheese.


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Slutty Vegan is the shit. You don't have to be a Vegan to hit that spot. It's very popular place.
Something don't sit right with me as a brand like this has gotten so much national publicity and has 24k+, 5 star avg reviews... Better than national fast food brands like shake shack and five guys in major markets combined and only has a couple of locations... I hope they (black female and her support) are building up their business network connections to franchise out and get that real money. No doubt if she was a white girl she'd have restaurant investors knocking down the door.


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I really think he is gonna sabotage the race in GA. Those who delusionally think he
cares about the GOP will learn a lesson. He is a narcissist; he lost, and the only way
he can really "feed" is if others lose "even more" so that he can continue feeling
that he is better since other lost worse than he did. I said this before. Watch this
space in the next one month. Watch on December 14 when electoral college meets
and votes.


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When you vote 50% Democrat and 50% Republican, you cancel your own clout.
Texas should have gone Blue, but Hispanics incredibly voted for Trump at almost
a 50% rate; that for a man who called them 'drug dealers' and 'rapists' and locked
their kids in cages, and made them sleep on concrete floors with aluminium paper for

As for Julian Castro, he did not endear himself to Biden when he repeatedly disparaged
Joe's age in the primaries. There are other Hispanics who could have been called to the
stage at the DNC, if need be.

As for AOC, she is an impulsive crank who needs to be kept on a leash until she starts
to understand how politics is played. She and her ilk, who recklessly promoted the
"Defund the police" bullshit, damaged the Democratic House and Senate prospects.

Biden has already done more for Hispanics than Trump did. He appointed a Hispanic
Secretary of Homeland Security, who will get rid of the inhumane treatment that Don
Covid subjected Hispanics to. For the Arizona that Hispanics delivered in the general
elections, that is more than enough of a return on their voting investment. Truth be told,
it was good to have, but the Biden only needed WI, MI, MN and PA to win- and African
Americans took care of that.

Hispanics set the value of their votes by giving 50% them to Trump. Fair market value means
that they really should not expect any more from Biden than they got from Trump.
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