How should the College Football Playoff be expanded in the future?


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Just expand it to 8 teams. That top 4 is bullshit.

If the season ended today teams like Penn State, Georgia and Oregon would be left out. There's no way they don't deserve a shot in the tournament.


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You have to be fair to other schools. It is really fucked up to kids that attend other schools who have no shot at playing for a title despite having a great season record.

Two spots should go to non power 5 schools


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No need. This seems like some pac 12 big 12 propaganda. Just because you conference champ of a shitty league you shouldn't be automatic. Last couple years the pac 12 champ wasn't even in the top ten. So they should be automatic over teams rank higher. Gtfohwtbs


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FCS has been doing it with at least 8 teams since 1981 and 24 teams since 2013. Haven't heard anyone complain about it. The issue is the Bowl games, these stadium owners want their money from the Rock City Bowl. I think 24 teams is a bit much but they don't have the amount of bowl games the FBS has. And I hate the Power 5 conference talk. If you are so good then the Power 5 Conferences in the FBS should never play a team in the FCS. I know the small school gets money but its a wasted game. Every 3 years if you cant build a 4 win team like the Dukes, Vanderbilt or Wyoming then you drop down to the FCS and the champion of the FCS moves up to your FBS conference.

Fair scheduing needs to be changed. Alabama having a bye or FCS game before a ranked game needs to change thats BS.


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The expansion to a 12 game season, then a conference championship; then 2 playoff games; dudes playing 1 less game than the pros while trying to be students. It’s ridiculous. They finally got it right to where a true champ is crowned; leave well enough alone imo.


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Do away with the conference championship game. Make that week 1st round of playoffs. 1 and 2 seed get a bye. 3 vs 8, 4 vs 7, 5 vs 6. Thatll pretty much give representation to power 5, mid major and indy conf and still keep the national championship game in early january. Let every conference host one playoff game so they keep the revenue from what would have been their conference championship game

g0nbad real bad

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All and only conference champions play in the playoffs. Use rankings and record for seeding.

If a D1 school doesn't have access to tournament or the championship then reclassify them.