House Music Legend Now High School Principal...

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    Byron A. Stingily not only has a wealth of experience in education but he has struck gold in the music industry as well.

    Mr. Stingily is the new Principal of Lincoln Elementary and Junior High Schools in Dolton. The Dolton West School District 148 Board of Education approved his hiring at its July 24, 2018 meeting.

    Mr. Stingily began his new administrative position on July 31, 2018. He fills the vacancy created by the departure of former Principal Dr. Donald Parker.

    “I have already met staff and community members and I am excited about this opportunity to work in District 148. Everybody is very positive and very professional. The District has everything in place to have a very successful school year,” Mr. Stingily said.

    He was selected from a field of more than 30 applicants. He emerged as the District’s choice following an extensive interview process, according to Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kevin J. Nohelty.

    “Mr. Stingily brings impressive credentials to our District. His knowledge and understanding of the instructional and learning process will serve Lincoln Avenue School and the school community very well. His remarkable talents and accomplishments in the recording industry also struck a chord with us. We know the students and staff members are going to love and respect him,” Dr. Nohelty said.

    A 17-year veteran in the education arena, Mr. Stingily also is a renowned Rhythm and Blues and house-music singer and songwriter. He is the former lead singer of the group, Ten City, whose albums have ranked gold in sales. Known for his falsetto voice, Mr. Stingily has achieved Grammy Award nominee status. As a solo artist, three of his records reached the top spot on U.S. Billboard charts.

    He is the former Principal/Regional Director of Alternative Schools of McHenry County. Before that, he spent eight years as Principal of the Banner Academy High Schools in Chicago.

    He is the father of seven children. The family includes son, Byron, who retired from the NFL after playing football for the Tennessee Titans; daughter, Diamond, who has been recognized as one of the leading contemporary artists in the world; and son, Cameron, who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Two other children currently attend college and two are elementary school students.

    His wife, Regina, is a Spanish/Language Arts Teacher in Country Club Hills.

    Mr. Stingily has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Dominican University. He also received his endorsement as an educator in multiple subjects from Governors State University. He has a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Concordia University and is pursuing his Doctorate degree at Concordia University.

    We welcome Mr. Stingily to the District 148 family!
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  2. Mr. Met So Amazin BGOL Investor


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    Definitely remember these cuts, but damn they sound so similar to each other now.
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    SIDESHOW Uncle Juice BGOL Investor

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    "Superficial People" was my shit!
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    damn!! i thought he was gay and died of aids. but he's straight, has seven kids and making a positive difference in the world! i feel stupid!
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    Same here.
    Great to see the brother have great success and continue with his children as well.
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    They sound
    Y'all confusing him with Sylvester... I guess maybe because they had similar falsetto singing style.
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    naw!! this guy. they only came out with a couple of albums and then they disappeared! that's what i thought happened. i didn't know they moved on with their lives.
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    Thanks for the post man. His music played in clubs I went to. Those were some great times of partying in NYC for me and my friends.

    HIPAA-BIZ Support BGOL Registered

    Oh shit, this the dude from Ten City? Yeah his music was in heavy rotation in the NYC clubs in the late 80s. Bumped it hard at the crib too, until they seemingly disappeared.

    R.I.P. to my uncle, who put me on to Ten City, and much of the music i enjoy today. Rolled heavy with dude to the clubs and strip joints back in the day lol..
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    Good shit! Congrats to the brother:yes:. I know the House music headz living in the south burbs of the Chi are going to send their children and grandchildren to his school. Their music program is going to be off the charts:yes:.
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    Good to see that brother find a new path and doing well. Congrats to him.
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  17. Simply_Black

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    Yes, the music program will be exceptional. :cool:
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  18. BDR

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    Oh shit I remember them cats... yo they had a heavy influence on the U.K. sound..

    Ya man Stringer Bell dj’ing in Glastonbury on the Ten City influence

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  19. Simply_Black

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    That's a good set... Nice mix. :cool:
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    What!!!!!!! L have so many of his tracks, didn't know he was in education. He has so many hits, he should be making so much between streams and tours that he should have millions....I never understood why House wasn't embraced more.
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  22. Tha Baldavenger

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    What!!!!!!! L have so many of his tracks, didn't know he was in education. He has so many hits, he should be making so much between streams and tours that he should have millions....I never understood why House wasn't embraced more by most blacks.

    Legends in this genre should be able to live very comfortably off their music. Although he may just be doing this to give back, plus Principals do very well.
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    Nah, I think most people old enough to remember Ten City also remembers that Sylvester was from more 70's into the early 80's and was like, no doubt gay and extremely out. Stingly....yeah I kinda just assumed he was gay from his vocals....shit may still be, cause it's not like you can't have a bunch of kids....but still it surprised me to hear....and congrats to dude for doing his thing when music was over

  24. Da Don

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    this is all that was bumped in college in the early 90's, that EU, house music and soul 2 soul....
  25. Tha Baldavenger

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    I thought that too, but he is married, and one of his kids plays for the Giants
  26. The Untouchable GDFOLKS

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    I'm from the headquarters of House music and it's always been known that House music is exclusively for FAGS.
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  27. Tha Baldavenger

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    That is certainly not true. Been in the house scene for over 30 years, and though there are a large gay demographics...that is a stereotypical depiction
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  28. Helico-pterFunk

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  29. Dr. Truth

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    LOL. Yeah every time I’d be in New York i’d clown my fam for playing that shit. Niggas were playing Kid Ya like some faggits.

    THE DRIZZY Ally of The Great Ancestors BGOL Investor

    There was some positive energy in the genre itself however the house party scene in Chicago was infiltrated with weirdos. They would have their own corner of the party to themselves. Mofos knew not to walk in that direction when moving around the party. I only went because I loved the old school disco and philly sound records more than house tracks themselves. Then there was fine ass sistas from all over the metro area sweating and dancing their ass off and not being shy to dance hard, those were great times in Chicago for black party goers:yes:. I did not care for the techno house records so much and the weird dudes it attracted.
  31. smoovejazz

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    Still play Ten City from time to time. Great party/club music. Props to Mr. Stingly.

    While house originated in the Black and Latino gay clubs in Chicago, it's loved by many people - straight and gay - around the world. To me, the music was (and still is) great music to enjoy, even if you couldn't dance. I can appreciate the creativity of the producers and DJs. Everybody's having a good time when house is being played, whether it's at a club, a party, or a cookout.
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  32. chitownsfinest

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    This may be the dumbest shit I've ever read on BGOL.

    It's actually Chicago, house music was mainstream as fuck. Shit white people I went to high school with fucked with house back in the day.
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    I have never heard these songs in my life.o_O
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    Holy shit, music is really a time machine. That devotion track came on and it took me back.
  35. YoungSinister

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    i thought the same about the cat from Cameo lol
  36. jack walsh13

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    Yup. :roflmao2::roflmao2::roflmao2::roflmao2::roflmao2:


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