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Daredevil and The Defenders won't be heading to Disney+ any time soon (if ever)


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Disney and Netflix have had a fractured relationship ever since the mouse people announced that they were ending Netflix’s sweet exclusivity deal to launch a streaming platform of their own, and the split has never been more obvious than with the gradual gutting of the once high-profile Marvel shows. Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Daredevilhave all been unexpectedly canceled in the last few months, but there’s somehow even more bad news now for fans of Marvel’s street-level heroes—at least for anyone hoping that the Disney+ streaming service would swoop in and save The Defenders.

As reported by Variety, the original deal between Netflix and Marvel Studios that spawned Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage included a clause that specifically prevented the characters from “appearing in any non-Netflix series or film for at least two years after cancellation.” Considering that they all just got canceled this year (except Jessica Jones, which is almost certainly living on borrowed time), that means Disney+ wouldn’t be able to pick up these characters until 2020 at least. That’s assuming it has any intention of ever picking up these characters, which is no guarantee, the end of the show could be the end of any live-action Daredevil for the foreseeable future.

The original deal was also separate from Netflix’s deal for the Punisher series, which means it might be operating under different rules. Either way, that show hasn’t been canceled yet and is set to return for a second season next year, so there’s no need to worry about its future at this point. Also, both Netflix and Disney declined to give Variety a comment on this report, so it’s possible these deals could change or be modified in some way in the future, but don’t hold out hope for Disney+ to pull a Netflix (ironic!) and save these shows from cancellation.



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That mouse got some deep pockets.

If they wanna do it then they'll do it and pay whatever fines associated with it.


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ooooooohhhhhhh so THATS why... they dumped luke cage... a dude was tellin me how much he enjoyed season two.. but the ending kind of fizzled..

I bet thats about the time they found out.. their days were numbered at netflix...

this could be a good thing... we could see netflix develop their own "black" super hero...

I just hope they use a "black" team..and not a bunch of hollywood weirdos..


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billionaires being petty with billionaires n who suffers...the fans of the show...

fuck them both ....:curse:


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If Apple Purchases Sony, Marvel Might Get Spider-Man Back

Variety has gotten out their crystal ball this week and made some predictions for what’s going to happen in Hollywood in 2019. There are some interesting ones on the list, too, ranging from the likely (Robert Downey Jr. hangs up his Iron Man suit) to the more outlandish (broadcast TV ditches traditional commercials). But there’s one on there that, if it were to happen, would seriously shake up the world of cinema and superhero movies in particular: Apple purchasing Sony Pictures.

Variety claim that Apple’s eager to catch up with Netflix and Amazon’s success in the streaming market, and they think that buying Sony Pictures is the best way for them to get into the industry quickly. They even say that the considerable price of buying the studio would be “a rounding error” for a company worth $1 trillion (I’m not sure that’s how it works guys, but whatever).

This would give Apple control of some juicy IP not controlled by Disney (which will only increase when the Fox merger goes through), including Jumanji, Men in Black, Breaking Badand, theoretically at least, Spider-Man. Although, some new evidence seems to point to that last one being in question.

A Tweet has revealed that there’s a clause in a contract relating to the Spider-Man IP which says if Sony were to be sold, the rights would revert back to Marvel. However, then there’s the matter of production and distribution rights, which are entirely separate things. We could end up in a situation where the production rights to Spidey end up back at Marvel, but they still have to put out any solo movies under the ‘Apple Movies’ banner.

Basically, nobody knows what the hell would happen right now. It should be said that Apple are so rich and powerful though that if they were so minded, they could probably buy Disney itself (though this would be one of the most complicated business deals of all-time). Even so, they’re still a new force in the world of film and television and if they do end up purchasing Sony, it’ll be fascinating to see where Spider-Man ends up once all is said and done.


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