Danielle Watts ( Black chick on Weeds )

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Nice looking chick. Is she part Asian?

I believe she's in Django too.

BTW, is it me or have you seen more and more interracial love with no rhyme or reason on TV?



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to me she is attractive, but yeah Black women and white men, is the new play in Hollywood

I stopped fucking with weeds many seasons ago though, so I wouldn't have even known she was on the show

how did they write this shit in?

what does that say about Black men? or does art not represent reality at all?


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if memory serves, she was that bedwench who was mistaken for a prostitute, a few years back when she and her white hubby were 'kissing while black' in public. the cops arrived and demanded her i.d. she said no so they arrested her, and her whyte husband didn't do shit to help defend or explain the situation. she tried to turn it into a big profiling thing, sparking a lot of black feminist chatter on the net about stuff like 'black women not being protected' etc, but then tmz released footage of them fucking in a car in broad daylight.

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She rather be a white mans whore than elevate her standards and be a Black mans Queen.