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Damn you can tell the Migos not trending no more #rollingloud


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They were definitely ramping things up, but with Dolph being murdered, Sheisty going to jail, CMG only having Moneybagg as real talent, and even Duke Deuce buzz has calmed down lately... Memphis might miss their time to shine...
definitely a set back


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They had a good run their time is up.
Lil baby & city girls are now the face of QC.
Drill is the new wave and the migos sound has expired. Happens to the best of em.
its amazing how you can tell the difference between shit

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Migos had a strangle hold on the game a couple years back but they dropped the ball by letting everyone steal their style (that they stole, RIP Scarecrow) and then sitting back not dropping fresh shit. I hope they saved some paper and or got investments.


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Na, its a more gritty sound now.
so trap is something you play in the house when your 220 pound girlfriend has got back from walmart using food stamps with supplies to cook a batch in her bra and panties while you make $200 for the week to stay in the projects


drill is something you play while riding in a car to search for other black people to kill because they went on the same block you don't own, but rent ,but think is yours.

did i get that right?


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Bro you must be young cause NYC been voguing since the 80s and 90s.
So check on youtube Jody Watley and Rakim "Friends" video they was Voguing in that.
So check on youtube Heavy D videos there is voguing and dancing.

This is before Madonna did the song called "Vogue".


These mfkrs "vogue'n" and doing trans dances now?!

Aye mayne, if that's what NY is on now, they need to bury that shit in the Hudson.

Knock off Chi-town Drill beats and shitty lyrics
Over 100,000 Movies ❤ 420,00 Scenes with Previews ❤ Try it for $2.99