cum queen ..can we jus give her the

jack walsh13

Jack Walsh 13
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had to look it up ...

site was launched in 1998 ...( dam 22 yrs...).....says the bitch is worth 5 Mill...:eek2: .... :hmm:

she was born May 1965...she`ll b 55 this yr...flat booty cac look good for 55 we all know they age like shit...




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Whatever happened to the that Heather Deep Throat chick?

lol...yup ....she would b in the cac wing of the hall of fame.....

think her site was ideepthroat ...

some of her vids prolly still on pornhub or xvideos...:yes:

NightMare Paint

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you sure about that you fucking fag? That affair you been having with your éx boyfriend says otherwise.
Tony why you always got gay shit on your mind? Listen, a lot of members will be spending more time on the board due to the pandemic and don't nobody wanna read your pickle poetry all year long. Please give us a break from your faggotry during this difficult time for our country. Thank you.


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I can't believe her husband let her get pounded out by a bruh on camera.

mostly cac shit bruh...dont try to understand it ... :giggle:

shit she prolly let him fuck strange pussy too they probably just dont film it ...

she getting DP`ed nex ... she already did an interracial 3-some ...:rolleyes:

Winslow Wong

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thst what i said

they must have flipped tht money way she worth 5 mill jus off swallowing nut...:lol:
I know onlyfans chicks pulling a Mil a year - Wifey has been at this forever and is white - they are filling her pockets with no middleman - yeah i can see 5 mill if not more - unless she and her husband have really bad habits