Coast Guard families told they can have garage sales to cope with government shutdown

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    When any elected official or judge are shot you better not put their file in storage. You should be interviewing witnesses and developing leads 10 years later. Not sympathizing with white supremacists elements.
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    If you are a european immigrant and voted for Trump, this is what you voted for.

    If you are a european immigrant and didn't vote for Trump, this is what you allowed.

    I have no sympathy.

    If you a person of color immigrant and voted for Trump, this is what happens when you trust a white, male, american businessman. My heart goes oit to you on the programming, but you get what you got.

    If you a person of color immigrant and didnt vote for Trump, analyze these other three groups to continue to know what not to do and make bread off the other 3 groups.

    You see they are gullible.
    The PERFECT time to go in business forbyourself with a strategy in place.

    Hell, your commander in cheif is basically subsidizing the success of your business!:eek:

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    Right on!! Those folks are beyond gullible!!! A large percentage of the people have become so adjusted into believing the lie, they wont stand up and all they do now is shut up!! Were in some strange days, my bruh!!
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    @g0nbad real bad

    Do you have a link? I want to send this article to somebody.
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    If the politicians are still getting paid, this is the foulest shit ever. :smh:
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    Yall done let roots come up to the podium in this mf lol

    Im out

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