CES 2019 What to expect ( Consumer Electronics Show )

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    CES 2019 Preview: What to expect
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    Best of CES 2018: Where are they now?
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    Thanks for the post
    I'll be there next week
    I haven't been as prepared as I was in the past and needed this
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    Wish they had a CES for New York.
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    The tech MKBHD is bringing to CES 2019
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    Samsung’s 75-inch MicroLED 4K TV is a huge step into the future

    Picture quality that rivals or beats OLED without any of the downsides


    After launching an enormous MicroLED TV called The Wall at last year’s CES, Samsung has returned in 2019 with a smaller, 75-inch 4K TV that’s a far more practical fit for the living room. It uses the same MicroLED foundation as The Wall, combining “individual tiles of self-emissive MicroLEDs, featuring millions of inorganic red, green and blue microscopic LED chips that emit their own bright light to produce brilliant colors on screen.” There’s no backlight required, so MicroLED displays can be incredibly thin.

    But the bigger appeal of MicroLED is picture quality that should rival or beat OLED without any of the pitfalls of using an organic compound; that’s what the O in OLED stands for, after all. In theory, MicroLED should deliver perfect blacks (all of the microscopic LEDs can be turned off individually), best-in-class brightness, and an incredibly wide HDR color palette — without burn-in and hopefully with a significantly longer lifespan than OLED panels, since there’s no natural degradation to worry about.


    Samsung isn’t yet sharing specific release details or pricing for the 75-inch MicroLED TV, but it’s certainly not going to come cheap. MicroLED displays are incredibly challenging to produce at scale, with each of the RGB sub-pixels having to be carefully placed — with a very tight measure of space (or “pitch”) between them. If one of them is bad, the whole display — or in this case a TV — is a bust.

    But Samsung strongly believes MicroLED can be the display that’s customized to your life — even if it’s really the only company going for it right now. (Others including Apple have been rumored to be researching the technology.) Its modular nature — you can see the seams of each tile if you stand very close — allows for any size or aspect ratio. There are two pieces to each MicroLED “module.” The first is the back plate, which has hooks that extend with the twist of a dial to so it can easily attach to other wall modules. It’s like Lego but for home theater. Samsung says the size of these modules might ultimately change as MicroLED makes its way to consumers. These are prototypes / early samples.


    So far we’ve seen Samsung show last year’s original Wall, this 75-inch 4K TV, and also a new, even more monstrous 219-inch version of The Wall to showcase its sheer expandability.

    Pricing and consumer availability for the 75-inch set are still unknown; at CES 2018, Samsung predicted it would be two or three years before a consumer MicroLED would be viable, but the company is likely trying to push that timeline forward as fast as it can.

    There have been many “classic” TVs revered for their image quality like the Pioneer Kuro, Panasonic plasmas, and LG OLEDs. Samsung makes some excellent QLED LCD TVs — with a new lineup this year — but it’s clearly aiming for the next big thing and hoping it can get there before anyone else.

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    The crazy shit is fifty years from now

    kniggas grand children gonna b

    turning on the hologram live motion viewer

    with a thought..

    Laughing at the fact

    we had to hang TVs on the wall..
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    You guys remember 3d tvs? :lol: I'm expecting more drones and Internet of things home locks and cameras.
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    The LG rollable display is now a real 65-inch TV
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    LG shows off 88-inch 8K OLED monster TV at CES 2019
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    Nvidia's CES 2019 press conference reveals RTX 2060 pricing, release date

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    tesla styled android screens for vehicles.

    every vehicle that has the shape to accomodate one has one for it now.


    i can't keep these in stock, especially for the escalades and benzes
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    Ring Smart Lighting: Smart Security Has Come to Light
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    We thought cars would be flying by now like on the jetsons too
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    Ring’s latest smart doorbell installs on your door’s peephole and detects knocks


    Unlike its parent company Amazon, Ring is going really big with public announcements at this year’s CES. The company is introducing 13 new products today, including a new doorbell, smart lights, smoke sensors, and more. It’s so many devices that it can be hard to keep track of them all, but the theme is that Ring is rounding out its ecosystem with products many of its users have been asking and waiting for. Most are refreshes of what we’ve seen before, but some add new integrations that simply make the Ring ecosystem a lot more connected.

    The standout product from the bunch is the Ring Door View Cam, which keeps the same price point as its predecessors but adds a few more features. The best part about it is that it can be installed directly on your front door. It installs and replaces your peephole, and it can sense when people are knocking on your door.

    Like the Ring Video Doorbell 2, the Door View Cam doesn’t require wiring, and it has a rechargeable battery. You just remove the current peephole on either side of the door and install the camera with no additional drilling or modifications needed. It still keeps a peephole, so you can keep looking through directly, in addition to using the camera.

    In theory, it could be an option for apartment dwellers, especially since there’s also the option to add privacy zones, digitally blacking out certain areas in front of the doorbell to respect neighbors’ privacy in tight hallways. You can switch off audio recording.

    The Cam records and streams 1080p HD video to the Ring app, although you’ll still need a Ring video recording plan to access recorded videos and other premium features. Even if no one presses the doorbell button and is simply knocking on your door, Ring has included an impact sensor that detects the knock and notifies you.

    The Door View Cam also has a smart alerts feature, which optimizes the alerts that the Ring app sends out. Smart alerts let users reduce the number of motion alerts they receive either by lowering the sensitivity of the motion detection and / or manually ignoring motion events they don’t want to see. The feature also apparently decreases the number of false alerts users receive and incorporates a smart alert algorithm that stops the camera from recording repetitive motions that are “unimportant,” such as kids playing in the yard.

    Notably, every Ring doorbell and camera is getting smart alerts in 2019, but you’ll likely need to pay for the premium subscription plan to obtain this feature.

    The Ring Door View Cam also supports Alexa so you can ask the smart assistant to show your front door and get alerts on when motion is detected. The Door View Cam costs $199 and is coming to the US later this year, according to Ring, while a European release is also said to be coming later this year.

    Smart lighting
    Last year at CES, Ring announced that it had acquired a wireless LED lights company and was expanding further into smart lighting. This year, it’s only increasing its portfolio with eight more lighting products and accessories that were first spotted in FCC filings last week.

    There’s a wired Ring Floodlight that costs $69.99, which is a motion-activated smart light that requires an existing electrical box. It’s pretty bright at 2000 lumens, which is 200 more than the first-generation floodlight. Ring also made a battery-powered, wire-free version of this floodlight that’s $20 less and only 600 lumens called the Ring Floodlight Battery.

    There’s also a new Ring Transformer, which costs $99.99 and adds smart features to older landscape lights, such as the ability to turn on the lights through the app and tweak brightness settings and patterns.


    Ring has also made several battery-powered lighting options, in case you don’t have wiring for the lights. There’s a spotlight, a path light, and a step light that are all relatively affordable and designed to illuminate different parts of the home, including walkways, stairs, and above a garage. Finally, there’s a Ring Motion Sensor, just in case you want more coverage around your house. It activates smart lighting and video streaming whenever motion is detected.

    Ring Smart Lighting is currently available for preorder on its website and Amazon, and it will ship on March 6th, according to Ring. After that, the products should be available at other major retailers and should arrive outside the US in a few countries later in the year. Ring also says it’s looking at solar-powered options for future smart lighting.

    Smoke detectors
    Ring is updating its home security offerings as well. There’s a sensor called the Smoke & CO Listener ($35) or First Alert Z-Wave Smoke / CO Alarm ($40) both of which detect smoke and rising carbon dioxide levels and can alert you through the Ring app. A Flood & Freeze Sensor ($35) can be placed near a source of water, and it will notify you if it detects water, indicating flooding, or if the water temperatures are freezing, which is something we’ve seen from Ring before. Finally, there’s the Dome Siren that will ring and flash lights to alert you of burglary or other security issues while you’re home.

    Amazon also announced that the Ring app can now control select Kwikset, Schlage, and Yale smart locks, which moves the dial along incrementally in terms of integrations. A Ring and August integration will supposedly come last this year so that customers can control the August Smart Lock Pro through the Ring app.


    At the same time, the Ring Alarm, doorbells, and cameras can now communicate with each other, like an alarm sounding could trigger the cameras to record a security breach. Previously, the cameras would have had to be turned on manually or triggered by motion detection. All the security accessories are available for purchase today.

    Ring’s 13 products indicate that the brand is taking notes from its parent company Amazon, which debuted over 11 items during a hardware event in September. Both Ring and Amazon seem to be prioritizing large, sprawling events over one or two flagship announcements. And like Amazon, Ring’s smart home products tend to more affordable than some competitors, although its doorbell still ends up in the high range at $199.

    Overall, out of Ring’s expansive product announcement list, the doorbell stands apart as a device that reimagines an old existing part of your door — the peephole — and provides new functionality that could come in handy.

    Correction, January 7th, 3:45PM ET: Ring’s features that digitally black out certain areas and switch off audio recordings are new. We regret the error.

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    Skeptical about this.. Ring's battery powered devices don't work nearly as well as their wired ones for detecting motion. Having said that, this is a good move on their part to capture the renters market.

    Personally I like the new battery-powered floodlight. I'll be getting one for my backyard to add to the wired one I've had over my driveway for almost a couple years now.
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    That battery gonna last 3 weeks tops lol. I have a few tenants that already have the ring 2 on their doors. Just sent one of them that video. And I got two of those Spot light cam battery flood lights, great product.

    Wish they would've sold the smoke detectors separately (with out the security system) before i bought another nest smoke detector.
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    They have the Z-Wave Smoke Detector. It's compatible with the Ring Alarm but is a standalone device


    The smoke alarm they announced today just listens for sound from your existing smoke detectors. How useful would that be without the security system?
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    LG press conference at CES 2019 in 8 minutes
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    Home theater projectors have already taken us halfway there
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    if we werent such a corporate militant state Im sure a lot of technology wouldve been released by the the pentagon now but they hold on to shit for a minute...

    too much brain power wasted on shit like blowing shit up and spreading diseases.. aka biological war fare...

    it wasnt untill recently a car manufacturer said there will be flying cars...

    before it becomes available commercially...

    tallblack nyc just posted some shit on how technology is suppressed..

    I didnt feel like being pissed off so I aint peep it yet..
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    Vizio 4K TV Lineup - Hands On at CES 2019
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    Vizio Soundbar Lineup - Hands On at CES 2019
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    Alienware Area-51m: an exclusive look inside
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    The USB-C portable monitor you can take anywhere
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    HTC Vive Pro Eye hands-on: first VR headset with eye tracking
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    We want this absurd smart desk with a built-in PC
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    CES 2019: The future of TV screens from LG Display

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