Cardi B interviews Bernie Sanders: "How Do You Do, Fellow Kids? Okurrr?"


Beep beep. Who's got the keys to the Jeep? VROOM!
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Cardi B interviews Bernie Sanders about police brutality and tuition-free college to help her followers to 'get more educated' on the 2020 election
  • Bernie Sanders rolled out a video with his first celebrity endorser of his 2020 presidential campaign, Cardi B, after meeting the rapper in Detroit
  • They taped an interview at The TEN Nail bar while he was in town for a debate
  • Singer interviews Sanders about police brutality, racism, health care and education in the 11-minute tutorial on the presidential candidate's campaign
  • She concludes the video with a pitch to her millions of social media followers: 'Let's just get more educated'
  • 'Please let's put our focus on this term's elections, because I don't think people realize how serious it is,' she says



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I really want to hear what she saying but I can’t take my eye off her tits! She did that shit on purpose!


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These Democrats are making complete fools of themselves.
not really, democratic voters vote democratic. Republican voters vote republican.

those are not votes that usually swing.

the focus is on those who have voted before or won't vote for the same old shit.

that is who they are targetting.

Those are the ones Hillary couldn't get and Biden won't get.

It wasn't enough to run a campaign of I am not CHump in 2016 and it won't be enough in 2020

deputy dawg

~wait a cotton pickin' minute...
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remember when all the repubs were running to kiss trump's ring in 2008 & 2012?
look for Cardi to run in2024?

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That was a Masonic handshake they did in the beginning of the video. But fuck Bernie the bigot Sanders. He’s an undercover racist. He talk that same old universal policy shit but he’s against reparations. Bitch I don’t want to hear shit. Cut the check or Trump will stay in and more Republicans will follow. Bernie Sanders is Archie Bunker. He against reparations but for it when it comes to Jewish people.


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That wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be. Just made Bernie more relatable. Clever tactic that hit it's Mark


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I liked it...Cardi asked her followers which questions to ask and she asked them...whatever one thinks about Cardi B, she has a lot of fans and a lot of new voters among them...why not sit down with her?...current President said "grab em by the pussy" so aint nothing wrong with sitting down with Cardi

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Only in Black society do they get entertainers and musicians (not even the so called woke ones btw) to be the whisperers for us.

Has he done an interview with Taylor Swift yet?
How about Pitbull?

This ain't it.