Canadians...“F–k you Trump.

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    Canadians boycott US products, cancel vacations to America
    Blame America.

    Canadians have taken to practicing pocketbook diplomacy in defense of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is caught in a trade war of words with President Trump, by boycotting American goods and canceling vacations to the United States, according to a report.

    Shoppers are shunning Kentucky bourbon, California wine and Florida oranges, and avoiding American companies like Starbucks, Walmart and McDonald’s, Canadian network CTV News reported on Wednesday.

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    On Twitter, hashtags like #BuyCanadian, #BoycottUSProducts and #BoycottUSA are spreading as outrage over Trump’s trade tariffs grows.

    An Ottawa man posted a “Trump-free grocery cart”full of products from Canada or from “countries with strong leadership.”

    Vacationers said they would be staying up north this summer instead of booking trips to the US.

    “F–k you Trump. We just booked a $3,000 vacation to beautiful British Columbia. Happy anniversary to us. #Canadastrong #BuyCanadian #F***Tariffs,” tweeted Supreme Leader Lyna.

    And one Twitter user called on “Patriotic Americans” to schedule vacations in Canada and increase their purchases of Canadian goods.

    Trudeau acknowledged the support of individual Canadians during an event at Parliament earlier this week.

    “There’s a bit of a patriotic boost going on these past few days,” he said.

    Trump and Trudeau are locked in a tiff over tariffs after the president last week said he would impose penalties on steel and aluminum imports.

    The squabble escalated over the weekend at the G7 meeting of economic powers in Quebec when Trudeau said in a news conference that Canada would not be “pushed around” by the US and called the tariffs “insulting.”

    Trump heard the remarks as he flew in Air Force One to his summit in Singapore with North Korea’s Kim

    Jong Un and withdrew from a statement issued by the G7 on trade.

    He also blasted Trudeau in a tweet, calling him “very dishonest & weak.”

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