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Complete ON-PAGE SEO guide (2016)

Name Product: Complete ON-PAGE SEO guide (2016)
: 602 MB
: $50= Your Free
Sale Page
: _http://backlinko.com/on-page-seo


Correct on-page SEO easily and on your own so that you can quickly move on to off-page SEO & rank your website in Google

In this course I will walk you through the tools and tactics you need to have near perfect on-site SEO for your website.

If you are new to SEO or are struggling to get your website to rank well in Google search, you may be wondering what is the matter, and when you will finally begin to rank.

SEO is often made into something extremely complex, but the truth is that it is very simple. Your on-page SEO must target the right keywords in the correct fashion, and you must gain domain authority with you off-site SEO.

In this course you will learn how to do great on-page and on-site SEO. Once you master your on-page and on-site SEO, you will free up your time to begin working on your off-page domain authority building and getting your website to rank better.






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Jennifer Bailey – How To Create Your Own Website

Name Product: Jennifer Bailey – How To Create Your Own Website
: 1.2 GB
: $25= Your Free
: Jennifer Bailey


A step-by-step, easy to follow guide for building your own high quality eCommerce website (eShop Website).

If you’ve always wanted to build an E-commerce website for your business, this course is going to teach you exactly what you need to know from start to finish.
The Quick Start Website is a step-by-step video tutorial course to help you get your first WordPress website up and running.

Who Is This Course For?
If you’ve always wanted to get a E-commerce website for your business then this is going to be the course for you.
If you already have a WordPress website and you have some features which you would like to add, but you don’t know how to, then this course will help you – I am also happy to make extra tutorials for anything not covered in the course!
Beginners who want to get their off-line business on-line






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Mike Kelley – Real Estate and Architectural Photography

Name Product: Mike Kelley – Real Estate and Architectural Photography
: 1.72 GB
: $39= Your Free
: Mike Kelley


Photography is commonly used to sell, document, and advertise buildings, homes, and spaces – join Mike Kelley for an introduction to the fundamentals of real estate and architectural photography and how it can bolster your photography business.

This course will debunk common myths about architectural photography and share best practices for working with real estate agents, architects, interior designers, commercial clients, and editorial outlets. You’ll learn about the best approach to photographing any subject, whether you’re representing it realistically or embellishing its features. You’ll also explore lighting, staging, and infusing your unique style into your shots. Mike will also guide you step-by-step through the process of capturing an architectural image – from planning to shooting to editing to client delivery.

If you’re ready to gain a more sophisticated understanding of the architectural photography principles all the pros know, this is the course for you. Whether you want to learn more about breaking into this growing market, or add more advanced skills to you own photography, this is the course for you.






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FACT 2 – Fast Action Combatives Techniques

Name Product: FACT 2 – Fast Action Combatives Techniques
: 1.46 GB
: $44.99= Your Free


Police defensive tactics instructor and 20 year police veteran George Vranos teaches his hand to hand combat system in this amazing instructional video. Vranos, a boxing & grappling coach blends these two proven fighting styles into one of the most practical street fighting systems ever seen on video. Vranos says “Athletes makes the best street fighters, so let’s train like athletes.”






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Eduonix Learning Solutions, Eduonix-Tech _Learn To Build Apps Using Play Framework (2016)

Name Product: Eduonix Learning Solutions, Eduonix-Tech _Learn To Build Apps Using Play Framework (2016)
: 944 MB
: $20= Your Free
: Eduonix Learning Solutions, Eduonix-Tech

Simplify the tedious process of code writing – go from writing, compiling, deploying and then testing to simply writing and then testing. Sounds like too good to be true?! It’s definitely possible with the Play Framework. The Play Framework is a web application framework, written for Java and Scala that allows hot code reloading (write code in the editor and render directly in the browser). Any changes that are made to the code, are simultaneously modified directly in the browser. So, no more edits and recompilation for any of your codes.

In addition to hot code reloading, Play offers some significant advantages over other frameworks including being fully RESTful, has integrated unit testing, includes many Java APIs, all controller points are declared static, has asynchronous I/O and even has native Scala support.

With so much to offer, no wonder it is quickly rising the ranks as one of the best Java frameworks to work with. So, where can you get your hands on learning this amazing software? In this course, of course!

This Play Framework tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about the Play Framework. From basic fundamentals such as downloading the development environment to writing scripts to even creating design principles for a real application in the framework, this course has it all.

Learn all the benefits Play has to offer to your development needs including its full stack nature, utilize its many libraries and even take advantage of its seamless error handling process.

In this comprehensive course, you will learn everything about Play from start to finish, including starting with how to set up the play environment with activator, how to write play test using TypeSafe, how to set up backend and frontend configuration and components, persistence and database components, HTML5 configuration and components, security components, design principles for applications, support for modular applications, distributed real time application configuration and components and so much more.

So? Enroll now and let’s make coding as fun as playing.






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Stone River eLearning- Angular 2 Crash Course with TypeScript (2016)

Name Product: Stone River eLearning- Angular 2 Crash Course with TypeScript (2016)
: 1.92 GB
: $20= Your Free
: Stone River eLearning

Get in-depth knowledge of Angular 2 and TypeScript with this crash course for all skill levels.

There’s no way around it. If you want to gain a competitive edge in UI/UX design, web development, or anything to do with mobile and desktop web apps, then you need to know Angular JS. Better yet, you need to know Angular 2, the latest version. This Angular 2 crash course will refresh your memory and get you updated on the essentials of the latest version. And if you’re just getting started with Angular JS, don’t worry = this is the perfect introduction too.

Get Up to Speed with Angular 2

Understand Angular 2 and how it can help you as a developer
Code an Angular 2 project with an online IDE
Get to grips with Angular 2’s many powerful features
Improve your UI/UX design and development skills
Discover what’s new in the latest version of Angular
Upgrade your Programming Skills

With 71 lectures and 5 hours of content, this Angular 2 online course will give you a thorough understanding of how Angular 2 solutions are designed, administered, and developed. If you’re a web, mobile or service app developer, architect, UI designer, tester or administrator, or if you just want to know how to get Angular 2 projects up and running, then this is the course for you.

You don’t need any Angular 1 or UI experience to take this course, although if you’re familiar with creating web UIs with normal JavaScript tools (jQuery, Bootstrap, etc.), or object-oriented scripting languages like Java, C#, Python etc., you’ll already have a head start.

The course will begin with an introduction to TypeScript, the Cloud9 IDE and using Angular 2 modules. Then you’ll get stuck into Angular 2’s components, building a UI and binding your data. After that things get a little more challenging with a breakdown of advanced component concepts and component composition. From there you’ll jump into services, web services, and routing before setting up Angular 2 from scratch.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to set up and get going on your own Angular 2 projects quickly, easily, and efficiently.

About Angular JS

Angular is a development platform for building mobile and desktop web applications. It’s a structural framework that allows you to use HTML as your template language, and is JavaScript based. It has many high-power features like data binding and dependency injection that eliminates huge chunks of coding for the developer, making the process much more efficient and streamlined. It’s mostly maintained by Google and a wide network of users. Angular 2 is the latest version of the framework, first released in September 2014.






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Blogging to Freedom: Create My Independence with Blogging

Name Product: Blogging to Freedom: Create My Independence with Blogging
: 601 MB
: $497= Your Free
: Kraig Mathias


The cubiclepreneur’s step by step guide to blogging and building a blog as their foundation for an independent business.


In this course, I’ll be teaching you the exact methods that I used to create my blog, Create My Independence from nothing to over 1,100 subscribers and a half a million page views, enabling me to build relationships with hundreds of people and create an independent online business of my own.

What is my experience on the topic?
I’ve been blogging for over three years. I’m almost completely self taught (hundreds of hours of trial and error). I’ve exchanged hundreds of emails with my readers. I’ve written over 200 posts to date and have built relationships with hundreds of bloggers and influencers in my niche. From my blog, I’ve built my own independent online business from scratch (from $0 to over $40,000 in revenue).

Who is this course for?
The cubiclepreneur (entrepreneur at heart, but currently stuck in a day-job) who wants to build an online platform as the foundation for an eventual business venture that will bring them the freedom, options and independence they’re looking to create in their life.

What problems does this course for solve for cubiclepreneurs?
It saves you hundreds of hours of trial and error in creating your own online platform. It gives you the exact blueprint (and I mean EXACT) for choosing a topic and name, choosing a blog platform, setting up your site, customizing it, making it awesome and connecting with other like-minded people in your niche.

Who is this course NOT for?
The person looking to create a blog just to make a few bucks on the side, in the short term. Someone not willing to follow through and stick with this for the long haul.






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Todd Gross – AmazoX Program

Name Product: Todd Gross – AmazoX Program
: 309 MB
: $9.97= Your Free
: Todd Gross
Sale Page
: _http://getamazox.com


Stop Importing From Alibaba, Stop Arbitraging On Amazon And Learn How A $400k A Month Amazon Master Crushes It WITHOUT Ever Having To Buy Stock, Take Risks And Arbitrage!

Never Before Shared Amazon System Creates MASSIVE Windfalls Of Sales And Profits Without Ever Having To Import From China Or Take Massive Financial Risks!

Dear Entrepreneur,

We all know that Amazon is HUGE right now.

There are literally thousands of regular folk just you, making an absolute killing from home, by selling products on Amazon.

It’s an Amazing Lifestyle! Imagine…

Selling products from your home with no need to take care of annoying clients (leave that to Amazon)
Being able to make money without leaving your home EVER
Getting in front of hundreds of millions of ready to buy clients!

The bottom line is Amazon is a GOLDMINE!
Yet Almost Everyone FAILS With Amazon for 3 Major Reasons

Almost every single Amazon course out there demands you invest at least $3,000 in inventory to even test out your initial Amazon product you want to sell (who wants to take a gamble on $3000?)
Even if you are successful (unlikely using the old system), you then need to reinvest your success back into your business. The result, you aren’t likely to see any money in your pocket for 6 months plus! (Sound appealing?)

Worst if all, it’s all HIT AND MISS

Bottom line, you;d be more likely to score a home run in a casino in Vegas then following these antiquated strategies!
But, what if there was a way to do Amazon without spending a single dime and without having to take a single gamble?…
Welcome to AmazoX, the First “No Risk” Amazon System That Works Like Clock Work!

Never Before Shared Amazon System Creates MASSIVE Windfalls Of Sales And Profits Without Ever Having To Import From China Or Take Massive Financial Risks!

Learn how to find thousands of products sitting in FBA right now that you can sell and profit from with $0 Risk
Learn how anyone can start with $0 money and grow a huge Amazon business within 30 days
Learn how anyone can start from scratch and have a page 1 product in under 30 days flat
Learn how you can “Team Up” and profit from other peoples work on Amazon
Learn how underperforming Amazon products can become massive RECURRING monthly revenue streams
Learn how to go from 0 sales to 1000’s of sales quickly with no Amazon PPC or crazy Google and Facebook ads
Learn the secrets to launching any Amazon product and exploding sales while gaining quick rankings the simple way






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George Gill – Google Analytics Mastery

Name Product: George Gill – Google Analytics Mastery
: 3.39 GB
: $195= Your Free
: George Gill


Sky rocket marketing results through the power of data analysis and Google Analytics!
Now You Can Learn The Secrets of the World’s Most Successful Online Marketers!

Updated for 2015! If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it! ~ Peter Drucker

Track, measure, and improve that which is working in your business, and the bottlenecks minimizing success. Understanding where to look, what to look for, and what to do with what you see will change everything you do in your business…

Best part: You can check everything out for FREE if you choose!

If you’re looking for an “insider” shortcut guide to creating success online that will supercharge your business, your wealth, and give you your life back, then you’ve gotta read every word on this page.

Because what you’re about to learn will bring you whatever you desire in life.

… Buckets of money…… the awe and respect of people who now doubt you…… time to spend with your family and friends…… a new life without financial worry or indecision.

You can get it with …

Google Analytics Mastery eCourse!

…and the reason why…To be successful in business and in life you must have laser focus, and consistent action towards what’s working. The secret is to know what’s working, and not be distracted one bit by all the blinking new channels, tools, and sites that beg for your attention.

Most people in business can get some traffic to their website, typically spend some time on Facebook or Twitter or any of the many social media sites available to them, and may do some basic search engine optimization. But when it comes to being “successful online”, most don’t have the time or direction to know where and what to focus on. So we try to do it all – “jack of all trades, master of none”

Look. Everyone has access to Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, blah blah blah. The fact is your customers are really there too. They’re searching on Google, they’re hanging out on Facebook. So why then do most businesses just spin their wheels and flounder around in search of success?

Think of it this way – anyone can own a set of golf clubs. Typically there’s an assortment of 10 or more clubs in the bag – and you can whack the little dimpled thing with any one of those clubs.

But to play golf well…to be a master of the game and make the ball go exactly where you want it to go…then you need to know what clubs to use and when. You need to know when the #7 club will put you within inches of your goal where #8 or 9 will leave you in the rough, lost in the sea of all the other golfers.

… you need the inside secrets you will not discover casually on your own.

It’s the same with analysis.

The advanced, mega powerful secrets do not appear to you magically, just because now you’re in the position of having to sell something. You need a guide.

Google Analytics Mastery is that guide.

It guides you by the hand and leads you through the hell of understanding Google Analytics…

… past the explosion of reports staring back at you on your screen…… past the smoking wreckage of failed business and ruined dreams……and directly to action based steps that will produce ethical wealth and heavenly happiness that will bring you to tears.

This is the “insider” course we wish was around when we were starting out online. Learning even one or two of these secrets would have short-cut our own success by… oh… five… maybe ten years. Probably more.

Included in this best-selling eCourse Now Available On Udemy are secrets most businesses never discover… such as:

How to quickly and properly set-up Google Analytics to reap the rewards of accurate data
The magic of tracking goals – and why you can’t afford not to have this functioning
How to make advertising dollars go further with connecting cost per click results to your web analytics
Very simple strategy to know where to focus on search engine optimization – what key phrases are worthwhile and which ones are a waste of your time
Why your current data might be wrong, and a quick simple fix to solve it
How to navigate this endless realm of reports and crush the overwhelm – (Looking right over our shoulder we guide you on our screen)
How to analyze in lightning speed by looking only at the data you need to see
Why potential customers immediately bolt for the exit on your web site – and you didn’t even realize you had a problem!
How to look at the information visually if you’re not a numbers person – or just hate the endless numbers
The insanely effective secret of marketers and what they’re looking at
How to explode your offline marketing results through measuring strategies – yes even newspaper advertising can be tracked
What is really driving sales or leads to your business, and whats just wasting your time
How to spy on your prospects and see whats working with them on your site
How some marketing affects other marketing and whether it turns to money
How to discover why your web sites failing within minutes of scanning the data
How to measure a social media strategy immediately – we’re talking the second you hit enter on that tweet or Facebook update
Why certain pages on your web site are killing your business
What content on your web site you shouldn’t touch – or risk back-tracking months or even years of progress
What the search engines really think your business is about and how to fix it
And… the mystery behind online success, how some marketers seem to do everything right, and how you can apply this priceless observations to your business
…and this is just the beginning. Once you have the basics down, taking actionable, measurable steps towards marketing improvement is easy.

That’s just a small sample of what you’ll find in this members only eCourse. There is over 5 hours of video training, watching our screens as we guide you to becoming an analytics master. And give you the roadmap you need to start creating your own ridiculously successful marketing campaigns.

The trainings are on average 10 minutes in length. This is a powerful way to learn… watch the video, then apply the learning to your own business! Progress at your own pace or cram all weekend long and implement everything. Whichever works best for you.

In addition, there is over 3 hours of special video case studies for online business management included… This is where the rubber hits the road and we apply all you’ve learned to real businesses, real data, real lives!

Plus (and probably more critical than any other part of the course) in addition to the all that you get in the members area training – you also receive Lifetime Membership to our monthly members only advanced trainings! Every month we continue to guide you by way of live webinars, special reports, or recorded case studies for members only to advance your learning and your results.

When you think about it, this really isn’t a training course you buy, rather an investment into your businesses foundation – membership that will continue to give back for years to come. In fact the course continues to evolve every month as our members grow from the advanced members only trainings. And because this isn’t just what we teach, but what we do – if you get stuck, we’re just a comment or email away as our Analytics team monitors the members area conversation.

I don’t care if you’ve never looked at a single page of web analytics in your life. Or if you’re a veteran just trying to get further ahead with your results. Or if you’ve tried every shiny object that’s come along and failed.

None of that matters.

The ONLY thing that matters…is your desire to get started. To start measuring ALL YOUR efforts and with laser focus, start taking the right actionable steps that bring in sales and new customers in a flood, fast and furious.

This isn’t brain surgery. You might be able to figure it all out on your own. Eventually.

Or you can take advantage of the 10+ years of bumps, successes and failures figuring out how to maximize our results, and reduce effort. We’ve certainly made our mistakes trying to figure all this out, where to focus, what was really working, and what was completely a waste of our time. Lost staring at computer screens for hours, days even weeks – not realizing the time spent was all in vain.

There is absolutely no sane reason why you should want to waste years of your own life attempting to cover this same ground.

This is the course we would have killed to own when we started out.

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 59 lectures and 17 hours of content!
Proper Setup and Configuration of Google Analytics
Clear Overview of Navigating Google Analytics
Integration With Google Adwords and Webmaster Tools
Clear Understanding of Reports and Action Steps Behind Them
Advanced Customization of Data to Drill Into What You Need
Advanced Events Measurement
Support Group To Assist When You Get Stuck

What is the target audience?

Anyone with a business marketing online or offline
Anyone with a website
Anyone looking to improve sales and lead conversions
Online Business Managers Looking To Differentiate Themselves
Marketing Companies Interested In Guiding Clients To Better Results
Web Designers Looking To Differentiate Themselves






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Bob Proctor – The Success Puzzle

Name Product: Bob Proctor – The Success Puzzle
: 173 MB
: $299= Your Free
: Bob Proctor
Sale Page
: _http://www.proctorgallagherinstitute.com/success-puzzle


Really think about this for a moment …

What’s been holding you back from living your dreams?

What keeps you from getting exactly what you want in your life?

Why does achieving success have to be so puzzling?

Success actually IS like a puzzle!

In order to successfully piece a puzzle together, you use the picture on the puzzle box lid as a guide. If you don’t have a picture of the puzzle to follow, it is very difficult to complete.

With this Success Puzzle Program, you’ll be finding, recognizing and putting in place every piece you need to create a much more successful life!

Most people spend their lives on autopilot. They want to be successful in their careers and relationships, yet they aren’t sure how to get what they want out of life because they don’t know how to put the pieces of their life puzzle together.

With this Success Puzzle Program, you’ll be finding, recognizing and putting in place every piece you need to create a much more successful life!

Solve your own Success Puzzle today and delve into topics like:

Discovering exactly what you want out of life (creating the puzzle box lid, so to speak)
Explore each of the specific elements that make up the Success Puzzle, then begin each and every one’s implementation
Eliminate all obstacles blocking the path to your dreams and goals
Study and then implement the most foundational pieces that begin to build your own success picture
Select and prioritize your goals in the most effective way
Add richness and color to your life as you quickly learn how to expand your dream into reality






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Susie Kappas – Ultimate Hypnosis Weight Loss Seminar

Name Product: Susie Kappas – Ultimate Hypnosis Weight Loss Seminar
: 8.37 GB
: $86= Your Free
: Susie Kappas


Weight Loss 101
Become a Certified Expert in Hypnosis and Weight Loss!

The Ultimate Hypnosis Weight Loss Seminar! – Weight loss is without question the most lucrative and sought out area of hypnotherapy. Americans spend billions of dollars to lose weight and take drastic measures, from toxic medications to radical surgeries, trying to achieve their weight loss goals. Just one successful weight loss client can result in tens to hundreds of referrals to your private practice.

Weight loss, however, is also the most complex and difficult areas for a hypnotherapist to work with. But knowledge is power and this Ultimate Hypnosis Weight Loss Seminar presents the most up-to-date information, most important tools, most powerful techniques and lays them all out in a step-by-step program so that you can become a confident expert at hypnosis and weight loss.

Never again will you shrink away or doubt your ability or expertise to help someone lose weight with hypnosis. Proudly advertise your expertise as an AHA Certified Hypnosis Weight Loss Specialist. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your private practice and multiply your clientele with referrals from happy, successful weight loss customers.
In this Ultimate Hypnosis Weight Loss Seminar you will receive:

74 page hypnosis weight loss manual
26 pages of handouts for your clients that will inspire, educate and motivate them
8 session guide including hypnotic scripts for weight loss therapy
Specific hypnotic suggestions for weight loss that work
Interview questions and homework for your weight loss clients
The “4 key ingredients required for weight loss success”
Vital therapeutic tools including:
The Hunger Scale
Pedometer Steps Chart
Weight Loss and Measurement Chart
The Vision Board
New Self-Image Paragraph






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Scott Paton, Dwayne Richards – Basic Bookkeeping Hacks

Name Product: Scott Paton, Dwayne Richards – Basic Bookkeeping Hacks
: 857 MB
: 20= Your Free
: Scott Paton, Dwayne Richards


How to easily get your accounting and bookkeeping done fast

Learn the difference between Accounting and Bookkeeping. Discover how a good bookkeeping system can save you wasted hours and dollars. How to have a conversation with your banker and accountant.

You will learn:

Ethics and Rules
Types of business organizations: proprietorship, partnership, corporation, C-corp, S-corp, LLC.
Basic terminology
Accounting concepts and principles
In this course, we share how you can make your bookkeeping tasks easier.

Set up a separate business bank account
How to separate your personal and business transactions
Basic software that can save you time and money
What to do with your receipts
Furthermore you will learn some basic accounting terminology to help you organize your accounting information, including:

Assets – economic resources owned by the business
Liabilities – creditor’s claim to the asset
Owner’s Equity – owner’s claim to the assets






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David Vu – How to Train your Virtual Assistant for eBay Drop Shipping (2016)

Name Product: David Vu – How to Train your Virtual Assistant for eBay Drop Shipping (2016)
: 1.55 GB
: $50= Your Free
: David Vu


If you thought my first course was amazing, wait til you see how I “BRING IT” in this course! This is the follow up course to “How I made $100,000 my 1st year selling on Ebay No Inventory”
No long sales letter here, this course is FOR YOU if you are a student of my 1st course and you are ready to scale your business and take it to the next level by outsourcing! I will walk you through the whole process and even help train your V.A. (Employee) for you too!
If you don’t think you or your business is worth the investment, then simple; don’t make the investment and don’t take the course. Thousands of students have messaged me that paid a promo price on the first course say that after they completed it they would have gladly paid full price for it and even feel bad paying a discounted price because of the VALUE. This is a private course for the BEST students from my first course. Students of this course will have my full undivided extra attention smilie

Full details
What are the requirements?
Have an Ebay Store
Have an Automated Email System
Making minimum $500 profit per month
Have a minimum of 500 listings in your eBay store
What am I going to get from this course?
Learn How, Why, & Where to Hire a Virtual Assistant
Effectively Hire your first Virtual Assistant with this Course and Build out your team!
Scale your current Drop Shipping Business
Build a Team for your current Ebay Drop Shipping Business
Limit yourself to working less, so you can enjoy more in life!






Rising Star
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Jay Papasan - Time Blocking Mastery

Jay Papasan - Time Blocking Mastery
WEBRip | English | MP4 + PDF Guides | 960 x 540 | AVC ~1200 kbps | 24 fps
AAC | 128 Kbps | 44.1 KHz | 2 channels | 04:14:27 | 2.07 GB
Genre: eLearning Video / Business, Mindset, Achievement​
How Smart And Successful High Achievers Get More Done In 66 Days Than Most Do In A Lifetime Create a Step-By-Step Process For You To Achieve Any Goal Without Grinding Out 10 Hour Long Work Days
My name is Jay Papasan and Im the co-author of the number one Wall Street Journal bestseller, The ONE Thing.

On this page, we (Keller Williams and I) will show you how you can discover the one thing that will make the greatest, most beneficial shift in your life, how to create reliable habits for achieving anything you desire, and how you can get us support and coach you throughout this journey.

Sound good? Great! Because what were announcing today is 8 years in the making and has never been shared anywhere else!

The Following Information Has Been Locked Behind Closed Doors and Revealed Only To Trusted Staff And Private Clients (Until Now)

What people dont know about the book, The ONE Thing, is before Gary Keller and I published it in 2008, we invested almost 5 years researching the proven principles that drive big achievement in life and business. We accumulated hundreds of hours outlining the very principles Gary and his team used to build the 1 real estate company in the world.

You might be wondering:
Why did writing a book take 5 years of research?

The reason why it took us five years to prepare The ONE Thing is because we wanted to make sure it wouldnt be just another success book about how I did it. We wanted to truly help people with our book by providing an approach that anyone could follow.
We took our time because we wanted a book that created a huge and positive impact on the world. A book that changed how people focus their time and energy to get things done, just like Gary Keller did to create a multimillion dollar company.

What ended up happening once we published The ONE Thing was sales went above and beyond what we imagined. To date, The ONE Thing has sold more than seven-hundred thousand copies, made more than two hundred and fifty appearances on national bestsellers lists, and has been translated into over 25 languages around the world!

Why The ONE Thing Sold More Than 700,000 Copies, Reached 245 Bestsellers List, And Translated Into 25 Different Languages

The reason why The ONE Thing was and continues to be so successful is because the book discloses the simple approach used by achievers not just in business but virtually every pursuit.

We studied the lives of artists, athletes, musicians, technologistyou name it. And we documented what they had in common. Because while we may not be able to duplicate any individuals approach to success, we can absolutely follow a path laid down by hundreds of extraordinarily successful people.

Let that sink in for just a moment.
We essentially outlined exactly how to achieve success, step-by-step

Its no wonder why The ONE Thing has been vital to positively changing so many lives. It doesnt matter whether or not youre a business owner, an employee, or a freelancer the simple principles in The ONE Thing show you how to make your big goals possible, in a fraction of the time it would normally take you.

Your one thing could be about business, health, or even your personal life.

Thats how powerful this simple approach is once you use it.

After Publishing The ONE Thing, We Asked Our Readers What Else We Could Do To Improve Their Lives
This is what our audience told us to do.

Since there were hundreds of thousands of people who were using The ONE Thing to achieve extraordinary results, we knew we were just getting started.

But, there was a problem.

With so many people reading and using our book to better their lives, we were receiving thousands of requests for additional help. Helping people wasnt the problem, the problem was: figuring out what we should help our audience with first.

To help us figure this out, we sent out a survey that asked: what is the one thing you wished you had more help with after reading the book?

It didnt take long before we were flooded with thousands of replies.

The data made it clear what would happen next.

After reading what you told us and analyzing the data, we determined the next thing we could do to help you most would be to show you how to master time using one of the core concepts in our book.

If youve read The ONE Thing, you know about this concept. Its called Time Blocking.

What is Time Blocking?
If you havent read our book, time blocking is a system for making appointments with yourself every day, so you can focus your energy on the most important work that helps you achieve extraordinary results without sabotaging your willpower.

Weve seen people use time blocking to reach their long term goals in a short amount of time.
Time blocking is directly responsible for helping our readers make more money, get into better shape, and improve their relationships.
We Created A Systematic Way For You To Begin AND Complete Any Goal, Even If You Only Have 15 Minutes Available Per Day

Link Download:
Download Via UploadGig

Download Via Nitroflare

Download Via Rapidgator


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Earn $1000 On The Side : The 16-Step Roadmap To Earning Freelance Income On The Side

Earn $1000 On The Side : The 16-Step Roadmap To Earning Freelance Income On The Side

  • Name Product: Earn $1000 On The Side : The 16-Step Roadmap To Earning Freelance Income On The Side
  • Size: 3.83 GB
  • COST: $997= Your Free
  • Author: Ramit Sethi & Jeff Kuo
  • Sale Page: _http://earn1k.com/

Here are the 16 steps you’ll complete in order to start making regular freelance income on the side (and eventually full-time, if you desire). These steps are divided into four modules, which make up the core curriculum of the Earn $1,000 On the Side Program.


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Bob Proctor – The Success Puzzle

Name Product: Bob Proctor – The Success Puzzle
: 173 MB
: $299= Your Free
: Bob Proctor
Sale Page
: _http://www.proctorgallagherinstitute.com/success-puzzle


Really think about this for a moment …

What’s been holding you back from living your dreams?

What keeps you from getting exactly what you want in your life?

Why does achieving success have to be so puzzling?

Success actually IS like a puzzle!

In order to successfully piece a puzzle together, you use the picture on the puzzle box lid as a guide. If you don’t have a picture of the puzzle to follow, it is very difficult to complete.

With this Success Puzzle Program, you’ll be finding, recognizing and putting in place every piece you need to create a much more successful life!

Most people spend their lives on autopilot. They want to be successful in their careers and relationships, yet they aren’t sure how to get what they want out of life because they don’t know how to put the pieces of their life puzzle together.

With this Success Puzzle Program, you’ll be finding, recognizing and putting in place every piece you need to create a much more successful life!

Solve your own Success Puzzle today and delve into topics like:

Discovering exactly what you want out of life (creating the puzzle box lid, so to speak)
Explore each of the specific elements that make up the Success Puzzle, then begin each and every one’s implementation
Eliminate all obstacles blocking the path to your dreams and goals
Study and then implement the most foundational pieces that begin to build your own success picture
Select and prioritize your goals in the most effective way
Add richness and color to your life as you quickly learn how to expand your dream into reality






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Dan Sherman - Linked Into Action + Bonus

Dan Sherman - Linked Into Action + Bonus
FLV | yuv420p, 640x480 | mp3, 44100 Hz - 128 kb/s | 5.86 GB
Genre: Video Training

LinkedIn is a massive community of business professionals you can connect with and conduct business. No matter what your goals are…if you work in a large or small company…or if you are a professional seeking an amazing opportunity...you must have a roadmap that combines proven social media techniques with time-tested professional networking strategies to make the most of this incredible platform.

The number one tool for learning how to master LinkedIn to achieve all your business and professional goals. This video course is carefully constructed to take you step-by-step through the process of branding yourself and connecting with the professionals who will be your next customers and partners.

In this course you will discover:

Stage One: Blast Off to Success!

Get off to a great start by learning about LinkedIn and all its most important features – including how to brand yourself as the go-to expert in your field. You’ll discover how to:
Quickly establish and boost your credibility so you can easily attract new leads, referrals and business
Attract priceless recommendations and key alliances that can help you now and for years to come
Significantly improve the impact of your PR for your company, products, and/or service with free applications
And much more!

Stage Two: Business Acceleration Secrets

With over 150 million professional members, LinkedIn is your personal rolodex of new customers. Do you want a huge client base or targeted email list? In Stage two you’ll discover how to:
Optimize your entire LinkedIn profile for success
Dramatically expand your reach as you grow your network with quality and quantity contacts
Build mutually beneficial relationshipswith your peers and leaders in your industry as you share key insights, knowledge and experience
Radically increase your connections, build your email list, and grow your network.
Create and build your very own massive LinkedIn group easily and quickly
And much much more!

Stage Three: Propel Your Company Forward

This module covers advanced strategies that few people know or use…but you can take advantage of them to blast past your completion. You’ll discover how to:
Turn your group into a targeted prospect database that’s hungry for your product or service
Convert your group members into passionate evangelists for your business
Conduct in-depth research on rival companies, competition or new opportunities.
Create a company page that drives hordes of traffic to your site and builds your client list in record time
Employ sneaky tricks for finding and connecting with new clients using company pages
And much much more!

Stage Four: Rocket-Powered Business Boosters

You know how important it is to build your brand and attract business. In this module you will learn how to become a LinkedIn thought leader and how you can take yourself and your business to the next level quicker than you ever thought possible. You will discover how to:

Drive floods of hungry buyers to your live or online events
Use the Answer feature to become a worldwide expert and pull business and career opportunities to you
Boost your credibility, reach, leads, traffic, and sales
Create a “career magnet” profile that gets your phone ringing with recruiters
Land the career opportunity of your dreams by connecting directly with hiring managers and decision makers
And much much more!

Bonus #1: Transcripts and MP3s (Value: $97)

The 24 videos in Linked Into Action are great to watch on your computer…as you will see step-by-step how navigate LinkedIn and use it grow your business. But if you want to take the course with you when you travel or listen to it in your car, simply download the transcripts and MP3s of all the videos and learn at your convenience.

Bonus #2: Maximum Success with LinkedIn ($47 Value)

In Maximum Success with LinkedIn, a 250 page book, you will learn how to:
Optimize your profile for maximum exposure, publicity and opportunities
Connect with anyone on LinkedIn you want to meet to gain lucrative new assignments or valuable referral partners
Use the Groups feature to build an unending rolodex of prospects and customers
Laser target your best customers ers using the Advanced People Search
Search and build a massive database of prospects and customers
…and much much more!

Bonus #3 The Social Media For Business Library ($297 Value)

People now spend more time on social media sites than any other activity on the web. So, if your customers are there, so should you! The Social Media for Business Library contains four exciting ebooks which cover the social media activities you must include in your marketing mix to build massive success, sales and fame, and reach all of your business goals.

1. Google+ For Success

Google+ is the up and coming social network created by the search giant. It matters to your business! In this eBook you’ll discover step-by step instructions for making the most of this crucial social media site.

What is Google+ why you must have a presence
How to create a successful Google+ business page
Why Google+ will have you crushing the competition in search
Best practices for marketing your business on Google+
...and much more!

2. Twitter For Success

Twitter is the second largest social site with over 500 million users…you must be there! It’s one of the most powerful social networks for your business. In this eBook, you’ll learn how to use Twitter to create a massive following and drive leads and sales for your business.

How to use Twitter for marketing, lead generation and publicity
Finding people to follow
Getting people to follow you
Set up Twitter campaigns and analyze your results
...and much more!

3. Pinterest for Success

Pinterest – a new social site that centers around images that people post -- is the fastest growing social site in history. Unique visitors to Pinterest.com- increased by 155% just in one month, from December 2011 to January 2012. In December 2011, Pinterest made the list of the top ten social networks, sitting at #5. So how can you use this phenomenon to market your business? In this eBook you’ll discover…
What is Pinterest and how it can drive massive traffic to your site
How to create a Pinterest account and get hordes of followers
The many ways to use Pinterest for marketing
...and much more!

4. Blogging for Success

Your blog is the best way to reach customers and prospects with your marketing message, but how do you do it efficiently and effectively? Follow this step by step guide to creating a blog for your company and increase your sales and revenue dramatically. Discover:

Why you your company needs a blog
How to easily create great blog content?
Optimize your blog posts for maximum effect
Promote and measure your blog
…and much more

I understand I'll receive instant access to the following:

Stage One: Blast off to Success
Stage Two: Business Acceleration Secrets
Stage Three: Propel Your Company Forward
Stage Four: Rocket-Powered Business Boosters

Bonus #1: Transcripts and MP3s of all 24 Videos
Bonus #2: Maximum Success with LinkedIn digital copy
Bonus #3: Social Media for Business Library


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Pro Blog Academy - Ray Higdon

Pro Blog Academy - Ray Higdon
Mp4 | h264, yuv420p, 1440x814 | aac, 44100 Hz - 81 kb/s | 2.2 GB
Genre: Video Traning

You are on this page because you are looking into Pro Blog Academy Program that is being released by Rob Fore and Ray Hidgon. I will give you my honest opinion about this program. Should you buy this program? Can you make money with this Program? Is blogging all that is made out to be?

I can tell you from building one of the most powerful blogs in the internet Network Marketing website, blogging is one of the most consistent and long lasting way of generating leads on the internet. There are other ways that you can use to generate leads on the internet. You can use Search engine PPC, you can use Facebook PPC and you can buy solo ads. Blogging is one of the most reliable way of generating leads online. The steps to going about this are what Ray Hidgon and Rob Fore will teach you with the Pro Blog Academy Program that they are releasing to the public.

Many people go about this blogging issue the wrong way. There is a mindset to blogging. There are thought processes that go into making blogging a major part of your business. I see many blogs out there and you can just tell that the people writing these have little knowledge about how to do this. This is what Ray Hidgon and Rob Fore will be teaching you in the Pro Blog Academy Program.

Who Should Invest In Pro Blog Academy

People who are interested in generating leads online and dont have money to pay for advertising. I will not BS you by telling you that this is the fastest way to generate 100 leads per day on the internet. It is not. The “honest truth” is that you can generate leads online faster if you are willing to pay. But it you don’t have the money that the “GURUs” has, then you want to start off with blogging. If you are in this boat, Pro Blog Academy is for you.

People are willing to brand themselves online. You have heard the whole issue about Branding and I can tell you that people have abused that word. Branding does not mean money. However, it is still important for you to brand yourself as an expert in your field. For example, if you want your prospects to regard you as an expert in the Network Marketing industry, blogging is one of the best ways to archive this. Mr Ray and Mr Rob will be teaching you the steps by steps way to go about blogging every day in this Pro Blog Academy Program.

People who do Paid Advertising
I know this can be contradicting to my first point. With the increasing cost per click with paid advertising, the best way to offset you advertising cost and be profitable immediately is by adding blogging to your daily activities. Blog pretty much can bring your whole marketing to positive ROI immediately.

Here’s Exactly What You’re About To Get Your Hands On…

Module 1:
Creating Your Online Income Machine

A secret persuasion trigger to GUARANTEE every single blog post will be a slam dunk before your fingers even touch the keyboard.
It’s so powerful, YOU’ll be the one in control of where your visitors go, and which action they’ll end up taking… and it’s completely undetectable.
My unique and proprietary “PTM” process to attract a steady stream of laser-targeted and super qualified traffic to your blog.
No need to chase anyone and waste your time with tire-kickers and looky-loos… these people need no convincing and are the most likely to join your business.
Do you lack any technical skills and feel like technology is holding you back?
Here’s a shortcut to quickly zap you from setup to PROFIT… no more hair pulling techie stuff.
One little phrase I use on my blog that made me an EXTRA $100,000 in commissions over the last 18 months.
You have my full permission to use it word for word.
How to turn your blog into a FULL-THROTTLE Cash Machine.
You’ll discover the best ways to monetize your website right from the get go.

Module 2:
Becoming a Content Creation Machine

Think content creation is hard?
I’ll show you 3 specific methods how to get super content to almost write itself… WITHOUT being super creative.
Sneaky little tricks to making your blog posts grab and hold your prospects attention, while building up their desire to join YOU.
A step-by-step formula to make your content speak directly to your visitors, as if you were writing a personal letter to a close friend.
Do this and you’ll INSTANTLY stand out like a sore thumb from a sea of network marketers who do nothing but throw up all over their prospects with hype.
The secret to get others telling you EXACTLY what they want to hear… and do it in a very subtle way where you’re not being obvious.
Do the words On-Page SEO scare you?
After putting your posts through Ray’s 2 minute SEO grinder, your content will always be optimized to the max. And yes all it takes is 2 minutes.
How to overcome the “credibility factor” when you have none… and become the ONLY logical choice for your prospects.
Do this and you get MASSIVE exposure while building your online brand.
PLUS, my unique idea fetching method that actually PAYS YOU in 4 different ways to find good content.

Module 3:
Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

How to make Google fall in love with your blog and send you gobs of free traffic.
You’ll get all my best traffic gettin’ tools… it’s how I consistently attract 30,000+ unique visitors to my blog each and every month.
A little-known process to squeeze the most SEO juice by placing your blog links in my secret spots the “GURU’s” don’t want you to know.
With my paint-by-the-numbers system, you’ll know EXACTLY what to do to get maximum results out of every single post.
The fastest way to spread your content all over the place… like a fisherman casting a wide net catching everything in sight.
I’ll show you the sweet spots to get maximum content syndication, MASSIVE exposure and lots of backlinks for each of your posts.
Best ways to start a frenzy of social activity, form your own tribe and create a cult-like following by EXPLODING the number of comments, likes and Google+’s your website gets.
This BOOST in interaction will help you keep more people on your websites longer and is one of the MAJOR secrets to getting more love from the search engines.
Smart outsourcing tips and red flags. You’ll discover what you can outsource safely and cheap…
…and what you should stay away from to avoid wasting time and even the possibility of getting your website in trouble.
When are the best times of the day to send out your emails. Something I’ve tested thoroughly.

Module 4:
Converting Your Traffic

The SINGLE MOST important phrase you can use with your prospects.
This one line will cut through all the resistance and eliminate any skepticism your prospects have.
Proven list building strategies of the most successful internet marketers.
You’ll discover how to build, retain and monetize your list, while keeping your subscribers happy and eager to hear from you.
How to write riveting emails that grab attention and get read.
This is the secret sauce to building a long-term business that puts all your follow up on complete auto-pilot, as well as sends a river of cash-flow into your bank account each and every time your push the SEND BUTTON.
WARNING! How to steer clear of the deadly marketing sins most people make with their emails.
Avoid these like the plague to keep your list happy and looking forward to your emails.
PLUS, as a BONUS, I’ll show you the single best way to attract the cream of the crop in your niche.
Why waste your time scooping and scraping the bottom of the barrel, when you can get the best in the biz to partner with you.
WAIT… That’s Not All!
To help you get the absolute maximum out of this coaching program and make sure you get off to a Fast Start… you get the following Fast Action Bonuses and MUST HAVE tools…
… that’s an EXTRA $5,466 worth of money making training that you get completely FREE!

Bonus #1:
Platinum Pro Blog Academy LIVE Coaching Calls ($297)

In these calls I’ll help you cut through the smoke and all the hype out there and show you what REALLY works… insider secrets to the most up-to-date money making strategies…
…same ones I use every single day to get scores of visitors to my blog at the tune of 30,000+ a month.
I’ll reveal every single secret and loophole and shortcut I’ve discovered on my path to becoming a super blogger… and how you can too!
You also get instant access to all recordings.

Bonus #2:
4 LIVE Q&A Sessions ($197)

…I’ll answer every burning question you have about becoming a successful blogger and online marketer.
PLUS… Because you’re ordering today, you also get INSTANT ACCESS to an additional 4 special LIVE group coaching calls held recently over a 4 week period.
That’s over 8 hours of extra training to help you become an online marketing pro and a blogging machine.
These priceless Q&A sessions have a sticker price of $197, but you’re getting them FREE when you invest in the Pro Blog Academy today!

Bonus #3:
On-Demand Digital Vault ($97)

The entire Pro Blog Academy will be at your fingertips to watch, listen or read anytime you want to.
If you miss any of the LIVE webinars, they’ll be recorded and stored in your back office to review any time.
In addition to the webinars, you’re getting the mp3's of every module and recorded webinar so you can listen in your car, while you exercise, walk the dog…. wherever.
PLUS, we went through the trouble to transcribe every single word of every webinar…
…so you can download them in PDF format, print them out as follow along study guides to take notes, highlight important sections…
…and have at your disposal at any moment to go back and review.
And for your maximum convenience and to save you time…
…we’ve time stamped every question, so you can actually fast forward the videos and audios to hear only what you need, should you be in a hurry or simply want to come back to a specific area.
This is a HUGE time saver and will give you the greatest advantage to quickly learn and absorb the material… so you can be on your way to faster profits.

Bonus #4:
Pro Blog Academy Mastermind ($99)

Get instant lifetime access to my “Members-Only” Mastermind Group.
One of the most frustrating things I’ve personally experienced when buying other programs, is a complete lack of support.
So, what I decided to do is create a Private Mastermind for my Pro Blog Academy students.
With lifetime access to our exclusive community…
You’ll never be left alone!
You can ask questions, get feedback, and interact with me and other members, as we all help each other move forward and succeed.

Bonus #5:
Pro Bloggers Resource Guide ($247)

Your blog will be beaming with professionalism and get maximum readership, as well as move people to action with this huge package of …
Premium Blog Themes for a super professional look and feel…
Crucial plugins to keep your blog running smoothly and effectively…
Graphics Pack – no need to hire a designer or mess around in Photoshop with these catchy credibility boosters…
“Magic Words” which will instantly ramp up the visceral impact of all your posts and articles… stimulating the emotional hot buttons of your prospects.
You see, one of the shortcuts to faster profits… is to use resources, ideas, and methods proven to work by others.
And that’s exactly what you’re getting in this Mega Marketing Bundle Bonus.

Bonus #6:
Done-For-You Lead Magnets ($195)

Become an INSTANT expert and supercharge your list building with these proven and tested opt-in videos.
You get 7 professionally recorded, done-for-you, lead generation magnets you can quickly stick on your blog and watch your opt-in rates go through the roof…
Here’s the list of the videos and the juicy titles I’ve created for you to use however you want…

The 3 Best Questions to Ask Your Prospects After They See a Presentation
#1 Question to Ask Any Prospect
3 Ways to Get Leads Within the Next 24 Hours
2 Biggest Mistakes Most Network Marketers Make
The 3 Essential Steps to Brand Yourself Online
Top Secret Daily Routine of 6 and 7 figure earners
Best Way to Answer “What do You Do”
With instant access, once inside the member’s area, you’ll be able to download these and use them on your blog… starting TODAY!
And, I’m even throwing in a short video tutorial on how to quickly put them up.

Bonus #7:
Ray Higdon’s Email Riches ($97)

I’m going to reveal my secret sauce for building lasting relationships with my list, making money at the push of a button and…
… turning a big chunk (much higher than average) of leads into sales and distributors for my primary company.
You’ll discover my secret formula for making all my emails and blog posts super persuasive…
… by peppering it with psychological triggers guaranteed to move your prospects to action… and it’s totally ethical.
Ask any big online marketer… and they’ll quickly tell you Email Marketing is the single most important skill you can acquire to…
…literally make money on demand… simply buy pushing the “send” button.
Having this skill is like money in a bank… it’s THAT POWERFUL!

Fast Action Bonus #8:
Two Tickets To Pro Marketing Summit ($1,997)

Join us with a guest at one of the biggest events in Online MLM History.
You’ll get to rub shoulders and network with other like minded people… as well as some of the top leaders in our industry.
Plus you’ll hear from our incredible line up of speakers…
Mark Hoverson
Diane Hochman
Eric Worre
Michelle Pescosolido
Tim Erway
myself and a few special surprise guests…
… their most cutting-edge methods on traffic tips, lead generation and killer conversion tactics to boost your recruiting numbers and add some zeros to your checks.
Attending this event… coupled with the skills and strategies you get from the webinars and coaching calls… will virtually GUARANTEE to make this year a super profitable one.

Fast Action Bonus #9:
Quick Start Blog Review ($500)

Get your blog reviewed personally by me!
After going through all the modules and setting up your blog, if you want to be 100% sure you’ve got all your i’s dotted and all your t’s crossed…
… just shoot me an email and I’ll personally go through your blog with a fine tooth comb to make sure you didn’t leave anything out and it’s in tip-top shape, ready to rock and roll… AND make you some serious money.

Fast Action Bonus #10:
10-Minute Blog Blueprint ($297)

Setting up your blog the RIGHT WAY will be a breeze… with this complete fast-paced course on how to get cranking in just minutes.

Inside these 3 densely-packed Video Modules, you’ll be able to look over the shoulder of my buddy and WordPress Ninja Nick Haubner…

… as he shows you step-by-step everything you need to get your blog up and running on all cylinders… FAST.

From registering your domain name… to installing the most important plugins and having your blog optimized to the hilt…

… giving you the MAXIMUM SEO advantage to snag those top rank positions for your best keywords.

And if you already have a blog, you’ll discover how to seriously crank up it’s SEO power with just a few simple tweaks.

Let me tell you, even if you don’t have a technical bone in your body like me… after you watch these videos… you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how shockingly simple this really is.

Fast Action Bonus #11:
Work Less, Make More Virtual Assistant ($995)

If you’ve been struggling with how to get everything you need done…
… outsourcing is the secret to working less and making more, and one of the best parts of running an online business, which is… you DON’T have to do it all yourself.
As a matter of fact, most get stuck trying to do it all.
Instead of focusing on building their business, they’re mopping the floors and cleaning the oven so to speak… you know doing the little, mundane stuff that someone else can do for them.
So, to help you really kick this off and put you in the fast lane to blogging success… without the headache and the hassle of mind-numbing grunt work…
… I’ve decided to give you access to one of my Virtual Assistants for 30 full days…for FREE!
Here’s a little glimpse of what your “VA” can do for you…

Setup and manage your blog…
Generate traffic…
Manage your Social Media…
Handle customer service…

Just imagine having someone else do all this for you while you focus on the only thing that makes you money… which is sponsoring others and building your business!
As a member of Pro Blog Academy you get one my Personal Assistants for an ENTIRE MONTH!

Fast Action Bonus #12:
Maintaining Your Power Audio ($97)


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Pro Strategies for Trading Stocks or Options Workshop

Pro Strategies for Trading Stocks or Options Workshop

Before you start trading without the proper education, please take our Pro Strategies & Mechanics workshop. In this course you will learn strategies and mechanics to trade stocks and options from trading professional Fausto Pugliese. We have divided the course into three sessions, one hour on stocks, one hour on options and one hour of question and answer Live with Fausto. At the end of the third day, you will acquire vital knowledge to use this invaluable trading platform like a professional. This introduction to CTU’s trading strategies using the thinkorswim execution system will include trading insights for the novice all the way to the experienced trader.

This Course Features:
Instructors With Over Two Decades of Combined Market Experience
Utilization of a Top Rated Trading Platform for Profiting with Stocks & Options
Analysis of Current & Future Trades with thinkorswim’s Unique Analyze Tab
Learn How to Customize the thinkorswim Platform
Read Level II
View Fausto’s Trading Setup
Lifetime Access to this Archive

Course Syllabus:
Lesson 1 – Options Trading Overview
Lesson 2 – Stock Trading with Fausto Pugliese
Lesson 3 – Questions & Answers Session
Lesson 4 – Beginners Options Trading
Lesson 5 – Advanced Options Trading

can we get a re up my brother!!


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Lex van Dam - Million Dollar Traders Course

Lex van Dam - Million Dollar Traders Course | 8.67 GB
Learn from the best
Learn how to trade FX, stocks and commodities and technical strategies in one comprehensive course with hedge fund manager Lex van Dam.

Lex brings a lot of credibility to the content that is being delivered through the Academy. The Million Dollar Traders Course has a unique way of combining technical analysis with a fundamentals-based approach, so that you can apply these methods within one simple framework and become a more successful trader. It’s a big recommend



Link Download
Download Via Rapidgator 

Download Via UploadGig

Download Via UploadGig

Download Via Nitroflare

Download Via Rapidgator 
Extract files with WinRar 5 or Latest !


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Blockchain at Berkeley - Advanced Cryptocurrency Trading

Advanced Cryptocurrency Trading - Blockchain at Berkeley | 1.6 GB
Welcome to our advanced course on cryptocurrency trading! This course requires no previous knowledge and is presented in a way that everyone should be able to understand. That being said we highly recommend taking our free Cryptocurrency Trading Explained course if you are brand new to the space.
While our introductory course was a basic overview that familiarized you to tools and resources in a broad sense, this course is much more concrete with walkthroughs, personal examples, and analysis. A real emphasis is put on tangible experiences based on over a decade of combined experience.

This advanced crypto trading course will cover:
- Money Management
- Mental Game
- Technical Analysis
- Trading strategies
- Walkthrough of how to use several popular exchanges
- Fundamental Analysis
- Market Psychology
- And much more!

The ideal individual for this course is someone who is interested in trading cryptocurrency and wants an in depth walkthrough on how to start. This course stands to benefit college students, conventional traders, or anyone seeking a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading course. Unless you are a seasoned cryptocurrency trader, this is the course for you!


Link Download
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Download Via Rapidgator
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The Krypton Cryptosystem 2021 by Cameron Fous

Cameron Fous - The Krypton Crypto System 2021 | 5.98 GB
How To Make 20% - 200% Returns Per Trade On AltCoins With The Krypton System
16 Year Veteran Stock Trader Cameron Fous Now Implementing his Strategies into Cryptocurrencies and is Crushing the Game with 20% - 200% Calls With This Strategy!

What Will You Learn?
- How To Identify Trade opportunities Before anyone else
- Learn the 4 Krypton Patterns That Bank 20% - 200%
- Exactly When you should Buy And Sell For Maximum $$
- Kryptonite Risk Management To Protect Your Profits

Is It Too Late To Trade Crypto? Did You Miss The Boat?
Bitcoin Is At All time Highs…
But there are 1000’s of Alt Coins Just Starting to MOVE NOW.
While Bitcoin Might Take 1 Year to go from 30,000 to 60,000 & Double. Krypton Alt Coins can Make 20% - 200%
Moves in 1 Day to 1 Week!
How It Started
XDGUSD Buy Signal .00495
How Its Going
XDG +120% Rip Within 2 Days
How It Started
DOTUSD Buy Signal 4.50
How Its Going
DOT +95% Rip Within 1 Week
How It Started
NANOUSD Buy Signal 1.16
How Its Going
NANO +68% Rip Within 1 Day
How It Started
UNIUSD Buy Signal 3.50
How Its Going
UNI +67% Rip Within 1 Week
I’ve Been Mastering Day Trading For 16 Years and Mentoring Trading Students Since 2008.
“I remember sitting in my car when i was 20 years old as a freshmen at OSU in 2005 and -$300 in my bank account. I had to do something now, not in 3 years when i graduated. I decided to sell my car and use the money to learn to trade. I understood i had to make a sacrifice today… if i wanted a better tomorrow.
Get immediately download Cameron Fous - Krypton - Cryptocurrency Trading Course
3 Years later in 2008? Rather than graduate my senior year… I dropped out to trade full time and start teaching people everything i had learned. The rest is history”
-Cameron Fous


Link Download
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Download Via Rapidgator
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Vertex Workshop - Character Creation For Games with Ackeem Durrant

Vertex Workshop - Character Creation For Games with Ackeem Durrant | 24.4 GB
Create A Game Character
Learn how to apply practical workflows to create a game-ready character, from start to finish, with one of the Industry’s leading artists, Ackeem Durrant. Ackeem has been sculpting and modeling characters for games for more than 4 years and currently works as a Character Artist at Bulkhead Interactive.

Ackeem will teach you the workflows for character creation and will guide you through all stages. You will learn all the steps in the pipeline and understand how to prepare your character for final presentation.

By the end of the workshop you'll:
- Have developed a fluency in the various stages of the PBR workflow.
- Know how to create dynamic poses for your character.
- Have mastered the pipeline for 3D character creation.
- Have created your own game-ready character.

Character Creation For Games
Create A Game-Ready Character, From Start To Finish
- Fluency in PBR workflow
- Wrinkles & Pores
- Dynamic poses
- Material Expression

- 72 Objectives
- 47 hrs+ of training
- scene files


Link Download
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Download Via Rapidgator
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QLA For 2021 Boot Camp by Bruce Whipple

Bruce Whipple - QLA For 2021 Boot Camp | 8.06 GB
QLA Expert
Bruce Whipple has mentored entrepreneurs like you, interested in growing their wealth through acquisitions, for the past 25 years! He’s been personally responsible for creating more than $2 Billion in wealth since 1993. He’s currently working on a new series of acquisitions with Dan Peña, who is the Chairman of his Board.
Marketing Expert
John Sanpietro is Bruce’s “Marketing Guy.” In addition to running several of his own companies, John has shown businesses how to market their products and services since 1996. He began working with Bruce in 2018. Since then, using many of the same strategies and technologies we’re going to cover in the Boot Camp, he’s helped Bruce scale his business from five to seven figures and beyond! He is also working with Bruce on his new series of acquisitions.

What You Get:
Week 1 - Why There’s Never Been An Easier Time For QLA!
Bruce and John are going to help you get rid of every pre-conceived notion and excuse you have for not succeeding with QLA! We’ll go through our point-by-point reasons why this is really the Golden Age for QLA… AND why it’s never been easier for you to achieve EVERY one of your QLA goals!

Week 2 - Mindset and Motivation
If you’re having trouble with negative self-talk, lack of belief, keeping things going in the face of adversity or just getting good forward momentum every day, Bruce and John are going to help get your head right. They’ll share the same exercises and practices they use and have taught their clients for almost 50 years combined! After listening to this webinar, you’ll feel like you’ve been shot out of a cannon!

Week 3 - How To Stop Procrastination and Take Massive Daily Action
If you struggle with consistency, or feel like you’re not getting enough done on a daily basis, you’re not alone. This is one of the biggest problems QLA practicioners have to deal with. Fortunately, Bruce and John are two of the most productive, consistent people you’ll ever meet, and they’re going to share exactly what they do to maintain the highest levels of productivity every single day. In addition, they’ll also share how they’re able to run multiple businesses successfully, and STILL find the time for Bruce’s latest series of acquisitions!

Week 4 - Leveraging Technology To Make QLA Ever Easier
When Bruce and John started working together, John was surprised at the fact that QLA wasn’t taking advantage of the latest technologies to make things easier. Over the past several years, John has shown Bruce how to incorporate these technologies into his business and QLA acquisitions to save time and money, be more productive AND get better results. During this Week 4 webinar, Bruce and John will share these same technologies and how to use them. John will also be recording a series of step-by-step video tutorials to show you exactly how to implement these technologies into your business when you’re ready!

Week 5 - 2021 Strategies For Hiring Your Dream Team & Professionals
It’s not all about pounding the pavement and shoe leather anymore! For his latest series of acquisitions, Bruce was able to employ several 21st century strategies to make the process of finding, qualifying, interviewing and hiring his Dream Team and professionals one of the easiest he’s ever had in over 25 years! Bruce and John are going to share those exact strategies with you so you can use them for your QLA acquisitions, too!

Week 6 - 2021 Strategies For Finding and Financing Your Deals
If you’re not taking advantage of all of the new tools & opportunities available to you today, you’re probably making the whole process of finding and financing your deals a lot more difficult, time-consuming and stressful than it needs to be. During this week’s webinar, Bruce will share the tools and strategies he’s using to find more deals in less time, as well as the new financing opportunities he’s exploring to make the money-side of these deals easier than ever!

Week 7 - 2021 Strategies For Running The Business
Congratulations! You’ve acquired your first business! Now what? In this final webinar, Bruce and John will discuss how to run your business to increase their productivity, profitability AND resale value. They’ll discuss personnel, finances, systems, marketing and more! They’ll also show you how to use the first business to make acquiring future businesses even easier!


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Brad Lea - Closer School: Close More Sales

Brad Lea - Closer School | 10.67 GB
What You Get:
- Brad Lea’s Masterclass on Sales & Closing
- Additional Courseware Added to Closer School FREE
Increased Confidence
In Closer School, you will learn how to get mentally prepared because when you are mentally prepared, you will coherently become more confident because of your preparation.

Increased Knowledge
In Closer School, you will learn everything you need to know A-Z when it comes to learning how to sell, close, persuade, and create influence. It does not matter if you are directly in “sales” or not, you NEED to know those four ingredients to succeed.

Increased Production
In Closer School, you will learn everything I did to grow my company to multiple 8 figures in revenue per year. THAT is a lot of production.


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Ryan Lee - Micro-Business Workshop Recordings

Ryan Lee - Micro-Business Workshop | 5.06 GB
What You Get:
Your Step-by-Step Blueprint to Instantly Transform You Into a Lean, Mean, Entrepreneurial Machine.. In One Day!
Get ready to have your eyes opened - and once they are - things will never be the same again.
This workshop will be different because we’re going to “workflow” the entire process, step-by-step.
We’ll start at the beginning, dig in deep and keep going. You’ll see me go through the complete workflow of building a business from scratch (and how to do it at record speed!).
By the end, you’ll have absolute clarity and confidence on how to build your dream business without any special skills.
Plus, along the way, I’ll dispel every myth, lie, and the pitfalls to avoid. This will save you tens of thousands of wasted dollars and years of time you’ll never, ever get back.
You will get the absolute, 100% truth.
Armed with this knowledge, you’ll make better decisions and you’ll know exactly what you’re doing. It’s like a real-world MBA in one day.

Here’s just a few of breakthroughs you’ll have during this one-time only LIVE workshop…
- Micro-Offers: my proven formula to create the perfect offer (get this wrong and you’re toast).
- Micro-Marketing: the only time you should post on social media (social media can make or break your business)
- Micro-Launch: the “No-Launch”, Launch: My proven method for creating profit - from scratch - in 24 hours.
- Micro-Memberships: The right way to launch a membership site or continuity program (miss this crucial step and you’ll struggle to fill your group with more than 5 members!)
- Micro-Certifications: How to turn your IP into a profitable certification that’ll convert 7X higher than other offers and has built-in recurring revenue
- Micro-Metrics: forget all the complex metrics. You really only need to know these 3 numbers.
- Micro-Managing: When to outsource and what you can do yourself (goodbye platform nightmares!)
- Micro-Coaching: How to sell coaching - and the right way to stand out from the crowd
- Micro-Email: How to generate an extra 5-figures from EVERY email you send.. in just 3 minutes
- Micro-Branding: The one tiny tweak I made which added an extra $79,812 in monthly revenue
- Too much more to list there…


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Chris Rempel - Spec Report: B2B Matchmaking - The Lazy Marketer

Chris Rempel - Spec Report: B2B Matchmaking - The Lazy Marketer | 1.13 GB
Until very recently, traditional B2B industries have still largely been living in the “digital dark ages” when it comes to marketing & sales strategy.
We are talking about billion-dollar companies whose entire sales process amounts to attending a few trade shows each year… because, well, that’s what worked, for decades.

Rolling out a truly digital sales strategy is something that very few B2B firms in the “old world” have actually done - let alone done well.

And then - in March of 2020 - life as we knew it took a very strange turn.The world shut down, basicallyovernight.

No more trade shows. No more conferences. No more business travel. No more in-person selling.

For a lot of long-established companies, this meant rapidly figuring out how to move their sales ops online - and finally taking it seriously…


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FourWeekMBA Full Library - FourWeekMBA Official Store

FourWeekMBA - Full Library | 139 MB
This is a book bundle of the essential premium books from FourWeekMBA.
What does the bundle comprise?
7 Master Books Part Of The FourWeekMBA Business Book Series:
- An Entire MBA In Four Weeks ($49)
- 100 Strategy Tools ($49)
- 100+ Business Models ($59)
- Tech Business Models ($59)
- Financial Accounting Explained In 100 Pages ($29)
- Google Sheets For Business People ($9)
- The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Digital Marketing ($9)

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Training: Facebook Ads and iOS 14 - Jon Loomer Digital

Jon Loomer - Facebook Ads And iOS 14 | 1.73 GB
Training Overview
iOS 14 makes a dramatic impact on Facebook advertising: The addition of a privacy prompt to all iOS apps and an adjustment of the data sent to Facebook has resulted in new rules and processes that will impact your advertising globally, regardless of whether your audience is on an iOS device.
Course Description
This is a detailed, step-by-step video series that helps you understand the following (and more):
What the iOS 14 prompt is
The impact on targeting, optimization, and reporting
Your new 8 optimization events limitation
Aggregated Event Management
Value Optimization configuration

Primary training takeaways:
The iOS 14 Prompt
How it works, how it impacts data, and what Facebook is doing about it.
The Impact to Advertising

How optimization, targeting, reporting, and even effectiveness are bound to change.
What to Do Now
The specific steps that you can take to make sure that you are best prepared for this update.


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Rising Star
BGOL Investor
Mark Cloutier - The Real Deal Video Strategist Club

Mark Cloutier - The Real Deal Video Strategist Club | 10.93 GB
Course Curriculum
- 2.2A Requesting Access to Client Facebook Pages(4:56)
- 3.1 Different Network Types. Get in front of business owners this week.(22:39)
- 5.6 Interview with Dawn Dantzler, Director of Marketing Tilson Homes(41:16)

Module 1. Videos That Business Will Pay Big Money For
- 1.1 Brand Message Videos (BMV)(9:35)
- 1.2 Testimonial Videos(12:56)
- 1.3 Promo Videos(10:12)

1.4 Sales Trifecta(10:17) 1.5 Educational Course Videos(9:29)
- 1.6 Phone Sales Person Introduction Videos(6:06)
- 1.7 Live Stream Multicast Videos(8:36)
- 1.8 Process and Procedure Videos(6:02)
- 1.9 Recruiting Videos(6:56)
- 1.10 Safety Videos(6:06)
- 1.11 Political Videos(5:11)
- 1.12 Compliance Videos(5:55)
- 1.14 Product Videos(6:02)

Module 2A. Facebook
- 2.1A Facebook Business Manager Overview & Setup(6:21)
- 2.2A Creating New Pages & Requesting Access to Client Facebook Pages(6:28)
- 2.3A Requesting Access to Client Ad Accounts & Creating New Ad Accounts(5:49)
- 2.4A Facebook Page Optimization(4:37)
- 2.5A Facebook Pixel Overview & Setup(7:02)
- 2.7A Facebook Ad Type Overview(36:21)

Module 2B. Instagram
- 2.1B Creating an Instagram Account(1:14)
- 2.2B Optimizing Your Page & Structuring Your Bio(4:29)
- 2.3B Switching to an Instagram Business Account(3:58)
- 2.4B Linking Your Instagram Page to Your Facebook Page & Cross Posting(2:57)
- 2.5B Strategic Content Creation(3:18)
- 2.6B Hashtag Research(3:02)
- 2.7B Instagram Stories(7:27)
- 2.8B Instagram Ads (coming soon!)
- 2.9B Analytics (coming soon!)

Module 2C. Google
- 2.1C Google My Business(15:10)
- 2.2C Google Analytics(10:38)
- 2.3C Google Ads Creation(27:46) 2.4C Google Ads Dashboard Overview(8:48)
- 2.5C Setting Up Your Google Retargeting Tag (Pixel)(4:24)
- 2.6C Creating Custom Audiences in Google (COMING SOON!)

Module 2D. YouTube
- 2.1D Basic YouTube Ads Manager Overview & Setup(6:07)
- 2.2D Linking YouTube to Your Google Retargeting Tag(2:24)
- 2.3D Advanced YouTube Ad Creation (COMING SOON!)

Module 2E. Snapchat
- 2.1E Snapchat Ads Manager Overview & Setup(6:48)
- 2.2E Snapchat Pixel Set Up(1:22)
- 2.3E Creating Custom Audiences & Retargeting in Snapchat (COMING SOON!)

Module 2F. Chat Bots
- 2.1F Chat Bot Setup Guide (Many Chat)(15:38)

Module 2G. Email Marketing
- 2.1G Mailchimp Overview(1:21)
- 2.2G Audience Creation(6:05)
- 2.3G Campaign Creation (Email Blasts)(8:47)
- 2.4G Campaign Creation (Automations & Flows)(7:42)
- 2.5G Campaign Reporting & Analytics(5:29)
- 2.6G Domain Authentication(4:34)
Get immediately download Mark Cloutier - The Real Deal Video Strategist Club

Module 2H. How To Audit a Prospect or Client’s Website & Advertising Strategy
- 2.1H How to Audit a Website(17:23)
- 2.2H How to Find & Audit Facebook Ads(7:24)

MODULE 3 Lead Generation Through Networking
- 3.2 Networking Tips and Tricks(7:28)
- 3.3 Fill Your Calendar Networking Opportunities(31:20)

Module 4 Online Lead Generation for your Business.
- 4.1 LinkedIn & Automated Prospecting(12:44)

Module 5 Business Owner Discovery Interview Library

MODULE 6 Discovery & Sales Guide
- 6.1 Discovery(9:06)
- 6.2 Sales Meetings(14:51)
- 6.3 How to Price Digital Marketing Services(15:15)

MODULE 7 Flow Chart Downloads
- Online Course Flow Chart Download


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Allison Ostrander - Overnight Profit Strategy (Pro Version)

Simpler Trading - Overnight Profit Strategy PRO | 18.5 GB
Allison designed this strategy to literally generate profits overnight by exploiting her Divergent Bar pattern in the final minutes before the market closes. This simple setup aims to anticipate how the market will open the next day based on the predictive power of her formula. And after a year of live-trading and development, Allison discovered her Divergent Bar Strategy can work on almost any chart.
What Will You Learn?
Who Uses This Strategy: Allison Ostrander
What: The Overnight Profit Strategy class will guide you step-by-step through low-risk ways to exploit this pattern. Allison’s will show you exactly how she’s used Vertical Spreads to target gains of 50-100%+ in as little as 24-hours. You don’t need to know spreads to benefit from this class because you also get Allison’s new Ultimate Guide to Vertical Spreads as a bonus. Inside you’ll learn her simplified version the Debit and Credit Vertical Spreads, and more.
You’ll also learn how Allison has ‘shapeshifted’ potential losses into breakeven or a profit with her trade management secrets. So this class is especially well-suited for any trader who has struggled to achieve consistent account growth.

BONUS: Ultimate Guide to Vertical Spreads:
A big part of the Overnight Profit Strategy’s success is the Vertical Spread. These powerful setups are the best-kept secret of options income traders because they make it possible to enjoy extremely high odds compared to buying puts or calls.
Because many traders don’t know how to extract the full profit potential from Vertical Spreads, Butterflies, or Iron Condors. Allison will share her simplified version of these setups so even newer traders can take advantage of her Overnight Profit Strategy.

The Divergent Bar Tool:
This new indicator identifies Allison’s Divergent Bar pattern by projecting what the next bar is likely to do based on the close of the current bar. Allison’s simple formula is designed to spot reversals with the potential for high reward for limited risk. It can be used in,up,down and consolidating market’s on almost any chart or timeframe. What makes this indicator so powerful is how it helps predict what the following bar will do. This pattern is especially powerful when combined with Allison’s Vertical Spread setups. Available for ThinkorSwim (TOS) and TradeStation.

Asset Class/Markets: The Overnight Profit Strategy was designed to take advantage of weekly options on a daily time frame. This strategy can be used on any symbol with liquid weekly options.

Skill Level: This class and strategy has something to offer all traders, regardless of experience level. For the beginner you will learn how to read the Divergent Bar indicator, and how to control risk using Vertical Spreads. Intermediate traders will learn the nuances between Debit and Credit Spreads. Advanced traders will learn how to turn a losing trade into a potential winner by pivoting into a Butterfly or Iron Condor. The Experienced expert will learn how to incorporate the Divergent Bar indicator into their existing strategies to create even higher probability trades.

Why Buy This Class: If you want a conservative, low risk way to earn consistent weekly profits, this class is worth your time and energy. Allison is a more conservative leaning trader, who likes to focus on growing small accounts with risk controlled strategies. She enjoys both intraday style trading (without the risk of day trading) as well as longer term swing trades. Allison believes that no matter what kind of market we’re seeing, there is a strategy that can be applied to grow your account. Allison has built the Overnight Profit Strategy to offer risk mitigated returns, perfect for traders who can’t sit and watch the charts all day. If you are looking for a low stress/high reward method of trading, then you would benefit from The Overnight Profits Strategy course.

Course Breakdown
- Chapter 1: Understanding Risk: 40 minutes
- Chapter 2: Sole Indicator?: 36 minutes
- Chapter 3: Overnight Profits With Divergent Bar: 31 minutes
- Chapter 4: Consistent Profits With Vertical Spreads: 29 minutes
- Chapter 5: Implementation Checklist: 50 minutes
- Chapter 6: Examples And Q&A : 21 minutes
- Chapter 7: Chart Examples with Q&A: 49 minutes
- 3-Days Live Trading Sessions (Recorded)


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Adam Enfroy - Blog Growth Engine

Adam Enfroy - Blog Growth Engine | 25.1 GB
What Blogging Is and Isn’t
Blogging today is not writing. It’s not a passion project. It’s not a broad approach or creating a tiny niche site based on some numbers in a report. It’s not a way to write diaries or update an audience on social media.
It’s not about “trying” Pinterest traffic, Facebook ads, or writing about your passions and then trying to monetize your blog down the road.
Here’s what it is:
Blogging in 2021 is scaling your efforts to compete with brands. It’s being a business owner, not a writer.
Blogging is monetizing the collective consciousness of Internet searchers by owning the digital real estate of search engine results pages (SERPs).
Blogging is optimized content, strategic link building, scaling your authority with real relationships, and being a true force in your industry.
It’s a personalized, new, but foundational digital marketing strategy to create true online wealth in this digital age.

Here’s What You Get When You Sign Up For Blog Growth Engine
The only blogging course you need to launch and scale a profitable blogging business in the 2020s.
50+ hours of video
10 modules
30+ individual lessons
Blogging templates

What You Get:
Module 1 - Niche selection and the brand of you
In module 1, you’re going to find the unique brand of you. We’ll also introduce you to the authority flywheel, which is a framework to scale your online authority and influence in any niche.

Module 2 - Mindset
In module 2, we cover the mindset needed to start a blogging business, including dealing with imposter syndrome, fighting the devil on your shoulder, and how to forge ahead fearlessly with your online business.

Module 3 - Blogging Like a Startup
In the third module, we cover blogging like a startup principles. This includes lessons from The Lean Startup, going over the startup mentality, and then we’ll introduce you to the concepts of pivoting and the idea of feedback loops, showing you that a blogging business runs on data.

Module 4 - Decoding Search Intent
This module includes how search engines work, the power of capturing Google traffic, and how to deconstruct searches and the competition to begin to understand exactly what you’re going to write.

Module 5 - Your Minimum Viable Website
Here’s where we start building your website. This is an exact, step by step series of videos showing you exactly how to set up your blog, including the hosting, the theme to pick, the exact plugins you need, how to tweak every setting – basically every little detail to get your website launched.

Module 6 - Keyword Monetization
This module includes how to do keyword research step by step, exactly what to look for to find monetizable keywords, and you’ll uncover the first keywords that you’ll start targeting. We’ll also cover the keyword research matrix. By the end of this module, you’ll have a new instinct to quickly and instantly spot keyword opportunities in the real world.

Module 7 - Blog Content Creation
Here, I show you the content assembly line method and how to assemble (not write) posts. You’ll also get the exact templates to start your posts from – how-to posts, affiliate list posts, reviews, comparisons – you’ll have the perfect framework for it all.


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New Multi Squeeze Pro System Pro Elite with John Carter

Simpler Trading - New Multi Squeeze Pro System Elite | 31 GB
Find Big Trades Primed To Move…
Instantly Find Hidden Squeeze Pro Setups Across All 18 Timeframes
Find out how this system can reveal profits hidden from most traders
Do you want to pick only the best trades in any market?

Get the system that helped John Carter catch a $611,395 profit in AMZN and two $1+ million trades in TSLA. These huge winners would have been “hidden” without the New Multi Squeeze Pro System. This breakthrough finally makes it possible to spot ALL 3 Squeeze Pro setups across ALL 18 timeframes.
This simply wasn’t possible before now (unless you painstakingly examined 18 separate charts). It means missed opportunities because no one has the time to do that.
Now imagine being able to see exactly when the strongest squeezes are all lined up and ready to explode — at a glance. This insight is more important than ever during volatile market conditions!
The beauty of the New Multi Squeeze Pro System is that it works in all market conditions — it was created thanks to a breakthrough during one of the most volatile market conditions in history.
And now it’s the go-to method of trading no matter what the market is doing.
The New Multi Squeeze Pro System shows how to get in moves that are “all lined up” and ready to go.
These days, stocks can rally on bad news (and drop on good news).
The reality is… strong stocks make phenomenal moves almost every day. These moves happen fast.
The problem for most traders is these explosive moves are hiding in a charting mess
So everyone’s asking, “How do you win when nothing makes sense?”
The New Multi Squeeze Pro System is a way to sort through the confusion and target ONLY the best trades.
And, get this, the huge profits the New Multi Squeeze Pro System uncovers isn’t the best part.
What’s really exciting is HOW the system identifies which big moves are all lined up and ready to go.
Because you can apply this same strategy on almost any chart.
And it can work for smaller accounts, too.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this powerful training…
- How to instantly spot ‘super-aligned’ Squeezes (HUGE breakthrough)
- How to predict these monster trades with new ‘hidden’ triggers
- Exactly what the best trades look like BEFORE they take off
- Why trading can offer true income security in a crazy uncertain world
- The simple way to trade options in this totally insane market
- When momentum is ‘locked and loaded’ to shoot in your favor
- 3 account-killing mistakes to avoid right now (this is so critical)
- How to be prepared to profit from what’s about to happen


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2xyouragency by Semantic Mastery

Semantic Mastery - 2X Your Agency | 5.11 GB
You know that feeling when you realize you need clients…RIGHT NOW…but you don’t have any prospects?
That sinking feeling of falling behind because you got busy fulfilling your promises to one client or your job and now aren’t sure where the next project is going to come from?

Or maybe you’re starting to realize that something is just MISSING from your process as you seem to only get work in short bursts…Boom or Bust…
The problem isn’t your service.
It isn’t your results.
The real problem is not having a conveyor belt type system that keeps prospects “magically” showing up on your calendar booking calls so they can pay you good money.
How much easier would it be if you had a tried and true method to have prospects eager to connect with you while you focused on the things that really matter?
Building a kick-ass team.
Growing your business
Spending more time with your family
Getting outside more and away from the computer
Knowing that your lead generation
is running smoothly…without your constant attention
We’ve got a secret to share…
Do you know the reason why we know how this feels?
Because we’ve been there.
Nearly everyone that has built a digital marketing agency from the ground up for the first time has felt like they were constantly struggling to find good clients…
and provide value…
and keep it all going without dropping all the work they were trying to juggle.
It Sucks.
We know it.
You know it.
So why keep doing the same thing over and over again?
What if you could drastically change your future so that you reliably get prospects booking calls to pay you for your services?
Would an extra $1,000 per month make a difference?
How about $10,000 per month?
These are the kind of results we’ve seen from students that have put the 2X Your Agency methods to work.
And the best part is, you’ll not only find out exactly how to get these clients booking calls, but you’re also going to find out precisely how to:
Grow Your Revenue. Grow (or start) Your Team.


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Rising Star
BGOL Investor
Etsy Profits Generator By Dave Kettner

Dave Kettner - Etsy Profits Generator - How To Make $11,453+ Per Month On Etsy | 10.5 GB
Dear Future Online Business Owner,
If you’re looking for the best and safest way to start your own online business & replace (or supplement) your full-time job income, then you should pay close attention to every word on this page.

Read this page very carefully, because you’re going to discover how you can build a successful online business, even if you fail, 98% of the time.
Specifically, I’m going to share with you a simple, easy and proven system to build a business capable of generating $11,453 a month, selling just one product.

Let me ask you…
Would An Extra $11,453+ / Month In Your
Home Budget Be Useful To You Right Now?

I’m sure it probably would.
That’s the possibility before you today.
Which is why I want you to make sure that you review this entire letter to discover the opportunity you have to completely change your life.
- In it, you’re going to discover what I call the success myth - how it’s possible to fail 98% of the time, and still be able to make thousands of dollars a month. As much as $11,453, with the examples, I’m going to show you.
- I’m going to reveal to you the contrarian business model that makes this all possible. I’m also going to tell you the hidden truth about traffic…The fact that you don’t have to use any traffic source, free or paid, to generate thousands of dollars a month of income.
- I’m also going to explain why trying to do everything perfectly will actually kill your chances for success.
- And how being willing to embrace failure can help you leverage the same system that saved the Japanese car industry decades ago, to build a successful online business.

The Etsy Profits Generator Masterclass is a full 8-module video course where I'll show you, in full detail, each step of the way from finding ideas to loading them onto mugs and other products to turn them into profits on Etsy and Amazon.
In these 8 modules you’ll hear:


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Justin Laurens - Entire Bundle

Justin Laurens - Entire Bundle | 5.05 GB
Welcome to the JL Portrait Editing & Retouching Course:
Are you ready to take your editing skills to the next level?
Learn flawless (yet natural) Skin Retouching, create colors that “Pop!” & master glossy, depth-boosted tones (make your photo look 3D!)

Don’t waste hours struggling through hundreds of YouTube videos (or trial-and-error). Instead fast-track your skills with my simple step-by-step program.
Discover 7 extremely detailed modules with 40 videos, 3 FREE eBooks & private access to my Mentoring Group.
Some lessons you’ll learn:
In this course, you will:
- Learn how to use Photoshop (even if complete Beginner!)
- Learn all my personal editing techniques & workflows
- Create beautiful lighting/tones
- Edit vibrant colors that “pop”
- Create razor sharp details
- Retouch flawless/glowing skin
- Apply innovative 3D/Depth enhancement effects

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Jack Canfield - Breakthrough to Success Online (2021)

Jack Canfield - Breakthrough to Success Online | 40.95 GB
What You Get:
10 Powerful Modules of Training
Life-Changing Training at Your Fingertips – So You Can Start Living Your Best Life Today!
This Ultimate Masterclass makes my complete Breakthrough to Success LIVE program available to you as a self-guided, self-paced training. Take as long as you like to work through the course, reviewing each exercise and section as often as you like or binge-watch it all in one week.

The system is designed to give you the tools you need to change your life – and the momentum you need to keep the shifts going!

Module 1 - Tapping Into Your True Power
Unlock your full potential and gain complete control over you life, so you can show up in the world in a much more powerful way. You’ll learn how to develop and maintain a powerful Success Mindset, take 100% responsibility for your life, and tap into your infinite capacity to create anything you want.
Module 2Finding True Purpose
Expand your self-awareness and gain powerful clarity on your true purpose in life – and how to best manifest it. You’ll recognize and celebrate your past successes, uncover your life’s purpose and create a powerful vision for a joyous, fulfilling, meaningful life.

Module 3 - Aligning Your Purpose and Passions
Explore your greatest passions and bring your life and work into greater alignment with the things that matter to you most. You’ll gain powerful clarity on what you truly love, identify ways to align your life more fully, and discover the secrets to living a passionate life, no matter who you are.

Module 4 - Defining Your Dream
Activate the power of goal setting and design a step-by-step plan to make your biggest dreams a reality. You’ll set measurable, achievable goals that require you to grow, master powerful strategies to acheive any goal, and develop a breakthrough goal that will quantum leap your success.

Module 5 - Making the Impossible – Possible
Reprogram your subconscious to seek out the opportunities and resources that will help you acheive your goals and make your ultimate vision a reality. You’ll create powerful “manifestation affirmations” to feed your subconscious, get rid of old mindset patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you, and train your mind to stay focused on the results you want and manifest your goal faster.

Module 6 - Identifying & Overcoming Your Obstacles
Eliminate the mental and emotional roadblocks that have been holding yoru back from experiencing greater success in life. You’ll remove your subconscious blocks, release unwanted thoughts and feelings, heal wounds, fears, and unleash your full brilliance – becoming the best version of yourself.

Module 7 - Take Inspired Action
Tap into your deepest essence and learn how to take powerful action, letting nothing stop you from creating the life you want. You’ll gain powerful insight into who you truly are ( and who you are NOT), how to handle rejection, and how to use feedback to greatly improve your results.
Module 8 - Unleashing Your Full Potential
Connect with your higher self, boost your confidence, self-respect and integrity, and activate the infinite potential inside you. This module uses meditation to access the unlimited resources of your mind. You’ll learn how to listen to your higher-self, leverage your intuition to achieve greater levels of success, and how to keep your agreements to earn higher levels of trust and respect.

Module 9 - Developing Key Habits
Remove energy blocks, boost your productivity, and keep your motivation high as you work toward your goals. You’ll create a morning routine that strenghtens your success mindset and helps you get more accomplished each day, use meditation to eliminate energy blocks from your body and mind, and end each day with a powerful ritual that sends postive signals to your subconscious, keeping you inspired and motivated.

Module 10 - Creating A Support Community
Learn how to develop strong relations with people who will give you the support you need to achieve your goals and dreams. You’ll go through the process of creating your own effective mastermind group, finding a motivated accountability partner to keep you on track and committed to your goals,learn a communication technique that fosters deep meaningful, healing conversations, and strengthen relationships with the people in your life.

15 “Deep Dive” zoom session recordings with over 120+ answers to FAQ’s submitted by online students.

12 downloadable 70-minute audio interview sessions giving you my best advice for improving your life.

Uncover the benefit of EFT, a revolutionary tool to eliminate fear and doubt and other blocks to success.


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Five Minutes to Famous by Susie Moore

Susie Moore - Five Minutes to Famous | 3.23 GB
Get noticed, skyrocket your reputation, and attract new clients by becoming your own publicist
Five Minutes to Famous is a results-focused program to help you land media opportunities that grow your business, even if…

- You’re not a writer
- You have zero experience being interviewed on video or in print
- You don’t have insider connections to the publishing industry
- You think you’re too shy, young, new, old, fat, ugly, boring, inexperienced, or [[insert any other bogus, negative things we tell ourselves]] to ever get published


What’s the “Pay In Full” Bonus?
GREAT question! So, if you pay in full (one-time payment of $997), then you’ll also get, for FREE, 3 monthly group coaching calls live and direct with me! This is an amazing opportunity to bounce your pitches, article ideas or strategies off me, as well as participate in hot seats.
For the record, my 1:1 coaching clients pay me well over $1,500/hour, so this is the biggest steal you may ever find!

HOW DOES Five Minutes to Famous WORK?
Five Minutes to Famous is your plan of attack to go from:
- Being the best-kept secret in your industry
- Having little to no writing or media experience
- Not using the media to help grow your business or reputation
- Getting recognized as an expert with features in big-name publications
- Getting features that can grow your email list by hundreds or thousands a pop
- Hearing from people who can’t wait to work with you after discovering you
- Meeting influencers and having industry icons and thought leaders sharing your work and insights

As for the “five minutes” part of the program?
I landed my first big media placements while working a demanding full-time job and building my coaching business on the side.
As a busy entrepreneur, I know you don’t have time to be your own full-time PR team. This program gives you targeted action steps to get you published quickly and effectively.
Sound like a dream? Here’s how we do it…

What’s included?
I’m not a fan of complicated. So I designed Five Minutes to Famous to be elegantly simple - only the most essential steps you need to get published are included.
Because the less you have to do, the more likely you’ll be to actually DO IT and get your name out there!
The program includes 5 easy-to-consume video modules and 4 proven-to-work scripts to get you featured in the media.
Oh, and - because people always ask this - you do not need to live in a big city like NYC or LA for this system to work its media magic. We have people in the program from over 30 countries. All of the strategies in Five Minutes to Famous are virtual and can be successfully applied from anywhere in the world. You won’t need a face-to-face meeting to get your first big feature!

MODULE 1 - Celebrity Identity
You know how I said this program only includes the essentials?
Clearly defining your brand is ESSENTIAL. It’s not an optional step, my friend - you must have a clear identity and messaging to guide the rest of your strategy. Otherwise, you’ll be pitching topics that don’t align with your brand, which leads to missing the mark on your business goals.
- Create your core brand messaging to guide each and every message you share
- Develop specific areas of expertise, a strong viewpoint, and a compelling, unforgettable voice
- Confidently describe why editors should choose you over everyone else - the critical foundation for your rejection-proof pitch!
- Pinpoint topics that bring massive attention from media, press, and readers
- Position yourself as an expert in your field, so editors and readers alike seek your opinion

MODULE 2- The Money Spot
Seeing your name in the press is cool and all, but we’re building your business, not just your ego.
This module is about getting strategic with your media placements so your press gets results (to the tune of list growth, clients, and sales). Plus, you’ll learn how the heck to make that important editor connection that will take your business to the next level.
- A detailed description of your dream clients, students, and subscribers…so you can create the exact content they’re looking for
- A hit list of the local, national, and niche publications that your ideal clients are reading and are consistent with your brand
- How to find the contact information for editors at big publications, even if you don’t have a single media contact. (This is worth its weight in gold - you can’t pitch editors if you don’t know where to find them!)
- Which media and publications drive real results for your biz and which don’t. (Bet you’ll be as surprised as I was when I learned this.)
- How to supercharge your SEO by choosing publications that provide high-quality backlinks to your website

MODULE 3- Rejection-Proof Pitching
Before you get to touch the masses with your message, you’ve got to get an editor to say “yes” to the idea.
That’s where your pitch comes in. After years of pitching editors (and admittedly making a bunch of mistakes along the way,) I know the exact way to structure your pitch to get approved by even the most competitive media outlets. Together, we’ll craft what to say to get the attention of big players in the wild, noisy world of publishing.
- How to effectively pitch any editor in any niche on any topic
- My strategy to never run out of stand-out story angles and irresistible topics that editors at places like Huffington Post, Business Insider, and Shape magazine can’t get enough of
- How to piggyback on trends in the zeitgeist to make your pitch even more enticing to editors
- Polite-but-assertive follow up strategies to get a “yes!” response from busy editors…without becoming an annoying stalker
- My unique “Laddering Up” sales technique to leverage each media feature to get more and bigger publications to approve your pitches. (Bonus: you can apply this same strategy to land more and bigger clients, more and bigger speaking gigs…the opportunities are endless!)

MODULE 4- Swoon-Worthy Content
Your pitch was approved!! Pop, fizz…wait. Before we can celebrate, you’ve got to write that article!
Because if you don’t submit a killer article that fulfills the promise of your pitch, your piece will never get published. Follow this simple system to create an editor-approved article that leads readers to your website like hipsters to a deconstructed latte. No previous writing skills required!
- The 5 simple elements your article must include to get published in print or online
- How to write a story that hooks interest, gets tons of clicks, and makes readers take the next step with your business
- Productivity hacks to make the writing process easy, fun, and fast (I bang out my articles in 45 minutes flat!)
- Concrete ways to generate new business by writing in a way that makes readers fall in love with you
- How to optimize your website to take advantage of all the traffic your guest posts will be sending you

MODULE 5 - The Wildfire Factor
You think you wrote 600 words with your article? You didn’t - you wrote 600,000 words…if you know how to use and promote it the right way. This module is about maximizing every media spot, stretching every word, and fanning the flames to watch your message spread and reputation shoot to the stars.
- Your Post-Publish Checklist of the promotional activities to do once your article goes live so that everyone sees it
- The syndication secrets that lead to thousands of likes, shares, and comments - and millions of views - on your articles
- How to 10x your content by repurposing it on your blog, as part of a book, or in a paid program or course…with integrity and permission
- My “Topic Remix Method” to re-engineer your most successful published articles to pitch to new media outlets (to save time writing new content and brainstorming new topics)
- How to build powerful relationships the right way to become every editor’s go-to person in your industry for future press opportunities
- The million-view trick to get your work shared by influencers who are happy to spread the word, if you know how to work it! I’ve had my work shared by Paulo Coelho (author of The Alchemist), Arianna Huffington, Tony Robbins, Kris Jenner, Steven Pressfield, and Dave Asprey (founder of Bulletproof Coffee) using this strategy - some of the coolest moments of my life!

Your 4 Proven-to-Work Scripts
Don’t sweat, pet. All you’ve got to do is fill in the blanks of these battle-tested scripts to create your own irresistible copy. These scripts are based on a combination of what’s proven to work and what I know editors like to receive.

Your Memorable Bio
Your writer bio needs to give editors and readers a taste of what you’re all about…in only a handful of characters. Use this script for a bio that’s professional, memorable, and completely YOU.

Your Perfect Pitch
I’ve used this pitch to successfully land media placements in Oprah.com, Huffington Post, Marie Claire, Forbes, Business Insider, and the Today show. With this script, you’ll pitch like a PR pro and spin your story in a way that editors can’t refuse.

Your Polite Follow Up
Editors are some of the busiest people on the planet. So if you don’t hear back after pitching, don’t give up! Use this script to keep the ball rolling in a polite way until you get your “heck yes!”

Your Captivating Shirttail
Your shirttail is the snappy call-to-action copy at the end of your article that makes readers want to take the next step. You’ll get the proven shirttail script to drive major traffic to your site or offer, so you’ll never miss the opportunity for new leads again.

Private Facebook Community
Want to jam on your content ideas and test-drive your pitch? Your wish is my command!


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The Formula Online Course by Dr Joe Dispenza

Dr Joe Dispenza - The Formula Online Course | 19.50 GB
After more than 10 years of independent research on personal transformation, the science behind spontaneous remissions and healings, and the most effective ways to intentionally create a new reality, Dr Joe Dispenza designed an introductory-level course filled with cutting edge knowledge, information and practical step by step guidance.

The Formula consists of twelve 30-40 minute lessons, which include five meditations, and a one-of-a-kind digital Study Guide - which illustrates the key concepts in each lesson and then provides the personal tools to turn the newly acquired knowledge into experience. This course is the distillation of years of Dr Joe’s extensive teachings and research, condensed into a simple, scientifically proven formula for personal transformation.
What You Get:
- Lesson 1: The Journey to Finding the Formula
- Lesson 2: The Model of Transformation
- Lesson 3: Stepping into the Unknown

- Includes Meditation 1: Becoming Familiar With…
- (Meditation Run Time: 22:58 Minutes)
- Lesson 4: Creating a New Future

- Includes Meditation 1: Becoming Familiar With…
- (Meditation Run Time: 22:58 Minutes)
- Lesson 5: Finding the Present Moment

- Includes Meditation 2: Finding the Present Moment
- (Meditation Run Time: 20:35 Minutes)
- Lesson 6: Living in Survival

- Includes Meditation 2: Finding the Present Moment
- (Meditation Run Time: 20:35 Minutes)
- Lesson 7: Brain Coherence

- Includes Meditation 3: Creating Brain Coherence
- (Meditation Run Time: 26:18 Minutes)
- Lesson 8: Heart Coherence

- Includes Meditation 3: Creating Brain Coherence
- (Meditation Run Time: 26:18 Minutes)
- Lesson 9: Living in Creation

- Includes Meditation 4: Creating Heart Coherence
- (Meditation Run Time: 17:52 Minutes)
- Lesson 10: Connecting to the Field

- Includes Meditation 4: Creating Heart Coherence
- (Meditation Run Time: 17:52 Minutes)
- Lesson 11: Drawing Your Future to You

- Includes Meditation 4: Creating Heart Coherence
- (Meditation Run Time: 17:52 Minutes)
- Lesson 12: Mastering The Formula

- Includes Meditation 5: Tuning In to a New Potential
- (Meditation Run Time: 32:27 Minutes)


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Rising Star
BGOL Investor
Marketing for Makers Academy 2.0 by Alissa Rose

Alisa Rose - Marketing For Makers Academy 2.0 | 5.73 GB
Make more money doing what you love and confidently grow your business on Etsy with a proven step-by-step system designed to not only increase your traffic and sales on Etsy, but also help you build a long-lasting business.

The Complete MMA Training Program:
6 Modules, 37 core video lessons, tech vault, PDF support documents, templates, and swipe files

Bonus #1: Student-Only Facebook Group
Bonus #2: "The 24 Hour Profitable Email Promotion" Guide

What You Get:
This module is the foundation of your business success. Most Etsy sellers skip this step (some don’t even know it exists)! In this module we are slowing down in order to speed up. Get ready to get FULL CLARITY on your business.

Module Highlights:
- Discover your PROFITABLE niche (financially and emotionally). We’re in this for the long-haul, so let’s get clear on what kind of business will support us monetarily and light us up passionately.
- Discover what the market wants. We’re not playing guessing games here! You’re given a strategy to produce real and accurate data to uncover who you serve and what they want so purchasing your products become a no brainer.
- Eliminate the competition! There is no such thing as market saturation if you correctly define and showcase how you stand out from the crowd. Let’s get to the bottom of how you can rise to the top!

Your conversion rate is the percentage of visits that turn into sales. Let’s make purchasing from your shop a no brainer by correcting all the things that might be making some people leave your shop and go to your competitors.

Module Highlights:
- Learn how to read your stats section and set goals! We need to know where we are are before we know where we want to go.
- Knowledge is power. Understand how the Etsy algorithm works and use it to your benefit to increase your listings ranking.
- Knowing what shoppers subconsciously look for when shopping is a game changer for your conversion rate. Know the exact photos you need to include in your listings and what to say in your descriptions in order to convince shoppers to hit that buy button.

Now that you’ve increased your conversion rate by fixing your existing offers, let’s drive that Internal traffic with a killer Etsy SEO strategy and increase your overall revenue like a pro with more marketing tactics.
Module Highlights:
- You’ll never have to wonder if it’s your SEO ever again with this fool proof Etsy SEO strategy. Get ready to see a massive increase in traffic and sales.
- We’re not done optimizing… Learn how to increase your overall revenue with shop organization and by bundling/grouping offers strategically.
- And if that’s not enough, learn how to find new product ideas based on data and market research so they’re bound to sell!

No more relying on Etsy to drive all of your traffic. Learn how to use Pinterest the right way and double, triple, quadruple, your traffic.
Module Highlights:
- Optimize your Pinterest account and create a profile that will become a magnet for your target audience.
- Learn best practices for VIRAL pins and craft a pinning strategy that works.
- Steal my keyword research strategy to massively increase the reach of your already optimized pins.
- [BONUS] GROW + AUTOMATE your Pinterest traffic to get the most out of the platform with Tailwind. Get ready for a traffic boom once you learn and implement the strategies in these 3 bonus lessons.

With a conversion rate of only 2-3% think about how that number could increase if we captured the email’s of the people who chose NOT to buy at first, but then convinced them later down the line with email marketing… That’s why email is STILL the number one way to convert prospects into customers and why every business needs an email list.
Module Highlights:
- Choose an email provider that works best for your business and learn how to grow your email list from SCRATCH.
- Learn how to craft an irresistible opt-in offer that will attract the right people to join your list.
- Know exactly what to say in the emails to your new subscribers to get them to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST your brand.

Content marketing is crucial for all modern day businesses, yes even product based ones! It builds awareness and increases visibility (not everyone is product aware)! This module is all about crafting your profit driven content marketing plan.
Module Highlights:
- No more social media overwhelm – Pick just a couple of platforms you want to post on and craft a content marketing plan for success.
- No more confusion about what to post to promote your business. Learn what TYPES of content to post, what to SAY in your copy, and WHEN to promote.
- Don’t let them check out your free content and then leave! Build your content marketing sales funnel so you can capture prospects email addresses and then convert them into customers down the line.


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The Zeus Almanac: Facebook Ads Strategy Complete Guide by Dave Nash

Dave Nash - The Zeus Almanac-Facebook Ads Strategy Guide | 358 MB
Welcome to the THE ZEUS ALMANAC
A comprehensive, 50+ page blueprint to achieving success with Facebook Ad campaigns.

Strategies include:
- Zeus Launch Testing 1.0 (low budget)
- Zeus Launch Testing 2.0 (high budget)
- Zeus Method 1.0 (OG)
- Zeus Method 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.0 / 5.0 for SCALING
- Complete beginners guide to setting up your first ad campaigns
- How to optimize your campaigns to scale from $0 to $20k+/day
- How to pick products to test with Facebook Ads
- How to create your image and video creatives (with real life examples)
- How to write ad copy for your FB ad descriptions
- How to choose interest targeting (broad, narrow, stacking)
- How to optimize your ads (know when to kill them)
- How to run retargeting on Facebook (high ROAS custom audiences)
- How to master manual bidding
- ….and MUCH MORE.


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Online Launch School By Bossbabe

BossBabe - Online Launch School | 9.65 GB
Online Launch School is a 12-week program designed to take the guesswork out of sold-out launches, whether you’re looking to start an online business or scale one.

Ready to have the biggest cash injection your business has ever seen, using the power of launches?

Great question. Lemme quickly go over the 5 types of people Online Launch School IS for so you can figure out if it’s a fit…

Online Launch School is for you if you’re an entrepreneur-to-be who is armed with a killer idea for a product or service, but you have no idea what to do next. You’re excited to learn more about launches so you can get your first product/service out into the world – you’re oh so ready to birth this business baby and serve as many people as you can!

Your launches are filled with more stress than success. Your product/service is not the problem… your problem is making money from them. You can’t seem to hit your revenue goals no matter what and how hard you try, and you’re ready for that to change – ASAP.

You launch your product or service periodically and throw everything you’ve got at those launches – each and every time. You’re making sales but the problem is, you’re completely and utterly… mentally and physically… exhausted! All the time! You’re looking to find a better way of doing things. It has to be easier than this, right?!

Your launches were going so well… until they weren’t anymore, when you realized you’d sold your product/service to almost everyone in your audience. You want to keep the momentum going and for your launches to get bigger and better than ever before… but you’re not sure how to do that.

Having to hire seems like a great problem to have, until you realize you can’t scale without people who can do things as well as (or better than) you can. This course isn’t for you, but it is for your new team member - give it to them and step aside, we’ll take it from here for you.
… to sum things up real quick: Online Launch School IS for you if you have a coaching, membership, or service based business – AND it’s also for owners of product-based businesses. Do you fit into any of these 5 categories above? If so, it looks like you’d be a perfect fit for this program, right?

OLS is not for you if you have no clue what type of business you want to launch.
OLS is not for you if you don’t have any idea what product or service you want to sell within your business
OLS is not for you if you have a brick and mortar business and don’t want to make sales online.

Here’s what we want you to achieve with Online Launch School….
Imagine checking your bank account to see that your business has finally had its biggest cash injection of all time? We’ll show you exactly what you need to do to make sure your next launch delivers the most profitable results you’ve ever seen.
Oh, and this is totally possible for you without having to hire new team members, outsource to contractors, or add more bells and whistles to your business. Let’s simplify in order to amplify, ok?!

Imagine waking up the day after your launch has ended and realizing that you’ve sold out of every single thing you had? We’re going to walk you step by step through the framework you need to make sold out launches your new normal.
Instead of getting anxious or upset about not hitting your goals again, you can put your feet up, pour yourself a nice almond milk latte (or something stronger) and proudly watch all the puzzle pieces finally falling into place.

Imagine ending your launch and saying, “Wow, I could do that all over again tomorrow – no problem.” That’s the level of energy we want you to be feeling pre, during and post-launch. Building a business doesn’t need to go hand in hand with burnout, and we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to change the way you do business, forever.
Oh, and you’ll definitely be feeling abundant enough to airplane-mode your phone, book a bougie spa day, and toast your success with a glass of champagne, btw – more stress doesn’t equal more sales, trust me!

I know the feeling of wanting to step away from managing every single launch yourself and have someone else on your team take care of it… and that’s actually how this program came around. We developed our frameworks, systems, trainings, and templates to teach our team how to execute launches for us… so now YOU can purchase Online Launch School as a plug-and-play training program to teach your team how to execute launches for you, too.
Imagine opening up your Stripe or PayPal account after the launch to find out your team has done an even better job than you did last time?! Trust me, it’s possible and Online Launch School will hold their hand each and every step of the way. That means more time you can stay in your zone of genius + spend on other things that’ll boost your bottom line.

We’re going to help you create your very own launch playbook that will help you execute successful launches time and time again. You’ll continue to inject cash into your business during launch periods, whilst also having the energy to focus on making money in between.
Say goodbye to stomach knots – and say hello to butterflies in your tummy from making more money + impact on the world.


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OMG Machines - Definitive Traffic Tsunami 2021 (Update 1,2)

OMG Machines - Definitive Traffic Tsunami DC2021 (UP1+UP2) | 62.42 GB
“Director’s Cut” has never looked this good, or been THIS essential…
…Because it is time for $10,000 to become the new normal, per DAY on affiliate sites, and per MONTH from individual clients!

…and YES! Greg is dropping the NUKE you’ve all been asking about! PLUS Dan is revealing his full $100,000/month agency systems including exactly how he pays for ads in SEVERAL mediums to get clients, and to service clients fast, both. Joe is an absolute All-Star now who commands ~$10,000/month from MULTIPLE YouTube clients, with all new reveals of how he is doing that, step-by-step and OTS!

Here’s A Quick Recap of How Greg, Dan, Kosta, and Joe are putting the TSUNAMI in “Traffic Tsunami:”
Live Ongoing Webinars 1/week: Stay plugged in, all year, to Greg’s research, Joe’s YouTube research and fulfillment, and Dan’s $100,000/month agency, and to Kosta’s Quality Guest Posts. Greg will have a webinar once every two weeks, alternating with Joe and Dan teaming up every other week.
An upgrade of Kosta’s EXCLUSIVE SOFTWARE AND LINKING SERVICE: As Traffic Tsunami members, be the only people with exclusive access to research keywords via his software. Greg explained on the webinar how critical and powerful this ability is for you.
Greg: An absolute bombshell has dropped! Greg has begun a small handful of multiple high-dollar affiliate sites, and is fully revealing one of them Over-The-Shoulder in its entirety! Many hours are already recorded, and will be released over the coming months. This series alone, along with Greg’s webinars, could power a $10,000 mastermind, but we’ve decided to INCLUDE it in Traffic Tsunami. It is so valuable that we are going to release it over a few months, rather than all at once. Greg’s affiliate sites will be taking in $1000’s per day, and likely much much higher than that as the year progresses.
For convenience, Greg’s SEO Bible and PBN training is imported into Traffic Tsunami, and will be updated if necessary throughout the year. Greg will also hold ongoing live webinars throughout the year, as explained above.

Dan: For the first time, Dan will be revealing his real-life, highly tested, systematized, profitable, and comprehensive approach to using paid ads across multiple platforms (Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Quora) for both client prospecting and client fulfillment (using ads to get clients, and doing ads on behalf of clients).
Dan will also demonstrate how he does retargeting funnels for acquiring and servicing clients. He’ll reveal several other processes that are critical for his $100,000/month agency, such as how he uses outsourcers and how he does reporting.
Joe: Along with Dan and Greg, the three have started a growing agency TOGETHER and plan to continue it to a million-dollar agency and beyond… while showing you how they are doing it, in real time, this year. The immersion, motivation, momentum, and training from following along with them should lead to immense growth in your own agency this year!
Joe has expanded his YouTube clients to several that are between $6000 and $10,000, and he’ll continue to show you his updated systems and knowledge for acquiring and fulfilling clients at that level.
Joe will also continue with the Mold Removal Over-The-Shoulder series, and others. Joe is all about OTS for 2020! Plus, live webinars with Dan every other week, alternating with Greg.

Our Mission At Traffic Tsunami
If you are looking to get ahead in SEO or the digital marketing world, then we are your place to be!
Welcome to Traffic Tsunami where we will be giving you some of the leading information on internet marketing.

Our leading industry experts have been in this business for almost 15 years now and have made millions of dollars on the internet. We have helped teach over a 1,000 students learn how to properly implement SEO and make a lot of money, and now, it’s your turn!
- Includes FREE access to AgencyEngine ($199/m Value)
- Includes Full Access to Private Facebook Group
- Includes Access to at least 1 LIVE Webinar per week
- Includes ClickUp Templates for running your Agency
- OTS Affiliate Marketing 2021 New Updates and Modules
- OTS Million Dollar Agency Screaming Frog Audit Template
- All SOPs
- All New Ecom Training
- Much More ongoing for 2021


Link Download
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