Breaking... Warner Bros entire slate of 2021 films to be released same day on HBOMAX .. Holy Shit


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free free free

I hear you but I could LEGIT see people PAYING for this...

Roku is out but a Nvidia Shield?

Smart TV?

If HBO MAX is available on there?

MOST people will just PAY it.

cause think

amazon Prime, Disney+ (Hulu ESPN bundle) and HBO Max..

WTF else you need?

Prime comes with membership, bundle like 12 and


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Misleading thread title. They are releasing the films in theaters AND HBO Max at the same time.

They are NOT releasing all the films on HBO Max at the same time.
Oh I didn't think that.

but I guess some could have interpreted that way

no matter..

this is HUGE

cause I am not going to the theater

but I may NOW be getting a NEW TV

in fact I would get the Roku one YOU recommended

but HBO Max don't work on ROKU


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AMC and Cinemark stock just took an immediate dip around 12:30 when this news broke.........
i will see how bad this affects them. Cinemark down $3 already


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OK HBO Max is $17 a month?


they gonna have to ADJUST that.

If they want folks to just SUBSCRIBE and forget it?

$12 may be much more reasonable.

Cause that number makes real easy for me to just go to the basement.


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AMC down 11%

Tried and told them. :roflmao: B-b-b-b-but the theater experience.

And I just finally seen Tenet. Why the fuck did that have to be watched in theaters? :confused: These dinosaurs on some serious drugs.

they BEEN down they BEEN WARNED


this CAN be salvaged.

seriously the blueprint exists and is viable its a question of just how COMMITTED they are

and if MAYBE

the government steps in to SAVE the industry.


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I'm confused, and this is mostly because of how HBO Max is just confusing in general. So when these new movies are released in theatres is Warner saying they will be released on HBO Max like a PPV option like how Disney+ charged $30 to watch Mulan? Or are they saying when these movies are released in theaters, if you have an HBO Max subscription you can watch them outright, no extra charge.

Somehow that doesn't sound like it makes financial sense, unless Warner shorted AMC stock or something. It's like a bootleg MoviePass situation.


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Just pay the $15 for the month the movie you want to see comes out.
I don't know of any movies coming out I want to see, and I don't do theaters regardless. I have an HBO subscription though, and I used the Roku app to see series and stuff outside the regular programming times until they made changes and it no longer worked. My cable provider doesn't have all the content or even all the recent shows available as on demand, and I don't care to watch content on my pc/phone/tablet so I watch it on my tv.