BGOL Ongoing Formula One Thread: 2019 Season

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    The BGOL Ongoing Formula One Thread

    Since the NBC Sports network has started carrying the right races live, I've found myself up on Saturday and Sunday mornings watching. I'm more fascinated with the sport than I've ever been before. Incredible stuff from Abu Dhabi this morning. I'm quickly learning that Vettle is a monster.

    Is there a good resource for newbies like me, that'll kind of bring me up to speed and teach me the basics of the sport, teams, and industry in general? Kind of a formula one primer.
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  2. 3rd__Optic Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    It used to be like years ago when i was a youngin (tellin my age). It's good to know that it's back. But I don't think corvette runs in F1. Are you certain you didnt see a 24hr race included along within your viewing that had the corvette in a particular class?
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  4. KingFoo

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    Always up to date with pre-race / post-race news. Including off-season...
    Kind of interesting but they are mostly biased towards one of the British drivers Jenson Button - he is below average but white - and against Lewis Hamilton (He was dating Nicole - Pussycat dolls) who is light years ahead of him in terms of talent and racing winning stats but black. Those two were teammates until this year when Lewis moved to Mercedes. But I mostly used this website to follow live races when I can't watch it online.

    Hot News:
    At the moment the newsy stuff is between the Lotus racing team and one of their drivers - Kimi Raikkonen. They haven't paid him for the whole season and he has been acting up over the past couple of weeks. Especially after he announced that he is moving to Ferrari next year. And the team got mad at him for that as well as letting out that the team is not paying him. So they look like they are fucking up his car.

    As for Vettel, I think the Red Bull team is cheating and there were rumours a month or so back that they are cheating because only one of the drivers is doing well and his car sounds different etc. Other drivers alluded to this as well ... But sh*t like that is hard to prove.

    For the history of F1: Big turn off is that they don't want their videos on Youtube.

    *Didn't proofread...

    SIDESHOW Uncle Juice BGOL Investor

    You're refferring to GT's... where' you'll see Vettes, Porsche 911s, Ferrari 458s and the like, running. Formula One are these bad boys right here...


    Thank you kind sirs :cheers:

    and the Vettle shit :eek:
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    In the first link I provided, go back and check out the youtube pit stop vids.
    1st video shows the pit crew changing out a tire in 2.31 seconds.
    2nd video shows another pit crew changing out a tire and steering wheel in 3 seconds :eek:
    I also like how the cars stop when entering the pit stop.
    Stopping on a dime is an understatement :yes:
  7. knightmelodic

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    Have been a fan for decades. Shit, I remember when they used to race on the ring. The most incredible cars on earth.
    Anyway, the links provided are good ones, but if you get used to the commentators accents they will probably tell you much more. Now they have those infrared cameras. wow. They also use the telestrater to show you how krs and drs work, etc
    RB and vettle cheat? lol, that's F-1; always a soap opera. the shit that happens off the track is just as interesting as the shit on it.
    kimi is known as the bad boy of F-1. he's going to ferrari and massa is out, he's never been the same since he got hit with debris

    anyway, check out those links and I suggest you find and watch the movie "Gran Prix" from 1969 I think. It's very realistic. Watch at the start for the list of drivers - juan antinio farangio, graham rahal, geoff brabham, phil hill, etc
    the movie has old track configs too - monza with the oval, zandvoort, spa before the chicanes

    keep it on the mat and stay out of the marbles!
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    Raikkonen's Lotus salary is eight million euros (£6.7m) plus a bonus of 50,000 euros (£42,000) a point. That means Lotus so far owe him 17.15m euros (£14.5m) this year.

    He was also not paid in 2012 until the end of the season.

    Lotus have cash-flow problems and argue they need to take care of their employees first because Raikkonen is already a multi-millionaire and does not need the money to live.

    Bet they do not want to offer him ownership of the team. They are just trying to fuck him over.
  9. Wobble Wobble

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    3rd - I think SIDESHOW meant Vettel not Vette.

    I saw Grand Prix for the first time recently and it was cool. I'll probably never watch it again. I am waiting for Rush, though.

    Your point about the commentators is probably the best. Steve Matchet was there, as a mechanic in the 80s and 90s on winning teams, but the NBC team are hampered by the fact that they're stateside (a studio in North Carolina). Only Wil Buxton is at every race. Legh Diffey is just a commentator, he never drove, David Hobbs had moderate success in the 60s and 70s as a driver but was legendary at Le Mans.

    I have access to both the NBC and the BBC feed. I watch one live and the other a few days later. full of information and the BBC guys are right there.
    I recently came across this detailed breakdown on reading the telemetry (information from the sensors on the car). There were things I didn't understand, but it's a good read:

    by the way, the mechanics are highly qualified, often with mechanical engineering degrees. I know an Audi mechanic in London who is a former McLaren pit crewman and he has the top UK qualification for Brits, City & Guilds. A junior mechanic on a Formula 1 team can command top dollar but chooses to be there.
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    No better racing on TV the F1. These are the most technically advanced cars on the planet and the money and venues of the racing are beyond anything NASCAR, albeit different have to offer. To think that F1 is a company, controlled by a single man and family and the money involved !!!!! If you've never been to a motorsports race, I would highly recommend noise cancellation headphones as that shit is unbelievably loud as it passes you. My only beef with F1 as it currently is is that its a parade of cars with very little passing except for when cars are in the pits. I recommend watching the Abu Dhabi, Nurburgring, Suzuka and Monaco races and picking up an F1 game to familiarize yourself with the tracks to highten your enjoyment.[​IMG]

    his unmarried daughter[​IMG]

    official F1 site

    I officially back lewis hamilton as a driver and the Mercedes AMG team[​IMG]since Micheal Schumacher retired.

    If your balling or live near it, F1 is coming back to the states since Nov.19-18 in Austin, Texas.
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  11. 3rd__Optic

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    Yeah I thought about it after the response. Vette = Vettel. Dudes a beast!!
  12. Database Error

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    Man I thought you were about to change some oil out this junt.

    SIDESHOW Uncle Juice BGOL Investor


    SIDESHOW Uncle Juice BGOL Investor

    US Grand Prix in 15min...:dance:

    SIDESHOW Uncle Juice BGOL Investor

    Re: Any Formula One heads on the board(Let's make this the 2014 F1 thread)?

    Anyone up watching the Australian GP?

    I know I'm hooked if my ass is up this early on a Sunday :smh::hmm::dance:

    It's interesting to see all the various front end designs(related to KERS) on these 2014 cars.

    As was said on the broadcast, I'm sure there will be more uniformity for 2015, after they look at each other designs and all figure our what works best.
  16. BDR

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    Re: Any Formula One heads on the board(Let's make this the 2014 F1 thread)?

    I Fucks wit Formula one
  17. Ruff Ryder

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    I like F1, I remember when they ran in Detroit.

    I also had seats at the starting line for the USGP @ Indy, I was sitting there when Michael Schumacher pissed them off by waiting for Barrichello at the last turn then drag raced to the finish line (that was some sweet shit).

    Before the race I met Mike and Ralf Schumacher in the pits.
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    We really need an f1 thread

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  19. onyxmodels

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    Lewis Hamilton fan here....
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  20. militantmidget

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    Saw the last race of 2013 in Brazil which was my first ever F1 race. I enjoyed it. Still trying to figure out who's who and which car sponsors are the best.

    I missed yesterday's race. I will try to catch the next one in Malaysia.
  21. Famous1

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    Bucket list shit...

    November 2, 2014...Austin Texas. The U.S. Grand Prix. Anybody game for it? I wanted to go this past year but I didn't start planning early enough.
  22. Iron Man

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    Hamilton fan here...but I am interested in Red Bull especially Vettel will he dominate this year with this new power unit technology as he done before in as he did in the past two years. I still believe to this day Red Bull engineers found a loop hole with the rule books and modified Red Bulls cars giving the 2013 RB9's the straight line advantage over the other manufactures. Already Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo was remove from his 2 place finished because their engine was running a richer mixture (fuel sensor issue) than the other racers violating FIA rules. Richer fuel mixtures will give a engine a greater power advantage over the other cars.

    And where is the Official F1 thread for 2014.:angry:
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  23. Hey Julian!

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    Renault engines ain't bout it. The only reason, he was up there is because they cheated and upped the fuel flow. No other Renault is up there, not even his own teammate. The played it safe with Vettle ' s and turned up the fuel and Daniel, so if they didn't get busted, it would be a go for Vettle next race. Bitch assessment got cold busted though.

    Fuck if Lewis didn't have bad luck , he'd have no luck at all. :smh: The shit is basically in the bag this year for Mercedes, they better not be that Bullshit with Lewis' s car.

    SIDESHOW Uncle Juice BGOL Investor

    Bahrain Gran Prix starting at the top of the hour :dance:
  25. knightmelodic

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    yep. let's see how the mercs hold up. they were damn near a second quicker than everybody else.

    one thing about NBC, they don't do all practices (maybe races?) live. and they didn't keep one of the commentators from SPEED channel.

    if RB was doing anything last season it was the setup. besides Vettle being a great driver, that RB-8 was killer in the turns. plenty of cars faster on the straights, but races are won in the turns.

    okay. here we go. lights off, Lewis gonna take Nico in turn 1!...:)

    SIDESHOW Uncle Juice BGOL Investor

    King, I'm just learning this sport, so I'm trying to figure out what makes a car/team faster than the next guy, considering all of the regulations that the teams have to adhere to.

    For example, Mercedes is up on power right now. How is that possible, if all the teams have to follow the same regulations? Are they given a bit a leeway to make certain tweaks as long as those tweaks fall within certain parameters? Kind of like the aerodynamics.... the front end of these new cars confirm to the new regs, BUT there are vast differences in the visual appearance.

    Is it kind of like that with the engines and other pieces? As long as you're within xyz spec, you can do whatever you want?

    Oh, yes NBC always shows live and even some qualifying as well.
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    SIDESHOW Uncle Juice BGOL Investor

    Must be the scariest feeling on earth to be strapped into one of those missiles with relatively cold tires/breaks. Got damn.
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  28. knightmelodic

    knightmelodic The Big Cat BGOL Investor

    I know. Speed channel had everything live.

    yes, the teams are given certain parameters to work within. this year most notable were turbo V6, front wing height, kers, and 8 gears.
    the announcers will explain it all better than I can.

    Lewis is INSANE...:lol:
  29. knightmelodic

    knightmelodic The Big Cat BGOL Investor

    oh, yeah. everybody is trying to learn how the new regs will translate to the track. so, just like defense travels in other sports, pit stops travel in F1. meaning: if you have a good pit crew you're ahead of the game.
  30. Osca Lee

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    Yeah...Austin is building a track for F1.... I have always loved it and will have my ass down there checking things out
  31. knightmelodic

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    bro, they been racing in Austin for 3 years

    SIDESHOW Uncle Juice BGOL Investor

    Yeah, that track been built. I've GOT to get out there in the near future to see these crazy muthafukkas live.

    Mercedes beastin

    SIDESHOW Uncle Juice BGOL Investor

    From the prerace discussions, sounds like there's a lot of hate towards Mercedes right now. Fuck it...if they put the work in to prepare for these new rules then they deserve to win.

    These new cars do sound kinda funny. They don't have that outrageous high end wail..
  34. KingFoo

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    When I heard that I was:


    SIDESHOW Uncle Juice BGOL Investor


    Shit ain't that sweet this year for red bull and some of the other teams.

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