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BGOL Hall Of Fame Inductee Thread

BGOL Hall Of Fame Denied Induction Thread


100 Votes ... needs to be Inducted ....

Lets go fellas we need better participation ...we can do one a day if we get more people playing

we have a lot of chicks that`s eligible so lets get the votes cracking ...:yes:



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Outside of Pam Grier, she might be the biggest black star to happily show off the goods.


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Not trying to derail you topic or picks but I think HOF on BGOL should have some historical relevance to this site. Like Grey Sweat Pans Marc or some of our Historic Female members like PC Freak. I like Rihanna and Beyonce but they seem more general or vanilla topics on this broad.....ijs


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Damn, you're right. I forgot all about Ms. Grey Sweats.

Another person that should be considered (because there was so many posts and controversy surrounding her) is Keani Cochelle. Her entire body of work should be considered (although she did gain weight in later years). She was nice at one point.

She recently lost weight due to having COVID-19.


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I've never cared for Rihanna. She's the definition of overrated in my book.
On the Rihanna vs. Mya pole, last I checked, she was beating Mya. MYA; miss Disney face herself. Mya usually kills in the poles. Rihanna gets much love on BGOL. Her threads do well on here.
But I ain't votin' for her ass. She needs some more years under her belt.


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Abstaining from this vote...

...never came to bgol to see her and was annoyed by her for the most part.

I dont know what kind of specific historical impact she's had around here.