Asian man shoots 6 yr old black kid and walks on 10k bond


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Reporter: Did it hurt?
Kid: Hell yeah it did, what you think you dumb ass b*tch

Well should've said. Dummy CAC reporter ask a question like that?? :smh:

I know there are new laws specifically meant to protect Asians.
but I hope fam receives justice.

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Back in March.
That was my question too.
And as you see, when they are arrested, easily bailed out. :smh:
Pathetic and sick and sadly too easily predicted, Asians been a acist as fuck since they dropped the railroad tracks in this mother fucker, now they have the government telling them they're victims of some imaginary anti asian hate. This will not end well.

This is why I'm anti gun control laws(which only stop law abiding black and brown people from getting gguns this is why I'm pro getting guns into the hands of every able body legally qualified black man and woman in this country.

I hate trump and all his minions, he was unarguably bad for this country. This and only this is the reason I voted for that crooked, sleepy eyed, white devil pervert joe Biden. But man these Dems and their refuse to do anything for black people and the insult of concentrating on asian hate whole black and brown people are still being slaughterhed by police and citizens alike simply for existing while black. Really makes you want to let this other fucker burn and hot up Toronto or some shit.

Sorry for the rant, just crazy how this whole thing works.


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That Asian needs to be shot but first his ass kicked Hong Kong style.

Won't no one step up but from listening to that kid,he the shooter better watch out cause in a few years or maybe next year that kid might return fire.

I mean he's tougher than a lot of grown men who has taken a bullet,real talk,"He shot me...." amongst his gang. lol


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Why is that mans house still standing?

We allow folks to harm our children and do nothing.

Black people act like Bonacera on Godfather Part 1. "I go to the police like a good American...and that Racist asian bastard walks free that very day
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Attacks on Asians by triggered black men has been on the increase since the Pandemic began. Wait'll some get a load of this. Rice is about to be spilt. :rolleyes: