Anthony Davis wants out......where will he go

Discussion in 'Blackgirl Online' started by eatcake, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. eatcake

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  2. easy_b

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  3. 4 Dimensional

    4 Dimensional Resident Meteorologist BGOL Investor

    La or Boston
  4. KingTaharqa

    KingTaharqa The Best On The Planet BGOL Investor

  5. Duece

    Duece Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Anybody in Seattle want a team?
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  6. Mack1052

    Mack1052 Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Boston for Brown, Rozier and all their draft picks
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  7. D'Evils

    D'Evils Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Dude is signed through next year 2020... No need to force a trade to the Lakers... For Kumza, Hart or Ball....

    A Lakers trade does not benefit New Orleans...

    Wait til the off season let Kryrie opt out and then then trade for Davis... They have, Hayward, Brown, Tatum, Rozier and 4 first round draft picks in the 2019 draft to choose from... Then resign Kryie to a new deal...
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  8. D24OHA

    D24OHA Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Smart money would be go to the east maybe with boston, CLEVELAND or some other team thats younger and has $$$ to blow. Gilbert would love to have another superstar here so he'd hit the tax for Davis....

    However if he wants to stay in the west and not look silly against the warriors, Houston or La wpuld be the teams to go to... He wouldn't fit on OKC, and I don't think they have the cap space to make that work
  9. woodchuck

    woodchuck A crowd pleasing man. BGOL Investor

    If he ends up in L.A., the whining over tampering from N.O. will be epic, and to be honest with you, I'd kinda understand it, even though I'd have no fucks to give.
  10. Naha-Nago

    Naha-Nago Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    They had a chance to win in overtime,

    Sean Peyton's play calling in the last two minutes of the game was atrocious.

    But no one from NOLA wants to mention that though.

    *two cents*
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  11. Duece

    Duece Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    You seriously over estimate how much people in New Orleans care about basketball.

    Anthony Davis wanting a trade only means that people here have less of a reason to watch basketball.

    Maybe the front office will bitch about it but the base will mostly be like "meh"
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  12. RAY V.

    RAY V. Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    3. Wherever Zion Williamson ends up :clap:
  13. jack walsh13

    jack walsh13 Jack Walsh 13 BGOL Investor

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Nobody is helping the Lakers. Now Boston is possible but New Orleans will do all they can to make sure he goes out east.

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  14. slam

    slam aka * My Name Is Not $lam * BGOL Legend

    knicks :D
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  15. KA$H

    KA$H GoldMember BGOL Investor

    Lakers. The NBA will make it happen to give Le'Bronze a fighting chance against GS. Probably trade Kuzma, Ingram, and 1st round Picks for a few years, or some shit along those lines to get him (big big mistake).
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  16. HellBoy

    HellBoy Black Cam Girls -> BlackCamZ.Com Platinum Member

    Davis said he wants to win consistently and compete for a championship. That rules out most teams. Boston, Utah, Denver are the only ones that come to mind. LA only has Lebron, who will probably only play 2 more seasons... I think that'd be a mistake for AD.
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  17. LordSinister

    LordSinister Grand Galactic Inquisitor/Last King of Ockland Super Moderator

    As much as I'd love him on the Lakers, Boston has better talent and pics. We will see.
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  18. fourthstbully

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  19. spider705

    spider705 We are Wakanda BGOL Investor

  20. Bumpee

    Bumpee Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Boston has to wait until July to trade for him. That might give the Lakers an advantage.
  21. KingTaharqa

    KingTaharqa The Best On The Planet BGOL Investor

    AD needs to go to the Warriors. They need another all star to beat LeBron and the Lakers. Dray and Curry prolly on the phone as we speak.
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  22. Mr. Met

    Mr. Met So Amazin BGOL Investor

    Throw the NBA a loop and sign to the Knicks with KD.
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  23. Tha Great Muta

    Tha Great Muta Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

  24. TooTrilla

    TooTrilla Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Any trash team will suffice.
  25. VWchrisATL

    VWchrisATL Well-Known Member BGOL Investor


    Magic might have to give the farm for him
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  26. Duece

    Duece Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Trade him to Milwaukee and let him play with the Greek Freak....
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  27. BitchI'llKillYa

    BitchI'llKillYa Well-Known Member BGOL Investor


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  28. oskie

    oskie Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    That's next year.. so at the end of the season he can walk and N.O. wont get anything in return. Trade now and get assets... no way NO will compete for championship in next two years
  29. largebillsonlyplease

    largebillsonlyplease Large BGOL Legend

    I sure hope so
  30. largebillsonlyplease

    largebillsonlyplease Large BGOL Legend

    I don't know who he'd go to because whoever trades needs to be assured hes gonna sign
    Also what new orleans would want in terms of players would gut most franchises at this point
    It'll be him and whoever you had but your young talent and draft picks will be gone

    Also depends on if n.o. will be vindictive which they honestly have every right to be
  31. Hey Julian!

    Hey Julian! Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Definitely not Boston.
  32. Duece

    Duece Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    I don't the Pelicans can be vindictive to the point where they turn players off from wanting to sign with them. Keep in mind, this is still a small, mostly football oriented market and not a place where free agents are clamoring to come to. I don't think you need to make things worse.

    I do think the Pelicans should do whats best for their future but I think being petty will only hurt them in the long run.
  33. Big Tex

    Big Tex Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Lol at Ny niggas being delusional in this thread
  34. LordSinister

    LordSinister Grand Galactic Inquisitor/Last King of Ockland Super Moderator

    Teams are not trying to help the Lakers and Bron. San Antonio said fuck yo couch and New Orleans will too.
  35. KA$H

    KA$H GoldMember BGOL Investor

    Lakers are about to give away their solid players with potential to make this shit happen. The way they did with Cleveland for Isaiah (who's playing for a # 2 Denver right now). They are determined to create another Cleveland situation (stand back and so nothing) around an older Lebron, instead of a stacked team....Like GS...
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