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Ange Venus - Chinese model and adult actress. She started out as a nude model under the name of Ange Maya, but changed her name to Ange Venus when she became a hardcore pornstar. Born into a cultivated and artistic Chinese family in Chengdu, People's Republic of China, Ange joined both a gymnastics team and dance group at the age of six years old. Ange excelled in academics as a child, and soon enough she was studying mathematics at the University of China where she intended to become a scientist, but she was offered a job as a television anchor and journalist by the Federal Police Bureau of China. She eagerly accepted the job and served the Chinese government for a number of years. She devoted a great deal of enthusiasm to her work but ultimately decided to resign once she realized that her spirit desired for freedom from the bureaucracy. Ange then pursued the business-side of health care management, biotechnology engineering, and various charities. Along the way she was discovered by a modeling scout. Soon after, she began print modeling between Europe and Los Angeles which led to her eventual indroduction into the porno industry.

Why did you decide to stop hardcore “adult” modeling ? (except for David Aaron Clark)
[ANGE] I am a performing artist in dance/visionary art, and acting actress. Endless Explicit sex is not my goal for this industry. I have finished my goal to create some Yoga Sex style in the early stage. I have no any interest in adult videos that without script, story, dialogues, and art armed creation. For most of adult actors/actresses, would think it is very good deal (easy work, no acting skill, good pay), however it is not my goal. I want to create art in erotic and non-erotic movies and modeling photos.

Unfortunately 99% of the adult videos are just fucking videos, actors no need any acting skill but fuck skills, that is NOT the acting I admire about, and this kind of movies are not what I am interested. I admire deep cultivated erotica rather than explicit fucking videos. David Clark’s is one of the fewer directors in this industry that shows the erotica, as well as Digital Playground’s movie Pirates, I had pleasure to work with their producer Marc Kramar, and director Joone, and I will attend the screening for Pirates II on September. Adult Fans can meet me there before screening. Theater name will be notified later.

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Could use some more meat on her bones, but I like her in the face. Just regular round Chinese face with just a touch of aging.


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This broad is the most boring fuck I ever watched. I saw her in an exploited moms scene and vowed to never even look at one of this hoes vids for free. She's horrible. She looks like a corpse preparing for burial regularly, and she fucks like one, too
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Caved in azz but still good vid since Chinese girls for the most part dont have azz anywayz. :dance: :dance: this gets two dancing dudes out 5.