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Andrew Tate has taken over Kevin Samuels lane. Mixed Black dude from UK/USA. Women are pissed!


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He has a wife and a kid and has been doing this before Kevin.
He is from the UK and talking to his people.

Another nigga who appears not to have a wife or kid, giving family advice. Not even in the same realm as K. Samuels. No swag, nothing. Just a bitter ass dude hoping to find Youtube fame.


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There was a genuineness that came w the novelty of KS. Like him or not.

All the copycats seem as though they’re trying too hard.

This dude seems like KS minus the charm and intellect.

Carry on……
Right. Fucking copycats don't really understand the game. They're just trying to fill a vacated spot and they're doing so very poorly

Kevin Samuel for all they hate he got, was pretty authentic. He wanted people to play baseball in their wheelhouse

If you're a 4, your wheelhouse is 5 down to 1. You might get lucky and pull a 6, maybe even a 7. But if your goal is a 10 you are fooling yourself and setting yourself up for disappointment.

If you're a woman and you're a 7, but you got 3 kids, guess what chick, you're not a 7 anymore. You're a four. Them's the rules.

If you're a dude and you got a little dick and you don't have no money...you're a five at best bro. But probably less. He didn't just come at the women

I didn't watch Kevin Samuel's show religiously, but I never saw him come at somebody who didn't deserve it. I never saw him go ham on somebody just for the sake of bringing attention to himself or for ratings or views or clicks

Everybody I saw him drag, those bitches deserved it. And not just that, they called in to his show on some fuck shit to get dragged by him.

I'm not going to waste my time on the copycats
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Also how is he so rich? He ain’t some known MMA guy. He claims to have millions of dollars of cars.


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I have a father, so these dudes are entertainment AT BEST! Kevin Samuels advocated for average dudes...THIS cat is a clown! The outfit, surroundings was never a focus for KS. This cat does videos in exotic cars, one getting a massage. Every time his videos gets posted I ask; 'who are these videos for?!?!'
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