Alex Jones and Sandy Hook

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    Alex Jones is big on gun rights, protecting gun rights to prevent tyranny which the U.S. founders feared. He shoots gun on his show, he is in a gun friendly state.


    Would the government create a scenario that could be used to take away gun rights, Yes!
    I am aware of implausible scenarios where I am aware of government hiding the truth from the public based on my knowledge of non-public information. I have seen terrorist acts committed by whites, covered up and not investigated by the government. We can recently look at the Iraq War where information was manipulated to get legislature to support a war resolution giving the last three president broad authoritarian powers to wage war, spy on us by the NSA, assassinate Americans.

    He questions every mass shootings which is used as a basis for legislation to restrict our gun rights which could lead to tyranny. His denial of Sandy Hook is protected by the First and Second Amendment. In this light the families could see the logic behind his madness. He is discrediting the event to protect Constitutionally protected rights to prevent living under tyranny. Hitler created many false flags to take away rights to impose an authoritarian state that lead to the Holocaust, WWII, Cold War, nuclear weapons, and many other horrors.

    Having voices to question every event and narrative by the government is imperative. I believe he knows the Sandy Hook massacre may have happen but ensuring the government sees voices challenging every narrative of event is important. You never know when an event manufactured by the government or corporate state could be used to create an authoritarian state.
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    I am skeptical of conspiracists and obvious liars.

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    9/11 conspiracist or deniers may seek to prevent an authoritarian/surveillance state that exaggerates an event to gain power. They may want to prevent endless military campaigns that lead to thousands of military deaths. By denying the suffering and pain of 9/11 they prevent the suffering of families that lose a love one in battle or are separated from their families for an extended period of time.

    Alex Jones features many shows talking about the surveillance state, post 9/11. He has filmed the NSA compounds-even gaining the attention of security, something other news outlet won't touch.
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    Google and Facebook could be considered agents of the government by showing the influence of lucrative government contracts, engaging in significant coordinated activity at the behest of the government with no compelling reason, being called to Congress threatening potential legislation. It would be like government YouTube which could not block content due to First and Second Amendment rights.

    For example, after winning lucrative government contracts, you coordinate with the NSA to give them access to data without any statutory authority. You coordinate with the military to block content from Iranians posting exercise videos in preparation of pending sanctions or military attack. The company requires the approval of the government to undertake actions such as fiber optic lines.
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    I just want to be sure I understand; are you defending Alex Jones ???

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    I am not defending Alex Jones, just cringing at the power these companies have amassed. Willie D was pulled off of Youtube for awhile.

    They should be charging to store and distribute your videos which would prevent this. They offer no service like this.

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    He did stories about government conspiracy and regularly featured weapons, a bad combination. This could subliminally lead a mentally deranged person to attack our government.

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