22 Yesr old Rookie Mexican Female Cop shot and killed by Cac Male at car accident scene

Discussion in 'Blackgirl Online' started by Dr. Truth, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Dr. Truth

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  3. Amajorfucup

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    5 stars.
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  4. dasmybikepunk

    dasmybikepunk Wait for it.....

    She and her Dad wanted it to be one way.

    ...but it's the other way.

    RIP and condolences.
  5. Gods_Debris

    Gods_Debris Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    3 or 4 generations and they are still mexican? how? fuck em all.
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  6. ugk

    ugk Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Fuck her and her dad
  7. Dr. Truth

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  8. michigantoga

    michigantoga Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Trump where you at...

    He crossed the border
  9. Gods_Debris

    Gods_Debris Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    I'm a black man the only true American so I feel some type of way about that shit. feel free to file suit.
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  10. Dr. Truth

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  11. Shaka54

    Shaka54 FKA Shaka38 BGOL Gold Member

    She bought into the Blue Lies Matter Propaganda. She died upholding the American dream of a CAC that indiscriminately killed her. That's a fucked up way to go.
  12. Lexx Diamond

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    I saw we build that wall and put out all the white people that aren't screened and cleared.
  13. YoungSinister

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    Smoked like a loosie on Friday night in Harlem
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  14. dasmybikepunk

    dasmybikepunk Wait for it.....


    ORIGINAL NATION Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    I kind of thought it was a cac because they did not show the picture of the guy. I would not approve of my daughter being a police. But if she did seems like the father would be trying to fuck the shooter up.
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    ORIGINAL NATION Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    We got to remember that when we was fighting for a right to vote and citizenship rights America was giving away millions of acres of land to white outsiders and money to farm the land and Dr. King said they even opened up land grant colleges to teach them how to farm. 3 days later he was killed.
    In South Africa whites were making so much money off of the land and resources that they had ranch houses so big that they had to have jeeps and horses to ride around the houses and they came with indoor and outdoor swimming pools. As the genocide of blacks continued when he looked like they would stand up and fight back instead of dying on their knees. They bring in Mandela so the goals and aspirations switched from being freed of Satan's control and getting the land back and off of death row to wanting to vote and and embrace a white reality. It helped some blacks out with a chance to move up on the plantation and live better. And it helped some to not be killed so quick. But the same struggle is there.
    It is strange, but that wall may be a start of not keeping illegal Mexicans out but the start of ways to lock us down. Remember we never could help South Africa because of our weakness in Satan's world. We cannot help them now. If they find more resources or actually take some of their land back and build an economy of their own, who will they embrace as allies?
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  17. BDR

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    This sista lost her life in the line of duty as well. RIP

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  18. Shaka54

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  19. shaddyvillethug

    shaddyvillethug Youngest in charge BGOL Investor

    Fuck the police and everybody who love them.
  20. ThaBurgerPimp

    ThaBurgerPimp Well-Known Member BGOL Investor


    thought it was reported elsewhere that the shooter then turned the gun on himself..
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  21. Shaka54

    Shaka54 FKA Shaka38 BGOL Gold Member

    That's what the article reported.

    The suspect, who has not been identified, was later found dead inside a home with a self-inflicted gunshot wound following a short standoff with officers, the Davis Police Department said Friday.
  22. Soul On Ice

    Soul On Ice Black 1st Certified Pussy Poster

    She was cute
  23. Diomedes3000

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    RIP to the sister and the mexican I don't think she fucked up no brother's yet. I don't know why these young women thing being a police officer is a good job. Both of them weren't even 25. Shit dangerous out here.
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  24. grownazzblakman

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    They really trying hard not to post the shooter's identity. :smh:

    This dude WENT RIGHT HOME after shooting shit up.... talked to his ROOMMATE.. but the cops still cannot identify him over 24 hours later?? :hmm:


    The shooter had rolled up to the scene on a on bicycle, shot Corona in the neck but then dropped his backpack, eventually leading police to his home a short distance away, officials said.

    Another witness, Shaun Kingston, told The Associated Press that the gunman appeared calm as he opened fire on other first responders coming to the scene.

    "I just watched him basically shoot at the firetruck, dump a clip and put another one in, then just start walking down (the) street like it wasn't nothing," Kingston said.

    Once the gunman got home, he chatted with his roommate without "showing any sign he was involved in the incident," Davis Police Chief Darren Pytel said Friday night.

    During the standoff with police, the suspect walked outside with a bulletproof vest, went back in, barricaded the door with a couch and then fatally shot himself, according to Pytel.

    The gunman's name was not released Friday night. :hmm:

    (If he was Black, they woulda interrupted Trump's Prime Time TV Speech About the Wall... to post all his Facebook & Social Media pics. :yes: But these Cops are refusing to post his photo, or give his name. And they went right to his house. :rolleyes:)

    EDIT: The Sacramento Bee reported that the Davis police had not identified the man inside the home as of early Friday, and earlier had described him as
    “a white male in his 20’s Average Build, Baseball Cap, Black Jacket, Blue or Tan Jeans, Black Tactical Boots.”

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  25. The Untouchable GDFOLKS

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    Funny, I actually had tacos tonight.
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  26. Last Dayz

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    Fuck her and that Blue Lives Matter flag.

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