1958 TV Show "Trackdown": A Con Man Named Trump Wants To Build A Border Wall


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1950s Western Predicted a Border Wall From a Fictional Con Man Named Trump

An episode of a 1950s Western drama may have foretold America’s current border wall crisis more than 60 years ago. Politics today and the show both feature men named Trump with a wall that is promised to protect every citizen from danger.

Trackdown” aired on CBS between 1957 and 1959 and took place in Texas following the Civil War. The series followed Texas Ranger Hoby Gilman, played by Robert Culp, on his adventures protecting the people of the Lone Star State. The 30th episode of the show, titled “The End of The World,” premiered on May 9, 1958, and saw a con man named Walter Trump, played by Lawrence Dobkin, attempt to scam the entire town.

Snopes confirmed that the eerily prescient episode was real.

The fictional Trump warned the Texans that apocalyptic meteors would strike the town at midnight, but he could protect everyone. “I bring you a message,” he said. “A message few of you will be able to believe…but be not afraid my friends: I also bring you the means with which to save yourself.”

His solution was to build a wall made of magical metal that would repel the meteors and keep everyone safe. As the citizens started to believe Trump, he offered to give them walls for $50 each. However, Ranger Gilman wasn’t convinced. Pandemonium erupted in the town, but in the end Gilman arrests Trump for grand theft and fraud.

Even though “Trackdown” was a fictional show, the events of that episode closely mirror what is happening today. As today’s government shutdown enters its third week with no compromise on the Mexican border wall in sight, the country may be hoping for a Ranger Gilman of its own to bring an end to it.


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"When were kids we were all afraid of the dark, when we grew up we weren't afraid anymore... It's funny how a big lie can make us kids again"... facts :lol:

Conman grifter rolls into town telling the townsfolk he's the only one who can save them from a made-up/fake disaster... amazing


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A network should get the rights and broadcast it on tv.
Trackdown is an American Western television series starring Robert Culp that aired more than 70 episodes on CBS between 1957 and 1959. The series was produced by Dick Powell's Four Star Television and filmed at the Desilu-Culver Studio.

Syndicated reruns of this series have been broadcast in the early 2000s on TV Land and other cable networks. CBS Television Distribution now has the TV distribution rights to Trackdown due to CBS's ownership of the show via its co-production with Four Star. In late 2016, episodes of Trackdown began airing Saturday mornings on MeTV.



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:smh: somebody send this shit to msnbc, Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid or Ari Melber
this has got to be exposed to the mainstream media.


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I don’t understand why none of these Democrats running for President addresses the major con/ argument of the GOP - it will protect the whites from brown immigrants

They and their donors all employ and sponsor the same illegals

In fact Illegal brown people have come out saying they were employed Trump

But no single Democrat points out this fact

Immigration is good for America but even if you are worried about illegals, these guys are conning Americans.

Btw Trump knows the wall won’t work


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Still blown behind this shit :lol:

Why aren't more people seeing the comparison between Trump and Hitler?
Oh I see it too player. The parallels to the rise of Hitler are stunning, right down to the rhetoric and creepy brownshirt like behavior from far right domestic terrorists. I'm out here waiting for a Reichstag fire :smh: