07/01 - Karen pulls gun on Black Woman in parking lot

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I told you all there's tension in the air here in Detroit and these bold acts by white folks have been ramping up
We're tipping the edge of another baby riot..mentally these young folks are constantly being subjected by these now
Endless racist attacks,,but here's the best part tho the burbs are gone to start getting whats been long ova due ....
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In addition to carrying a firearm, brothas might also want to look into getting a concealable vest
Cause sometimes your gun don't mean shit, if the cac already has theirs pulled & has the drop on you

Safeguard Lightweight Concealable Ballistic Level 3A Vest (worn under your clothes)

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White folks often take gun courses from officers or military personnel, who teach them how to be tacti-kool. There are countless YouTube videos of these "tactics" and when you read through the comment sections you can tell that a lot of them are crazy people just waiting for that moment to kill someone while "standing their ground"
Yup. I was about to say similar.

They stay in those self defense courses learning the law and how to legally kill someone with minimal repercussions.

Stay dangerous y’all.


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Kill those white pieces of shit, 2 to the head cac ass sewer smelling bitch. I hate these white motherfuckers need to start shooting these motherfuckers in the face. Trump got they baby nuts pumped up. Thats 2 incidents in 2 days sour stank pussies pulling guns.