“Treason!”: Trump blasted after Russia revealed to have paid Taliban bounty for US military deaths


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“Treason!”: Trump blasted after Russia revealed to have paid Taliban bounty for US military deaths

After an explosive report in The New York Times revealed that American intelligence agencies have concluded that a Russian military intelligence unit secretly offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants for killing U.S. armed forces in Afghanistan, the backlash against Donald Trump erupted on social media.

With the article alleging that the president was briefed on the finding which was discussed by Trump’s National Security Council in late March, the administration’s failure to authorize a single retaliatory step against these hostile attacks by the proxies of a foreign power on America’s soldiers inspired outrage, further accusations of Russian collusion, and demands for Trump’s ouster as Americans processed the news by sending the hashtag #TraitorTrump trending on Twitter.

Compounding the outrage over the Trump administration’s failure to sanction the Kremlin after the bounties were discovered was the fact that the president continued to call for Russia to be invited to the next G7 meeting of world leaders and that he had scarce ventilators shipped to that country to help in the treatment of their surging COVID-19 infections after the paid incentives to kill American troops were already known in intelligence circles.

Critics of the president on Twitter were savage in their assessment of Trump’s behavior, labeling it as a treasonous and cowardly abdication of his responsibility to protect American lives.



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From 2017.... Some things have changed ... The death rate has gone up and respect for America has gone down


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What US News Sources are Saying About This:

Russia Secretly Offered Afghan Militants Bounties to Kill U.S. Troops, Intelligence Says
The Trump administration has been deliberating for months about what to do about a stunning intelligence assessment​
The NewYork Times​
June 26, 2020​
American troops in Afghanistan have been the target of some Taliban operations backed by Russia, intelligence officials found.
American troops in Afghanistan have been the target of some Taliban operations backed by Russia, intelligence officials found.Credit...Jim Huylebroek for The New York Times​
Wall Street Journal​
June 26, 2020​

  • Russian Spy Unit Paid Taliban to Attack Americans, U.S. Intelligence Says
Bounties paid by GRU are disclosed as U.S. plans troops drawdown, Taliban peace plan

Russian operation targeted coalition troops in Afghanistan, intelligence finds
Washington Post​
June 27, 2020 at 4:25 PM EDT​


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BGOL Investor
I think the real article should have been about them being on the CIA payroll. The so called rebels in Libya was not even citizens of Libya. They were from this organization. And they to was on the CIA payroll. America had them to do their dirty work. They not only robbed the country but targeted blacks for elimination and was backed up by America. Only certain people can be trusted with what is really going on. It would be treason to reveal the destination they have programmed for blacks all over the earth.


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Bolton blasts Trump for denying he was briefed on Russia offering bounties to Taliban to kill US troops
Former national security adviser says president's decision-making 'not connected to reality'
Andrew O'Reilly

By Andrew O'Reilly | Fox News

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Former National Security Adviser John Bolton criticized on Sunday President Trump’s response to reports that Russian military operatives offered bounties to Afghan militants to kill U.S. troops – saying Trump’s decision-making is “not connected to reality” and bashing the president for denying that he was aware of the bounties.

The comments by Bolton, whose upcoming memoir about his time in the Trump White House has drawn the ire of the president, come as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are calling on action to be taken against Moscow following reports in the New York Times that a Russian spy unit paid the Taliban to attack U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan.
Trump sent out a tweet early Sunday morning denying that he had ever been briefed about the Russian bounties and questioning the veracity of the New York Times’ reporting.
“This is the problem with the president's decision-making,” Bolton said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “It's not connected to reality, it’s connected to his personal position.”
Bolton added that if Trump had actually not been informed about the alleged bounties on U.S. troops, then he should have had the director of national intelligence report to him on the matter. Former Rep. John Ratcliffe, R-Texas, was recently confirmed as Trump’s new DNI and said over the weekend that he never briefed the president on the issue.
“If the president hadn't heard, presumably, he should have called up the DNI, and asked,” Bolton said. “That in and of itself is disturbing.”
Report: Russia offered to pay Taliban militants to kill US troopsVideo
The New York Times first reported that American intelligence officials have determined a Russian military unit secretly offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants for killing coalition forces, including targeting American troops. The Wall Street Journal and Washington Post also reported on the Kremlin's effort to orchestrate attacks on Western troops.

The assessment of the role played by Russia’s military intelligence agency, the GRU, in fostering attacks on American soldiers, comes as President Trump is pushing the Pentagon to withdraw a significant portion of U.S. forces from Afghanistan and as U.S. diplomats try to forge a peace accord involving the Taliban and the U.S.-backed Afghan government.
The intelligence assessment regarding Russia’s actions in Afghanistan was delivered to the White House earlier this spring, and until recently had been known only to a handful of officials, a person familiar with it said. Its contents were reported earlier Friday by the New York Times.
The reporting quickly became fodder for the 2020 presidential campaign.
During a town hall Saturday, former Vice President Joe Biden brought up the “shocking revelation” that Trump reportedly knew of the bounties for months and slammed the president for doing “worse than nothing.”
US begins troop withdrawal in Afghanistan after Taliban peace dealVideo
“Not only has he failed to sanction or impose any kind of consequences on Russia for this egregious violation of international law, Donald Trump has continued his embarrassing campaign of deference and debasing himself before Vladimir Putin,” Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, said. “He has had this information according to the Times, and yet he offered to host Putin in the United States and sought to invite Russia to rejoin the G7. His entire presidency has been a gift to Putin.”
Sunday morning, Trump fired back at Biden, reiterating his position that Russia took advantage of him and Obama during the previous administration.

"Funny to see Corrupt Joe Biden reading a statement on Russia, which was obviously written by his handlers," Trump tweeted. "Russia ate his and Obama’s lunch during their time in office, so badly that Obama wanted them out of the then G-8. U.S. was weak on everything, but especially Russia!"
Fox News’ Marissa Schultz contributed to this report.


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Kayleigh McEnany HUMILIATES herself defending Trump’s Russian bounty scandal