BGOL Investor

Before I can tell you what a BGOL Investor is, let me tell you why we have to be Community Supported.

BGOL at it's core is an adult message board with pornographic images and videos throughout the website. If a website contains any Adult Content the major Advertising Platforms will not touch you. PERIOD

A BGOL Investor is simply a person who will make an Investment/Contribution/Donation to the board. Absent a major advertiser who likes our demographics and isn't bothered by the boards content. There is no way to fund a message board with Adult content prominently displayed.

At this time we have a lot of former donors who are unwilling to support the board. Their reasons vary, but usually their reasoning is, the internet should be free, they are angry at me the board owner, the board has too many rules. Most complaints fall into those three categories.

What I have to do as the board owner is increase the traffic to this website. Then I have to hope like hell I get enough new members who like the board, and are willing to support something they like and visit most days.

Become a BGOL Investor - Click Here.

Thanks - HNIC

Nov 17, 2017
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