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Charles Barkley never won an NBA championship. Here's what left him empty-handed.
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Richard Dumas got suspended for a yr than again for breaking NBA substance drug policy... Dumas was a rookie scoring threat for the sun's that average 20 points a game in the NBA finals that yr when they lost to the bulls in 6... Kid was a 15-20 point a night scoring threat that was severely missed the following 2 seasons in which Houston rockets instead advance... Also Charles Barkley back started acting up... So key offensive player missing and back spasm stopped the sun's from returning to finals in which they would've most likely beat the Knicks or magic.. That is the real reason.. If you actually watch bball and not a YouTube or google searcher you would know these things
Dred Scott case explained!
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Who is this chick?? Her presentation was fire.. More of her please. I wish BGOL was the type of place people like her could frequent. The amount of knowledge/power we would be infused wit.

But it looks like we're working on it. :)
Inmate badly beats up his public defender (he shot up a church wedding and hit the bride and pastor)
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CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A man charged with attempted murder in a church shooting attacked his public defender during a jailhouse meeting, sending the man to intensive care with severe head injuries and no memory of the beating, according to documents released Tuesday.

Dale Holloway, 37, of Manchester, assaulted public defender Michael Davidow on Monday morning at the Valley Street jail in Manchester, New Hampshire, the documents said.

No one saw the assault because the two men were in an unmonitored interview room, and the closest officer was at a desk facing away from the room, according to jail officials.

Attorneys generally turn the lights on and off or tap the glass to get the officer’s attention when a meeting ends, officials...
Trump just dug a deeper hole for his self
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Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) on Tuesday schooled President Donald Trump for accusing House Democrats of “lynching” him through their impeachment inquiry.

After CNN host John Berman read Clyburn the president’s tweet and asked him for his opinion, the congressman accused the president of being deliberately inflammatory in order to distract from his own actions.
Roddy Ricch - Hip Hop
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Early life
Rodrick Wayne Moore Jr., was born on October 22, 1998 in Compton, California, where he was also raised.[4] Some of his family is from Louisiana, and he also spent time living in Atlanta, Georgia in his youth.[5] Ricch started rapping as young as 8, but he began making beats in earnest at age 16.[4][6]

In November 2017, he released his first mixtape, Feed Tha Streets, which featured songs like "Chase Tha Bag," "Hoodricch," and "Fucc It Up." The tape...
Eljiah Cummings is dead at 68
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Rep. Elijah Cummings, a Maryland Democrat and House Oversight Chairman, dies at 68
Cummings passed away at Johns Hopkins Hospital aged 68.

Oct. 17, 2019, 4:27 AM CDT
By Alexander Smith
Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings died Thursday after what his office described as "complications concerning longstanding health challenges." He was 68