What Kind of Athlete Were You: Bench Press, 40 Yard Dash, etc.

Discussion in 'Fitness and Health' started by Gazoo, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. Gazoo

    Gazoo Well-Known Member

    My best bench press was 340lbs 8 times, and my forty was hand timed at 4.5 [ at 16 years old before the fat came ]. Although I ran a 11 flat 100 meters.

    World record in the bench press is Ryan Kennelly pressed 1,050 lbs (set in December).

    Records in the 40 yard dash are:

    Jerry Rice, 4.7
    Emmit Smith, 4.65
    Deion Sanders, 4.17, 4.56 backwards [yeah right].
    DeAngelo Hall [ Atlanta Falcons ] 4.15
    Reggie Bush ran a 4.33
    Ellis Hobbs [ New England Patriots ] 4.39 second
    Bob Hayes 4.15 (hand-timed)
    Herschel Walker 4.25 (hand-timed)
    Willie Gault 3.95 and 4.08
    Asafa Powell 4.2
    Michael Bennett (4.13 @ Wisconsin Pro Day, 4.37 @ 2001 NFL Combine)
    Laveranues Coles (4.16 @ Florida State University, 4.29 @ Jets Media Guide)
    Ike Taylor (4.18 @ University of Louisiana at Lafayette Pro Day)[4]
    Joey Galloway (4.18)[3]
    Ahman Green (4.19 @ Pre-Draft Workout in Nebraska)[3]
    Kevin Curtis (4.21 @ Utah State Pro Day)
    Donte Stallworth (4.22 @ 2003 Tennessee Pro Day)[3]
    Willie Parker (4.23 @ 2004 North Carolina Pro Day)[3]
    Devin Hester (4.35 @ Miami Pro Day, 4.50 @ 2006 NFL Combine)[3]
    Randy Moss (4.25 @ Marshall University)[3]
    Fabian Washington (4.25 @ 2005 NFL Combine)[3]
    Champ Bailey (4.28 @ 1999 NFL Combine)[3]
    Jerome Mathis (4.28 @ 2005 NFL Combine)[3]
    Willis McGahee (4.28 @ Miami Pre-Injury)[3]
  2. ned pepper

    ned pepper New Member

    since jackin-off wasnt a sport i didnt play sports. i was an academian, but sports was something i never really got into.
  3. Nok17

    Nok17 New Member

    I'm weak, but did an 11:22 100m, 10:40 split (400m).
  4. Gazoo

    Gazoo Well-Known Member

    that split was a killer kid.
  5. Nok17

    Nok17 New Member

    I was always crappy coming out of blocks :lol:
  6. rachel79

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    I read "Of Mice and Men: in 1 day, sitting next to my Dad's space heater!
  7. Gazoo

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    What amazes me is why cats who aren't into athletics or sports come onto threads like this to just dog them. Just skip over it and go to the porn threads and beat your meat.
  8. Zero

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    • My bench was about 385 (I could do 10 reps on the regular), my max (1 rep fresh) was about 425 (I did 460 once, but that shit was pure adrenalin and not wanting to get clowned by other cats, never did it again)
    • My 40 freshman year in college was about 4.56
    • My squat was about 710 max
    • I was 6'0 and about 245 lbs.
    I blew out my knee sophomore year, got reconstructive surgery and my 40 time dropped to below 6.5 and my squat dropped to around 500 (after rehab). Never got it back.

    I can still bench about 350 (max) and can rep about 300 at 38 years old. Not even trying to squat because my knee is tricky than a mufukka. I'm about 270 lbs. now.
  9. dwall12

    dwall12 New Member

    415 bench 2 reps, 4.4 40m (hand time) usually don't run it but had to prove a point to some football players. And before you call BS, take into consideration that i was a professional athlete (Track and Field) rank top 10 in the for 4-5 of years competing.
  10. cameo

    cameo Moderator

    In high school, I ran a 10.5 100m, and a 47.3 400m. I went to college and ran a 4.37 40 on the regular. Here's the science, I went from 175 to 210 by a senior and never lost a step, still ran 4.37-4.40's .

    I can bench 450 for 1 rep. Inclined 405 for 1 rep. I can do 325 for 10 perfect form, but as I get older, I do reps of 15 with 225, or I use 100lb dumbbells for reps of 12. I always do 4-5 working sets.

    I use to be able to run pretty fast. I ran a 10.37 in the 100m in college.
  11. kdogg3270

    kdogg3270 Well-Known Member

    damn' y'all must be some big dudes judgin' by the stats..i was that small fast-ass muthafucka on the football field. you know, the Darrell Green type. now, at age 37 I am heavier and lift weights 5 days a week..
  12. djswank

    djswank New Member

    At my peak playing college football, at 6'2" 230 lbs, I ran a 4.5 forty, 360 bench(I hate(d) the weight room),36in vertical, and could throw a football 65 yards on a line and had an 89 m.p.h. fastball (i played baseball also). I don't lift weights anymore but I'm trying to get back into it. Just to lose weight (i'm 45 & 270lbs now) and get toned. I never saw the need to be able to bench press the barn. Especially in a world where punks don't fight with their fist anymore, they shoot.:lol::lol::hmm:
  13. crazyace718

    crazyace718 Well-Known Member

    I used to run the 200 in 22 seconds
  14. Swole718

    Swole718 41st Side Veteran

    max bench: 530 (we weren't allowed to 1 rep max)
    squat: 800 (not much of a squat type dude)
    225: 42 times
    40 yard: 4.68 (pro day)
    short shuttle: 4.21 (faster than most WR's & DB's)

    I was a Defensive End the pass rushing type not the run stopper. tore my ACL in camp with the Redskins and the NFL forgot my address :lol:
  15. LSN

    LSN R.I.P. shanebp1978

    I was a runner never really got into got into lifting...
  16. kdogg3270

    kdogg3270 Well-Known Member

    what year did u try out for them dogg?
  17. 1MAttDRippah

    1MAttDRippah New Member

    i was a wr/db and i ran track in high school so i never got up on the bench that much. i got meningitis my jr year and never got back. that kinda ended my "career" n like Swole said... the few colleges that sent me letters 4got my address. plus when i was a jr the freshman class was so talented it out shadowed the other players and sports even...

    bench: 265 max
    only 6 reps with 225.
    40: 4.39 laser-clocked
    squat: 495
    200m: 22.3
    400m: 47.8
    800m: 2:05 i was long winded...

    i'm gettin back there speed wise tho.

    Z MONSTER Well-Known Member

    bench:285lbs max as a junior in H.S.
    40: 4.6
    I should of improved these numbers my senior year, but i was too busy dating the school slut.:angry:
  19. LeftyLuchini

    LeftyLuchini New Member

    is that even possible???
    he HAD to be on the juice..

  20. Alumni

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    This post reminds me of reporting into camp the 1st day of two-a-days and everyone --inflating their numbers-- I mean, giving each other their numbers. :rolleyes:

    I'm going to keep a close eye on this thread because I'm sure that everyone here will be giving some pro type numbers that only a handful of people do at the combine do each year. :cool:

    Anyway, my numbers were as follows,

    Hight:" 6'3"
    Weight: 265
    Position: DE
    40 time: 4.62 (consistently)
    Bench max: 435
    Squat max: 680
    Clean: 320
    Vert.: 39"
    Standing broad jump: 10'2"

    I was never the biggest or the fastest cat on the field I was just an all around good athlete that had good technique and that had a head for the game. I played D1 football in a major conf. Set 3 sack records for my school and was lucky enough to get a look in the league which ended unceremoniously. Ain't got to lie... it is, what it is.
  21. easy_b

    easy_b Well-Known Member

    I can run to 7/11 and get a 2 for 2 hotdogs
  22. LeftyLuchini

    LeftyLuchini New Member

    oh, and my weight room stats..

    senior year of varsity @ 17 yrs old ...

    bench: 450 max
    squat: 700 max
    40: 4.6

    freshman yr in college 475 bench,
    squat 700 max.
    40: 4.55

  23. cameo

    cameo Moderator

    I'm bout 5'9 , 225 lbs, all muscle, all fast twitch muscle !
  24. b0010100

    b0010100 New Member

    In top form:
    height: 6'1"
    weight: 210
    Fat: 6%
    bench press: 420
    40 yd: 4.4

    ah to be 21 again...:rolleyes:
  25. Duval's King

    Duval's King Active Member

    in high school i useta bench 365 and my max was 405(4plates) i ran a 4.6 forty in tenth grade but finish high school with a 4.7
  26. Pitchdogg

    Pitchdogg Active Member

    Never been big on the weights. I'm more of a runner. 31 years old and banged up from 13.5 years in the Marine Corps, but my best mile was 4:46 at 19 yrs old. Best 3 mile time when I was 21 @ 17:44.
    Nowadays I can do the 3 mile in 20:10.
  27. babalou

    babalou Active Member

  28. tg1lmore

    tg1lmore New Member

    I can't front... we got some athletes of bgol... here's my stats from back in the day:

    Height: 5'10''
    Weight: 180
    40 yd: 4.31
    100M: 10.60
    200M: 21.29
    400M: 46.70
  29. KW13537

    KW13537 Well-Known Member

    Back in High School I was never much for weights, but running was my thing;

    100m - 11.0
    110m high hurdles - 13.5
    200m - 22.0
    400m - 49.1
    400 I.M. Hurdles - 53.5
    5k - 17:08
  30. Osca Lee


    About 6 or 7 years ago Sport Illustrated had a article about the bogus 40 yard dash times the NFL were claiming the athletes were running. Dudes running sub 4.2's in the 40 yard dash FAT is pure bullshit. In track and field races, the runner must react to the starting gun, which can take 0.10 to 0.20 seconds. For electronically timed 40 yard dashes, the runner is allowed to start when he wishes, and a timer hand-starts the clock (after a reaction time that is often considered to average 0.24 seconds when a starter reacts to the smoke of the starting gun).

    So mf gonna tell me that on perfect day, perfect start, perfect track and a mf who who had the best reaction time ever in the history that NFL players with heavy ass cleats on and have the advantage of starting when they want to start can battle with the top 100 meter athletes in the world...is so then why hasnt the NFL created the NFL track club and set world records

  31. badboyyawdie

    badboyyawdie Well-Known Member

    My bench was 380 2x's in 12th grade weighing 190lbs.

    My squat was about 800lb.

    My 40 was about 4.5

    Senior year stats at 6.1, 190lbs.

    Fast forward to 8 years later 6.1 at 215lb. Im working out with 225-250 bench, I dont know what my squat is now. 40 dash questionable.
  32. jayjay2

    jayjay2 Active Member

    High Jump 6'2 league champ
  33. Leeeeeee

    Leeeeeee New Member

    Bench: 250
    40 Meters: 5.7
    Mile: 11 minutes
    In yo gals pussy while you spend all day at the gym: lickety split
  34. BrownTurd

    BrownTurd Well-Known Member

    Naw those 40 times are not true

    But it is another Canadian, Ben Johnson, who is believed to have run 40 yards faster than any human in history. Johnson is best known for injecting copious amounts of steroids and winning the 100 meters at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul in 9.79 seconds, only to have his gold medal and world record stripped after failing a post-race drug test.

    Timing officials have since broken down that famed race into 10-meter increments, and Johnson was so preposterously fast that he went through 50 meters in 5.52 seconds and 60 meters in 6.37 -- both under the current world records at those distances. He went through 40 yards that day in 4.38 seconds.

    He was running in spikes . . . on a warm afternoon perfectly suited for sprinting . . . with a slight tailwind . . . with years of training from arguably track's top coach, Charlie Francis . . . with Carl Lewis and six others of the fastest men on the planet chasing him . . . with 69,000 people roaring at Seoul's Olympic Stadium . . . with hundreds of millions of people watching on TV . . . with the ultimate prize in sports, an Olympic gold medal, at stake.
  35. BrownTurd

    BrownTurd Well-Known Member