Those Damn Guns Again

Discussion in 'Politics and the Topics of the day' started by thoughtone, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. QueEx

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    :hmm: This 2012 quote from a conservative poster who hasn't been heard from in a while is extremely interesting in todays NFL- National Anthem-Take A Knee protest.

  2. thoughtone

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    They are trolls. Don't you get it? If they sway just one potential voter and win by just one vote, that's a step toward achieving their goal toward fascism. The conservative right wing believe in government control by hook or by crook.

    Lamarr, Gunther and whomever paid trolls are just foot soldiers.

    Do you expect to hear from them again?

  3. QueEx

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    Awww damn. I thought Actinanass was just away in college or something. :D
  4. thoughtone

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    And then, there is that!