This is DESPICABLE! Gary Joe Ahrns just stopped by his local Wal-Mart in Ohio to show the obscene am

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    This is DESPICABLE! Gary Joe Ahrns just stopped by his local Wal-Mart in Ohio to show the obscene amount of food they are about to throw away -- corporate greed at its absolute WORST!
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    and they say the world is becoming over populated

    as if there isnt enough land and food to go around...

    the mindfuckery of the top one percent is just beyond stupid and whats even more stupid is the imbeciles that reapeat that shit like its facts..
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    But my question is, is he really offended because they're not donating it or, because he's not allowed to take any?

    If he's sincere in his concern about world starvation like I am, there's a lot of other things that should piss him off, that piss me off.

    For example, these fucking Golden Corrals. The United States lead the world in child and adult obesity. Yet we have these fucking places where they encourage fat fucks to come in and stuff their fucking faces way beyond being reasonable satisfied. I despise those places and refused to go near them. They encourage obesity and waste.

    And then, these all inclusive vacation resorts. They put out these elaborate spreads three times a day, with such a huge selection of different food, it makes it difficult for you to decide what to pick. So most people just start out with whatever, then make several trips back and forth. So when your sitting down eating, if a waiter or waitress sees that you have stopped eating off of your dish, even if it's still loaded up with food, they snatch it off the table assuming you're ready to try something else, which most people do and threw it in the trash.

    I experienced that in Costa Rica and after a few days of observing the amount of waste, I started complaining to my wife and other members of my party about the amount of the food waste. No one else seemed to give a fuck and just kept on grubing.

    I guess the reality is, some people are only concerned about shit that directly effects them or their lives and could care less about suffering in other parts of the world. That's just not my genetic makeup for some reason.

    A human life is a fucking human life. Me and my wife have a dog (her dog) that we have health insurance on. The fucking dog goes to doggie daycare three days a week. That shit is insane with all the children suffering around the world.

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