Muscle Milk vs Myoplex vs Ensure

Discussion in 'Fitness and Health' started by AlexanderNevermind, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. AlexanderNevermind

    AlexanderNevermind New Member

    I have tried all three for extended period of times to see which one would work the best as far in gains.

    The best was Ensure High Protein/Knock Off Brands.
  2. Helico-pterFunk

    Helico-pterFunk Well-Known Member

    Aren't the first two for people working out/training, whereas ENSURE is moreso geared towards the "meal replacement" crowd?

    My uncle and grandfather used to drink ENSURE, and 2 of my residents drink it (and one of them also drinks BOOST).
  3. Jagi

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    the one thing i can tell you about muscle milk is stay away from the premade shakes in the stores.. too much sugar and its taste awful to me..

    get the powder instead.. its great stuff and worth the money.. also the muscle milk protein bars are good as well.

    never tried the other two.
  4. AlexanderNevermind

    AlexanderNevermind New Member

    I have tried all three. Sure it is geared toward alot of people, alot of things are however that doesn't mean it is too only be used for what it says.

    I tried all three, and I had the most muscle gain, energy with Ensure/Knock offs with the high protein ones. Did not use it as a meal replacement, used it the same way I used muscle milk, and myoplex when I tried those.
  5. JazzyBenz

    JazzyBenz Well-Known Member

    I just picked up a 4-pk of Muscle Milk Light (only 2g of sugar)...since I'm a diabetic, that's more my route..I've been wanting to try it give me a few days and I'll give you my opinion about it...I'm going to try to drink 1 a day and see how that does for me. (along with taking my GNC Lean Muscle Meal after workouts...will try the MM sometime in the afternoon, like as a snack)