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Discussion in 'Sistas Online' started by melonpecan, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. JofromthaNO

    JofromthaNO Urban Renaissance Woman

    If you post some glitch flight fares, I'm on it lol.

    However, tons of friends/family that got that South Africa deal through Expedia are now getting cancellation emails...smh.
  2. melonpecan

    melonpecan Well-Known Member

    My coworker buy flights all the time through...Google? She be getting cheap flights. I'll have to ask to be sure.

    If anyone has a Girl Scout cookie fetish Walgreens had their version of Thin Mints on sale for .49. Though, #ymmv
  3. melonpecan

    melonpecan Well-Known Member

    I don't know if any of yall follow me on IG but I posted two scenarios of using Walgreens coupons and their buy two get one free special. You have to play with the products to get the max taken out of some of the coupons but it's possible to only pay for one product of the three.

    I got a bunch of Amazon tabs open...soon.
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    can you pm me the instagram
  5. melonpecan

    melonpecan Well-Known Member

    melonpecan is my name. I've posted it here before... ain't no shame in my game ;)
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  6. "THE MAN"

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    I need to pay more attention to this thread.
  7. melonpecan

    melonpecan Well-Known Member

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  8. melonpecan

    melonpecan Well-Known Member

    Oooo boy. Where to begin?
    Dollar Tree bought out Family Dollar, they have stores closing, (tried to find a list not to long ago, couldn't find it I'll try again later)
    Khol's stores are closing

    School is out

    It's hot as hell.

    Mr. Bar-B-Q 18-Piece Tool set with Case
    Ok, so I'm trying to find item-for-item and I come across this. JCP wants $70, (you great if it's in stock near you), but Amazon has it for $49.28. The case is nice...

    ...or you can pick up the wooden handle version from Azn for a dub.
    Mr. Bar-B-Q 94001X 18-Piece Stainless-Steel Barbecue Set with Storage Case
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  9. melonpecan

    melonpecan Well-Known Member

    Columbia Women's Sun Ridge II Hat
    This one and the pink one on sale for $15-and-some-change. Not all colors are Prime, but the ones that are are fulfilled by Azn.
  10. melonpecan

    melonpecan Well-Known Member

    I think today might be the last day for Target buy 2 (or 3) get a $5 gift card on household items.

    There isn't a Target by me but if you got the Cartwheel on your phone you might be able to rack up.
  11. melonpecan

    melonpecan Well-Known Member

    Winter is coming...or is it here? No spoilers, I'm still in last season

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Lacoste Women's Printed Light Weight Cotton Voile Scarf
    This color only $19.08. The blue one is $61.28, but a Google search says the scarf is going for over a hundred. Might be a come up on Mercari and the like, (Amazon)
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  12. melonpecan

    melonpecan Well-Known Member

    BADGLEY MISCHKA Women's Honeycomb Stitch Collar Scarf with Faux Chinchilla
    If you can swing the shoes to go with the scarf for your girl you a bad man...shit is expensive. Black and Grey colors both under $16.00. Saw one listing at another store for 24 and change with about 8 bucks in shipping. Still going for $80 on the Badgley Mischka website, (the red and blue options on Amazon still going for $80 too).
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  13. melonpecan

    melonpecan Well-Known Member

    Calvin Klein Women's Two Tone Printed Logo Set
    [​IMG] Can't find any comps for it but with two color sets going for less than $22 sounds like a good gift at least.
  14. melonpecan

    melonpecan Well-Known Member

    Jessica Simpson Women's Ombre Marled Eternity Scarf
    Gray option is $6.84; two other colors available. Resale on this isn't that great, (color shown is $12.04), but if you got that hustle...

    Nautica Women's Bias Stripe Knit Scarf
    This color only, $10.92. Going online at other places between $20 and $30.

    Bench Women's Careen Cable Knit Scarf
    This color only, $18.05. Scarf going for $50 around the nets. Never heard of this brand before but it looks hefty...

    Cole Haan Women's Chunky Cable Scarf with Fringe
    Black only, $13.83, Going for $50 on other sites including Cheapest I see is $36 on 6pm.

  15. playahaitian

    playahaitian Well-Known Member Certified Pussy Poster


    damn prices already going up
  16. melonpecan

    melonpecan Well-Known Member


    Lemme check something else right quick. I found some jewelry taking a break doing homework but didn't post it.
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  17. melonpecan

    melonpecan Well-Known Member

  18. melonpecan

    melonpecan Well-Known Member

    One more for the men... and YMMV = your milage may vary; different prices for different sizes. Eh, same concept.

    Carhartt Men's Insulated Leather Gunn Cut (Knit Cuff), Brown, X-Large
    All of the sized for this one were different but came out to be less than $6. Retail I think was $30.

    Carhartt Men's Tri Grip, Black/Barley, X-Large
    $6.29 for this color, this size. Solid Black also available, YMMV. I believe retail was the same as the one above.

    Nautica Men's Deco Stitch Scarf, Sandy Heather, One Size
    $12.15. Currently on eBay for $30

    Perry Ellis Men's Multi Pattern Knit Scarf, Charcoal, One Size
    $8.68, going for $48 on some site called the Biggie Store? Never heard of it.

    Columbia Men's Trinity 1 3/8 in. Feather Edge Belt, Tan, 40
    YMMV on all three colors and all sizes. Thought I'd just throw this in cause it looks like a nice belt and comes in Big and Tall sizes. Can't beat that (this one is $14.99, there were some sizes cheaper).

    True Religion Men's Slub Knit Scarf, Factory Grey, One Size
    Grey is $14.06, black is $15.00, and it looks like it retails for about $80. Someone is going to eat this up.
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  19. melonpecan

    melonpecan Well-Known Member

    Man...semester is almost over. Had a migraine for going on four days now, (I don't know if your ear is suppose to sound stuffed), but before I get started on this work, thought I'd take a look at some old stuff. Amazon prices are here today, gone tomorrow so...

    These gloves right now are still $35. And this is the ONLY color popping up. The hat is $24.82 in the blue, even $30 in the gray right now.

    Deals do not last long folks.

    BTW if anyone shops at Target, you better DL the app which now has the Cartwheel on it. Some items have been buy three/four get a $5 GC for the past week, and they seem to be doing different discounts every weekend in different areas. This weekend was 15% off of household items I think.
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  20. melonpecan

    melonpecan Well-Known Member

    Black/silver still $32. The brown combo is now $20.29. Both size large only.
  21. melonpecan

    melonpecan Well-Known Member

    For my men...

    On the first one, three colors going for $9.99; the Wheat/Goldenrod color going for $5.99. The second one in Charcoal for the sizes they have is running no lower than $24.00.

    Oh yeah, if anyone is looking for bookbags, check WallyWorld...stuff is on unmarked clearance ranging between $1 to $3.
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  22. playahaitian

    playahaitian Well-Known Member Certified Pussy Poster

    thank you!
  23. melonpecan

    melonpecan Well-Known Member


    I got some extra free time. If there are any requests that need to be a searchin' let me know.

    Hopefully I'll be able to do some more research and post something worthwhile before the holiday.
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  24. playahaitian

    playahaitian Well-Known Member Certified Pussy Poster

    looking for a nice book bag / backpack for woman for work butt highly functional
  25. melonpecan

    melonpecan Well-Known Member

    It's hard to find a good bookbag on Amazon at a decent price. Then I worry about function because the nice looking ones, (I mean that look big enough for laptops and what not), are either too expensive or seem like cheap Korean knockoffs.

    I've tried my best to find some deals but its either expensive and well-known, or cheap and unknown. Last I was in Wallyworld they had some sport bookbags on sale like I mentioned earlier. Might be worth it for 2 bucks...check my IG for pictures.
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